Five Sandals That You Can Wear Everywhere

Picking a perfect pair of sandals can give you a headache, because, most of the time, the ones we fall in love with, are too high, or they simply don’t match our style. So, here is the list of five different sandals that you can wear pretty much everywhere. The choice I made is based on comfort and current trends.

Most girls love their heels, but during the hot summer days, you have to pick sandals that are comfy, and in which your feet will feel loved. It is all about quality and comfort, with a touch of this season’s trends. The choice is wide: from flats and wedges, to high heels and platforms.

What you need to do, is to review which colors do you wear the most, and what are your favorite season pieces. After that, you will be able to find your perfect pair of sandals, but do remember the following five examples that will help you look, and feel, like a summer queen.

1. Espadrilles

Espadrilles made a big comeback this year. Not only they are comfortable, but they are also very stylish with a vintage note. They were a huge trend during the 70s, and you can wear them with pretty much anything, and pretty much everywhere.

Espadrilles are great for walks near the beach, or even for special occasions. When you pick your pair of espadrilles, stick to the neutral colors, and spice it up with some bright accessories.

Espadrilles Outfit Combination

  • Gehling Wedges (
  • Blue Feather Drop Earrings (
  • Vintage Swatch Master Watch (
  • Prada Round Plastic Sunglasses (
  • Jason Wu Print Hankerchief Dress (
  • Gucci Bright Blue Tote (

2. Gladiator Flats

Every woman needs a pair of flat sandals. Even though most women, wear them during the day, you can pick a pair with an animal print, which will make your flats a bit more elegant, and glamorous. You can wear them with different styles, and with the right choice of accessories, you can even go on a friend’s wedding, or on another joyous occasion.

That way you will be able to dance all night, while your feet are resting. Wear them with bright colors and don’t be afraid to mix the prints. Let the summer fun begin with your outfits.

Gladiator Flats Outfit Combination

  • Giuseppe Zanotti Python Gladiator Sandals (
  • Ethnic Gemstone Necklace (
  • Long Ethnic Earrings (
  • Costa Dress (

3. Nothing Beats the Classic

There is something mysterious, and super sexy, in simple, black heels. They are an absolute fashion must-have, and you can actually wear them anytime, and anywhere. Well, maybe not on the beach, but other than that, these heels are great for work, cocktails, birthday parties, and the best thing is that they are timeless. Invest in a simple leather pair, and they will last more than a few seasons.

Sandals Outfit Combination 3

  • Vionnet Suede Sandals (
  • Michael Kors Top (
  • L’Oréal Paris Colour Lipstick (
  • Elie Saab Trousers (
  • Tuscany Leather Audrey Clutch leather handbag (
  • Selena Gold Circles Necklace (

4. Trendy Colors

Neon colors are one of the biggest trends this summer. You don’t have to wear them from head to toe, to prove that you are a true fashionista. Pick a pair of neon heels, and wear them with dresses, shorts, jeans, mini and maxi skirts.

These sandals are not just trendy heels, they are a fashion statement. If you have any further questions about these powerful heels, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Neon Sandals Outfit Combination

  • Pilot Sunglasses (
  • Bleach Crochet Hotpants (
  • Neon Sandals (
  • Toy Watch (
  • Blue Bag (
  • Etro Floral Floral Print Top (

5. Summer On The Heels

Another great choice, are these printed sandals in colors of the sea, with a color-blocking shades of red. They too are timeless, and they will brighten up even the most boring outfits.

Also, they are great to combine with all white outfits, which are a huge trend for this summer. These heels are really feminine, almost girly, so wear them with soft fabrics, and neutral colors.

Printed Sandals Outfit Combination

  • Alexander Wang Soft Clutch (
  • Vero Moda Top (
  • Prada Silk A-Line Skirt (
  • Tom Ford Malin Sunglasses (
  • Arrow Earrings (
  • Print Sandals (

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