How to Look Sexy & Stylish at Work for Plus Sized Women

You can be on the bigger side and still look fabulous! Here's how to use your size to your advantage and look both sexy & stylish at work!

The media seems to always make a big fuss about how a thin body is a symbol of beauty, but this statement is far from reality! Luscious curves found with bigger women add to a vivacious beauty and are often overlooked.

To look your best, you need to know what makes you attractive. With this knowledge, you can put your best foot forward at all times. If you show your best features, and highlight your special qualities, while still bringing your own style to light, you will not only look amazing, but feel fabulous!

When dressing for the office, there are usually a couple of things bigger sized women tend to do wrong. They often end up looking like an overdressed bear, by hiding their natural beauty under bags of clothing. Or they look like something from a Drag-Promotion, revealing too much. There is a big difference between good office attire and great office attire.

You need to seek out those practical pieces, which deliver a gracious femininity, but also give a striking professional tone.

At the office, you want to avoid looking too casual or even sexy. Therefore, it is highly recommended to steer clear of such garments. The baggy look is also not what you want to aim for. You need comfortable, great fitting clothing that does not bare too much, but rather just the right amount. Please, never feel the need to disguise your body, you are beautiful with your natural figure.

Keep yourself well-groomed by taking care of your body. This includes your face, hair, hands and feet, as these also make a difference in your appeal.

How to pick your work wear for total curve-fidence

The first thing you should do is have a close look at your features. Do you have long or short hair; is the color of your hair complimenting your facial features? This is important, as your hair will have an impact on how you look. Do you have big brown eyes or deep blue? Maybe you have strong and sturdy thighs or a graceful collar bone?

Think about all your features, and then consider which can be highlighted to compliment your appearance. Also, keep this in mind when shopping for clothes. Try a new hair style and/or color, wear less make-up or change your accessories. The change you make can be small, yet have a big effect!

Wearing V-neck tops, for instance, will highlight your facial features, revealing your amazingly smooth neck and strong chin. The same way, you can hide features you do not like. Nonetheless, it is always best to accentuate those that you love and are proud of.

Here’s how to match colors correctly


You should always start by selecting colors that compliment your complexion.

Do you love warmer or cooler tones? Is red or black your preferred color? Preference will not be of any assistance to you, but knowing what colors make you look more appealing will. Depending on your complexion, some colors will flatter, where others may break your appeal. Contrast is sometimes a good thing, don’t try to blend in with your clothes!

If you have a fair or light skin tone, try a navy or dark green, as it will aid in delivering a perfect blend. For a softer look, you can also try a peach or strawberry color.

For those with a dark skin tone, I would suggest making use of warm pastel colors. Additionally rich colors such as gold and copper, highlight your skin tone, and bright colors deliver a shockingly perfect contrast.

For those women out there that have an olive skin tone, it is recommended to stick with brown, red, pink and green. These will help bring out your best features, while complimenting your skin tone.

If you have a medium complexion, shades of red and blue would be perfect for you. Brown and tan related colors are not recommended, as they darken your skin tone too much.

How to easily maximize your positive features


Colors, patterns, as well as the cut of your clothing will influence your look.

You can draw attention to the area’s you want, and get it away from where you do not want people to look. Determine where you want the attention to go with these small changes, as they will alter your appearance!

Wearing clothing with big patterns tends to enlarge your body features, making you look bigger than you are. Consequently, it would be best to wear clothing with small or fine prints; they also give you a more professional appeal.

Darker toned colors tend to aid with concealing, where lighter colors will highlight your features. So, this means that if you want to draw attention away from your bottom half, wear a lighter color top with a darker skirt or pants.

Ruffles on clothing may look good, but for women that have some serious curves, they DO NOT work, unless you want to focus the attention on a specific area of your body! For a smaller, inconspicuous look, ruffles aren’t the answer, they draw attention.

Stripes only work for bigger sized women if they are vertically or diagonally worn. Horizontal lines will add to your size! Therefore, it is recommended to keep away from any clothing with horizontal lines.

Compliment your face with the right hairstyle


Let your hair speak for you. It is true, the very first thing people notice is your hair and face. Hence, you need a style, color and hair care routine that works for you! There is a style that will bring out your best facial feature, you simply have to find it. Here are some recommended styles you may want to give a try.

If you have a more oval shaped head, try a layered look, whether you have short or long hair. Try cutting it in several layers, it will add astounding volume.

Flat hair, long or short, will inevitably make you appear bigger than you are. So try to stay away from tight pony tails, always add some volume.

Longer hair is recommended, even though it may be hotter at times, it sure compliments your figure.

For a rounder face, try a bob or even a pixie style haircut. It will assist in framing your face, shoulders and neck.

Locks always seem to add some chic appeal, so why not give it a try, you may just love what it does for you.

Natural and healthy hair is obviously the best way to go. Don’t just comb out your hair, style it daily, wash and care for it well, as it makes the first impression better.

For the PERFECT hairstyle depending on your face shape and hair length, check our our detailed infographic guides:

30 Long Haircuts Based on Your Face Shape and Short Haircuts Based on Your Face Shape.

Accessorize, match and mix to suit your outfit

Be versatile when it comes to your wardrobe. Don’t go for a small handbag as it could make you look bigger. The same goes for tiny earrings and fine jewelry. Long teardrop earrings or something comparable, will give off a presence of a longer neck, thus making you appear thinner.

Bangles, watches and sunglasses can also help with creating a stunning look. Always aim to compliment your outfit, do not over accessorize as this will not look good. First get dressed, then decide what to add.

How to make your clothing fit you perfectly so you look super elegant


It is vital you appear gracious and maybe even a bit smaller. To stay away from a disastrous look, do not wear clothing that hugs your figure or even drape yourself. It just does not do it! Choose clothing that fits well, it should not be too tight, but not too loose either.

Wearing the correct undergarments can also have an influence on your appearance. These must not squeeze everything out, but hold it firmly in place. Just give it a try, you will notice an immediate change.

Good posture will help to give you that amiable appeal. The way you carry yourself makes a transformation come to light, changing how you look in specific clothing. Keep your back straight, your chin up and never shuffle your feet. Try gliding when walking; imagine you are a queen, because you are. Allow the clothing you wear to make you feel good, as you are already looking great.

Finding great attire when your breasts are ample may seem hard, but it does not have to be! Wear something that does not reveal too much cleavage, or add a camisole underneath your favorite top. Scoop-necks or V-necks are also quite great to wear to the office. Stay away from tops that are just too short, they must not expose your middle when you lift up your arms. Button-up blouses are nice; just ensure they do not gape in the middle. Sleeveless blouses or spaghetti straps are not ideal office attire, so do not even try it, unless you wear a jacket over it.

Pants, on the other hand, are a tricky subject. A great fitting pair will look professional with the correct top. Never wear tight fitted pants that hug your legs, as it is inappropriate for the office. Ensure your pants are always ironed or pressed, as it will aid in giving off a polished look. Ensure your panty line is not visible.

Don’t give up on your feminine look just to try and fit in. A well-fitting dress or skirt can also look professional. The length will play a big role in your appearance where dresses and skirts are concerned. When hanging your hands at your sides, it ought to never be shorter than the tips of your fingers, going down. Rather wear something longer, say right below the knees. Never wear a skirt or dress that is so tight, it may turn into a top when walking, rather settle for something with pleads.

Your outfit, your shoes included, will depend somewhat on your work place as well. Try to steer clear of sexy shoes or even shoes with extremely high heels, no matter where you work! Classic pumps or sturdy boots are a great pick for the office. Choose standard and natural colors as you do not want to attract unwanted attention to your feet.

Buy clothing according to your body, not necessarily your taste. Look for pieces that flatter you. If you can’t find something suitable, have your clothing tailored. Wearing clothing that is too tight, will make your body bulge whether standing, walking or even sitting.

Balance your size with your hairstyle and accessories. All people have flaws, learn to love who you are. Smile and embrace life! If you’d like to add something, please leave us your comments. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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