When to Wear Black Satin Shoes

Today we are here to present the absolute MUST for evening gowns and an interesting piece for glimmering street fashion style, her Majesty – the black satin shoe.
When to Wear Black Satin Shoes

Aren’t they fabulous? No matter if they’re low budget store bought or high fashion designer shoes or even if you found them in your grandma’s old closet, they are JUST WHAT YOU NEED to instantly GLAM UP your look! Here is some advice on how to wear black satin shoes and make heads spin:

1. Formal Dinner / Cocktail Party

There is nothing classier that says “You are looking at a real lady, mister.” then simple yet elegant curvy dress combined with black satin shoes. Don’t go overboard with details, a matching clutch and just one piece of jewelry is all you need. Less is more and a true lady knows her beauty must not be suffocated with too much sparkly detail. Let black satin shoes speak for themselves as you confidently walk down the hardwood floors of a charity event.

2. Clubbing

Black Satin Shoes

Ok, you might find this crazy to even think of, but black satin shoes combined with a good pair of skinny jeans, black top and leather jacket – is HOT as hell and totally POSH! With this combo, you can let yourself loose on the jewelry and hairdo. Feel free to experiment with different colors of top or maybe a see-through lace shirt, why not? Don’t forget to pick out a pair you can dance in all night and we guarantee you’ll be the one turning heads.

3. Everyday Street Fashion

Coffee or brunch with girls? Black satin shoes with open toes – go easy with heels – combined with a 60’s style dress, best if monochromatic geometrical print, will make you feel comfortable and cute as you share your Saturday night out stories. Cover your shoulders with plain old denim jacket, glam it up with big earrings and retro sunglasses, a pinch of light flowery perfume and you are good to go!

4. Work events

If you work in a professional environment, black satin shoes can be a great choice for work events such as conferences, meetings, or presentations. They are dressy enough to make a statement, but still professional and appropriate for the workplace.

5. Special Occasions

Black satin shoes can be worn for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. They add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any outfit.

As you can see, there is no limit to what you can combine black satin shoes with! They are the very essence of style and can make you feel glamorous and elegant even in worn out jeans. Use them as instant self-confidence booster and remember – It ain’t it if the black satin shoes don’t fit!

When and how do you wear your black satin shoes?

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