5 Outfits To Wear With Electric Blue Heels

Make a bold statement with shoes in the trendy, high-voltage electric blue color. If you feel that your outfit needs a little something extra, kick it up a notch with the electric blue heels. Here's how to match them with stuff you already have in your wardrobe.


When choosing your heels, don’t go overboard with details, let the color speak for itself. It will also make matching the rest of your outfit easier.

Go Neutral

Get a neutral colored jumpsuit, in a trendy lace pattern or a fringe. You can also go with a matching top and shorts, or a short skirt. The beige or salmon will accentuate your summer tan, while the shoes will add an extra pop to your outfit. Try flashier shoes, or keep them simple and accessorize with a cute headband or chandelier earrings.

Neutral Combination With Electric Blue Heels

Go Romantic

A white, hippy chic dress will work great with the bold color of your shoes. Look for a light, romantic material that covers the shoulders, or find a strapless dress with a fluffy skirt. Either way, don’t go below the knee with length, you want your legs to show. Choose a more classical shoe shape. Accessorize with a chunky ring, or nail polish matching the shoes.

Romanic Outfit Combination With Electric Blue Heels

Go Rock Chic

An all-black outfit paired with these will make you stand out even in the crowd of that punk concert! Mix and match your black tops and bottoms, and for an even bolder look, throw in some opaque tights. This can also be a good look for the autumn.

Rock Chic Outfit Combination With Electric Blue Heels

Go Colorful

Electric blue doesn’t only go with dark or neutral colors, it can also compliment another bold color of your choice. Go with canary yellow, or a peachy pink, and match the accessories to your shoes. Make the accessories more subdued for a prim Sixties’ look, or go experiment with an Eighties’ look. Keep the shoes simple, or go for an edgier shape and design.

Colorful Outfit Combination With Electric Blue Heels

Go Casual

A simple white tank top with a killer pair of dark jeans might seem too casual, but make it count with a pair of high-voltage blue stilettos. Try the skinny ones, the rolled-up style or the Seventies bellbottoms with just a peek of your shoes showing. This works the best with dark colored denim.

Casual Outfit Combination With Electric Blue Heels

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