Get Your Exercise Quickly and Easily With 5 Workouts That Aren’t Really Workouts!

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to lose weight and get fit if you try these 5 simple workouts that aren’t really workouts!

You might be surprised at how many fun ways there are to get in the workout you need, without actually working out. Check out these 5 great routines that any woman can use to burn calories and stay lean and healthy, all without ever setting foot inside a gym.

When you think of working out, do you imagine spending yet another evening in a crowded and stuffy gym, puffing away on a treadmill or exercise bike, with nothing more to entertain you than the TVs they have mounted to the wall and your own MP3 player? If this sounds like your typical workout, it’s no wonder that so many women find exercise boring!

It’s also a very common reason why men and women alike give up their gym memberships or stop going after just a few weeks or months, as they find it dull, repetitive, and anything but inspiring.

There are of course ways to rev up your workout and keep it from getting dull while you’re at the gym, such as taking a martial arts class, trying new machines, or going with a buddy, but a great way to get in your workouts and burn calories is to try some workouts that aren’t really workouts. What do we mean by this?

Working out typically just involves moving your body, stretching and training your muscles, and challenging yourself so that your heart and lungs are working harder.  You don’t need to be in a gym to accomplish all this!

Check out these 5 workouts that you may find much more enjoyable than being in a gym, and which aren’t technically a workout but which can help you to get into great shape.

#1 Riding your bike


Do you need to grab some bread and milk from the corner store, or run a few quick errands around town?  Why drive when you can ride your bike?

Invest in a sturdy bike, a good helmet, and even a basket for the bike so you can easily carry that bread and milk back home, and you have a great workout ready and waiting for you every weekend or evening. You can ride your bike when you need to run to the pharmacy, the corner store, and even the dry cleaners!

Get the kids involved and have them ride with you so they get their exercise too, minding everyone’s safety of course. If you ride your bike more often you not only get in your exercise but you save money on gas and wear and tear on your car, and cut down on your carbon footprint.

#2 Play basketball or any sport with the kids

Ride around any suburban neighborhood in the U.S. and you’ll see basketball nets over garages or next to driveways, or portable hockey nets in the street.  These are great for the kids, but what about for you? Jump in and join them for a game or an hour of play. You might invest in a badminton set you put up in the backyard, or play hopscotch with the younger kids.

Remember that you always want to be safe especially when playing in the street and should wear the right protective equipment, but playing a sport with the kids gets you moving, gets you outside, and gives you time with the kids. That makes it a winning situation for everyone!

#3 Paint a room

painting room

How many home improvement projects have you put off because they’re just too physically demanding?  Why not consider them to be part of your workout routine?

Painting a room works and stretches all your muscles along your sides and back, and typically involves walking up and down a ladder all day.  That’s a great workout!  Consider all the home improvement projects you need to get done and add them to your schedule, for fitness and for keeping your home in good repair.

#4 Join a sports league

If playing sports with the kids is a great workout, think of how much more of a workout you’ll get when you join your own team! Playing softball, baseball, volleyball, or field hockey is a great workout for any woman.  You might also consider trying out for a swim team or even playing golf, if you don’t use carts around the course.

Any sport that gets you up and out of the house is going to be a great workout and will also get you the fresh air you need for good health. Being part of a team also makes it much more fun, as you’re more likely to keep up with your routine if you know your team is counting on you!

#5 Woodworking and furniture refinishing

sanding wood

Woodworking and furniture refinishing are great workouts because you are always on your feet, and always stretching to reach all those small corners of furniture.  You also need to sand and paint furniture as part of the refinishing, and all of these work your arms, abs, back, and other muscle groups. Even moving the furniture around in your workspace is a good workout!

Many women today are discovering upcycling, which is taking a piece of furniture and turning it into something new, such as making a daybed from old pallets or turning a dresser into a bench.  Upcycling is a very creative hobby that can even be a good source of income, and which also keeps old pieces out of landfills, and if you’re dedicated to this hobby, you can stay in great shape!

Have you personally tried any of these 5 workouts and if so, do they work for you?  If not, which one are you excited to try for the new year?

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