6 Key Rules to a Stylish & Creative Job Interview Outfit

Make sure to make an impression and score that job you have always dreamt of with these fashion tips on how to dress for your first creative job interview!

Make an impression and score that job you have always dreamt of with these key rules to a stylish & creative job interview outfit ideas.

Trying to get into the world of advertising, fashion, publishing, art design, photography or something along these lines?

Well, it is already amazing if you have managed to get an interview with a company, but what would be even better would be to score that interview and get the job!

Of course a strong portfolio and resume are essential, but what you really want to do is to find a way stand out from the list of other candidates.

They say that clothes are a reflection of who you are and they are for sure your best business card when it comes to an interview, so why not play with them and show who you really are?

If you are not applying for a corporate job, the environment and dress code are much more flexible and they give you the opportunity to experiment with your clothes, even though a certain degree of formality is still required.

It is on that balance between creativity and formality that lays the trick and it could be difficult to get just it right.

So here are some priceless fashion tips on how you can ace your creative job interview. Start from your look and make a real impression so you are sure they will not easily forget you.

Rule #1: Not to tight, not too short, not too revealing


This is sort of the ABC of any job interview, corporate or creative, and it is also the basis of looking professional.

You can leave that mini skirt and sheer top to after you will get the job, but to make a good first impression go for something a bit more formal and polished.

2. Wear bright colors

job interview outfit

To add an element of interest also to a very simple outfit, a good idea is to go for something really colorful or with a bold print.

The trick here is to balance it out with other more formal elements in the look in order not to go too much over the top but to still remain looking professional.

You can choose to go for a printed or color-block dress or maybe a bag or another accessory.

The choice is yours, but make sure that it will make a statement and stay well impressed in the mind of the person who is conducting the interview.

3. Go for statement jewelry


An accessory or a piece of jewelry can make all the difference in completely changing the whole mood of an outfit. If chosen in the right way it can turn preppy into glam-rock, old-school into futuristic, so you need to be super careful with your choice.

Jewellery is an excellent way to spice up an outfit and highlight your greatest features. What better way to do it than with a piece of statement jewelry that is bold, stunning, and eye-catching?

Wearing jewelry will also show that you pay attention to details which is always a very good skill to have in your job.

Here are 7 rules to wearing statement jewelry.

If you are feeling you want to take it to the next level and you think that the type of job you are applying for is very creative and will not find it too extravagant, you can also try out a headscarf that will add that extra touch of artsy feel to the look.

4. High heels are never a bad idea

Job Interview Outfit

They are oh-so-loved by every woman and they certainly cannot miss from your job interview.

High heels will not only give you that extra height and take off those extra pounds from your legs, but also pull the whole outfit together and make it look more polished.

Also with the shoes you can then have fun by choosing really bold colors such as neon colors or red.

You are justified not to wear them only if the environment you are trying to get into is really laid-back and wearing heels will look a bit too pretentious, but, if this is not really the case, then there are no excuses.

5. Always try to wear at least one classic formal item

Job Interview Outfit

It could either be a blazer or a pair of formal pants, either will work beautifully in pulling the look together and make it look much more professional.

As long as you have that one classic formal item it does not matter if the rest of the look is really quite extravagant because you will still look spot on for the occasion.

6. Stay true to your style


The whole point of wearing something really creative to an interview is in fact to make your true self shine through your clothes, so the most important thing to remember is to always stick to who you are and what you want to comunicate.

If you are a jeans-and-t-shirt girl, then go for that and maybe just step it up a notch by adding a few accessories, but don’t overdo it and become someone that you are not!

Preparing for a job interview can be really frustrating, but don’t worry, we are here to help you out with interview outfit ideas and our personal experiences.

These job interview outfit ideas are here to give you more  inspiration. Whatever your future job is, remember to stay true to yourself and your style.

Your clothing should convey the following messages: I am trustworthy, organized, responsible, and professional. Stained, wrinkled clothes say: I don’t care about my appearance.

How can someone who doesn’t take care of themselves take care of others?

Job interviews are already stressful, so don’t add to the tension by wearing uncomfortable shoes or clothing.

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