What Shoes to Wear with Baggy Jeans

If you don’t feel comfortable or don’t like wearing skinny jeans, here’s an idea. What shoes to wear with baggy jeans? The “boyfriend” jeans are cool and great for hiding any lower body issues.

We often see celebrities like Nicole Richie, Beyonce or Megan Fox rocking a pair of these, and since these three ladies are very different in body type, you can tell that they look great on everybody!

Buy a low-cut, relaxed pair of new ones – they look great in any color – or literally go for a pair of your boyfriend’s pants. As you will see in the following pictures, there aren’t many types of shoes that DON’T go with these!


Loafers are a more polished option to wear with baggy jeans. You can go for a classic leather pair, or choose a more trendy, colorful design. This look is perfect for a business casual setting.


Boots can add a bit of edge to a baggy jeans outfit. You can go for combat boots, ankle boots, or even cowboy boots, depending on the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Flat Sandals

For a summer look, you can wear a pair of sandals with baggy jeans and a flowy crop top.

A fuss-free afternoon in the sun is the perfect opportunity to wear a pair of baggy jeans with some gladiator sandals. Check out Reese Witherspoon’s laid back look while shopping – relaxed, yet trendy with a blazer, sunnies and a colorful brooch.

  • Jillie blue sandals (talbots.com)
  • Isola Adriel gladiators (dillards.com)
  • PS black sandals (pamelascott.ie)
  • High Heel Sandals

High Heels

Add a touch of glamour to your jeans by wearing strappy high heels. Keep the top simple and your hair casual for that “oh, I just rolled out of bed but I never go out without heels” look. Gwen Stefani shows us how it’s done in boyfriend jeans, sandals, a sporty top and impeccable red lipstick.

High Heels With Baggy Jeans

  • Gucci Brown Betty sandals (profilefashion.com)
  • Casadei suede platform sandals (stylebop.com)
  • Fishhead sandals (indressme.com)


Perfect for a late summer outing, ballerina flats will compliment your jeans and make your whole outfit a little more elegant. As seen here on Jessica Alba strolling with her daughter, good jeans, jacket and ballerinas are a stylish combo that will never go away. Choose black or neutral for a casual occasion, or kick it up a notch with appliques or glitter for a night out.

Ballerinas With Baggy Jeans

  • Pretty ballerina ballet flats (yoox.com)
  • D&G red pumps (profilefashion.com)
  • Stella McCartney shiny gold shoes (shopsavannahs.com)


High heeled booties are the perfect choice for an autumn day. In a rich brown or neutral
suede, they will elongate your silhouette and add a classy touch to the outfit. Pair the trendy lace-up booties with a cool, oversized scarf just like Rachel Bilson did.

Booties With Baggy Jeans

  • Miu Miu ankle boots (flannelfashion.com)
  • Black leather boots (debenhams.com)
  • Lace-up wedges (gojane.com)


An afternoon of sports or outdoor activities is a chance to rock the laid-back look just like Jennifer Love Hewitt did. Pair your favorite sneakers with a simple top and your baggy jeans. Choose low-topped, flat sneakers, as this look will not go with hi-tops, unless you want to look like Lil Wayne.

Sneakers With Baggy Jeans

  • Ked’s laceless slip-on sneakers (endless.com)
  • Chuck Taylor Lo Sea (debenhams.com)
  • DC Women sneakers (endless.com)

Flip Flops

Yes, even the queen of glamour Victoria Beckham can sometimes be seen in flats, and she shows us a funky combo of flip flops, jacket and baggy jeans. Maybe this is David’s pair? Either way, flip flops look really cute in this combination.

Flip Flops With Baggy Jeans

  • Armani metal plate flip flops (armaniexchange.com)
  • Macrame (wetseal.com)
  • Tkee glossy (intermixonline.com)

What shoes do you like to wear with baggy jeans? Write us in comments below.

Cover photo: novembergrey.blogspot.com

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