8 Winter Clothes That Will Make Your Man Sweat

It’s winter, but you can still wear sexy clothes that will turn your man on fire. These are top winter clothes that will make your man sweat. Read on!

Do you want to add some extra heat to the relationship? Do you want to make things sizzle? If so, read our list of winter clothes that will make him sweat. Yes, it may be cold and chilly, but if you wear these clothes, your boyfriend will be sure to break a sweat.

1) High-waisted jeans

High waisted jeans

There are so many styles and types of jeans which are fashionable. However, the sexiest kind of jeans is, of course, high waisted skinny jeans.

If you wear these with a nice crop top sweater, or with a cropped tank top, with a leather jacket over it, you will turn the heat up. Plus, you can wear these jeans with riding boots, knee high boots or combat boots.

The shoe options for these jeans are endless as they are so versatile. Not to mention that high waisted jeans are very flattering to any figure.

2) Tank tops

No matter the type of tank top you wear, your man will surely love what he is seeing. Not only are tank tops fashion forward, but they are also something that can be worn with anything on top.

Meaning, you can wear it with a nice plaid shirt, a jean jacket, leather jacket, hoodie, or sweater. Men tend to love tank tops due to the cleavage they reveal, along with them being able to get a nice view of your neck and color bones.

3) Maxi dresses and sweater dresses

Knitted maxi dress

Maxi dresses are sexy and flattering and will be sure to get your man’s attention despite them actually covering up parts of your body. Not to mention the fact that wearing a maxi dress feels so empowering, special, sexy, and it’s also very comfortable.

Also, one of the perfect dresses for the winter season are sweater dresses. You can get lose ones which resemble the fit of a slip dress, or you could also get sweater dresses which are form fitting. No matter the fit of the dress, it will keep you warm, and it will also blow your partner away.

You can wear this type of dress with some beautiful boots or heels for the night time.

4) Kimonos

What to wear during winter time around the house without looking like a slob? Kimonos! They are very fashionable and comfortable, not to mention that they can be worn with an outfit. Also, they can be worn in the bedroom with some sexy lingerie worn underneath. Plus, they are actually a very cute way of keeping warm.

5) Turtlenecks

When looking at winter clothes that will make him sweat, turtlenecks are definitely a clothing item that will achieve that certain goal. There are many different styles of turtlenecks; some are long sleeved, some are short sleeved and some are crop tops. No matter the type of it, although it covers you from the neck down, it beautifully accentuates your curves and waist.

6) Skirts

Fashionable woman wearing knee high boots

There are lose and flowy skirts, denim skirts, bodycon skirts, and even wrap skirts. It’s totally up to you, no matter which one you chose your man will be sure to start sweating because men adore hosiery that women wear with skirts during winter time. As well, if you wear skirts with booties or knee-high boots, you will be sure to make his jaw drop.

7) Off The Shoulder Shirts

These are very popular right now. However, the main reason this shirt will make him sweat is the fact that it will reveal your color bone, shoulders, chest, and arms. It will also accentuate those areas due to the way the shirt is cut and styled.

8) Leggings

In the fall, you can wear plain black leggings for any occasion. Not only are they comfortable and warm, but they are also very sexy. They are form fitting and will definitely catch your man’s eye.

Remember, just because it is winter, does not mean you can’t turn up the heat, especially if you get inspired with our sexy winter fashion ideas!

Winter Date Outfits 

During the winter, you and your significant other might be scrambling for date ideas to keep the romance alive, but the cold temperatures might be keeping them at bay.

? Whether you’re going for a hot date or a warm night in, these winter date outfits will keep your romance hot.

Now take advantage of the winter season and all the perks it provides you with, by following our ultimate bucket list of winter date ideas.

By checking off all these date ideas off of the ultimate winter date bucket list, you will be guaranteed to have the best, most magical winter with your special someone.

After all, winter is a time for fun, romance, and wildly epic moments and memories.

Finishing Touches

Before you leave the house, it is important to wear the right accessories. Meaning, if it is a lazier date night, just wear a plaid shirt with leggings and a cute beanie. Or, if you are going out you can wear a jean jacket or leather coat for every single outfit. Lastly, you can also wear knee-high boots, riding boots, booties, or even converse for most outfits, it just depends on the look you are going for.

Of course, when looking at winter clothes that will make him sweat, it is also very important to realize that it’s not only the clothes, it’s also the person who is wearing them. Your man should be interested in you even if you weren’t wearing any sexy clothes. At the end of the day, he should be with you, for you. If you can think of any more fall clothes that will make him sweat, feel free to share!


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