Feel Better Instantly: 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Mood

All of us are sometimes down. Sometimes it’s for a good reason, sometimes it’s just because we feel like it. In any case, drowning yourself in bad feelings is not very healthy. Try one (or all) of these easy ways to feel better- pronto!

“Smile, the worst is yet to come,” say the sarcastic ones. “If you are going through hell, the only option is to keep going,” said Winston Churchill. Whatever has landed upon you, it will not break you down unless you let it. Here are the things you could do to get away from the troubles.

1. Turn the TV off

You know how you limit the TV time for your kids and don’t allow them to watch anything that could possibly be disturbing? Well, do the same for yourself.

Limit the amount of news and harmful information you’ll get over the TV. You can’t really stop being informed about everything, but watching news once a day is more than enough. You won’t be able to miss anything important anyway, because you’ll be bombarded with it on your work and all over the internet.

Don’t watch movies that make you feel bad, no matter how good they might be. In a couple of days or months, you’ll feel better and you’ll be in a mood for a heartbreaking movie. Don’t pile up on your existing sadness, but rather do something to get rid of it.

2. Eat Some Fruit

Now this is truly a funny thing that could make you feel better. Believe it or not, eating some fruit could just bring a smile on your face.

Ok, we all know that there are certain comfort foods that cure our sorrow, but what happens the next day? The next day you only feel worse because you shoved the entire pizza or ice cream pack down your throat. Well, you know what – next time don’t do it! That’s why fruit exists.

Fruit is much lower in calories than anything else you could nibble on. Cut your fruit in small pieces and comfort yourself with that. You won’t feel guilty in the morning and you’ll feel better right away.

3. Smell Oranges

woman holding an orange

Scientists have come to a conclusion that the smell of oranges makes people happier. This is why you’ll find this particular smell in many offices as well as in many spas and massage parlors. Introduce it to your home as well.

You could always go for scented candles, but let me tell you that nothing smells like orange like the orange itself. Especially an organic one. Just peel it and leave the peels in the room and let them fill it with a soothing scent. You could also leave the peels on the radiator during the winter – they will release even more scent when heated.

4. Join the Gym

young woman exercising in gym

We girls tend to nag a lot and do a little about our looks. And that makes us all feel bad. Instead of doing that – join the gym. Sure, it won’t bring you much joy in the beginning, but once you actually start seeing the changes on your body, you’ll feel much better. A girl that looks good is a girl that feels good, so make sure you do something about your looks ASAP.

5. Choose Your Friends Wisely

You should not be around people that like to point out your flaws. Many of them don’t mean harm, but yes they are harming you. The so called “energy vampires” do too. Stop seeing any people that use you as a balloon that should hold all their negative energy. Instead, choose friends that make you laugh and feel good about yourself.

6. Give Someone a Big Compliment

two beautiful and sophisticated young women friends drinking coffee

Girls usually like to get compliments more than they like to give them. Still, giving someone a nice big compliment could even make you feel better than it could make them feel good. Try it!

Next time you see a colleague looking especially good – tell her that. She will probably smile, which will trigger a chain reaction of smiling, and she will probably also compliment you. It’s a win-win situation – two smiling and satisfied girls.

7. Take a Walk Outside

young woman walking on path in city park

Most of your troubles would go away with a simple walk around the park or woods. Next time someone pisses you off or you feel bad for any other reason, put your sneakers on and go for a long walk.

This may sound silly to you, but it actually works. The green color of the plants will generally relax you and all the extra oxygen you’ll breathe in will calm you down. Walks outside will of course not solve any of your real problems, but it might just clear your head and let you deal with them in a better way.

8. Treat Yourself

Every girl knows what “therapeutic shopping” is. It’s the thing guys don’t really like about us, but we find it helpful, so who the hell cares what anybody else thinks.

Treating yourself with something as small as a new case for your mobile phone can be very beneficial.  Just that act of getting something for yourself reminds you that you deserve good things – both to have and to happen to you. And believing that good things will come, brings the good things along.

9. Learn How to Feel Better about Yourself

young beautiful smiling woman outdoors

All of our troubles tend to look so much bigger if we are already not satisfied with ourselves. In order to make those troubles smaller, you need to start learning how to feel good about yourself. It is not really that hard, it all pretty much comes down to 5 little things you can find in Feel Better About Yourself: 5 Easy Steps.

10. Learn How to Make Someone Else Feel Better

Happy people around us will bring happiness into our lives as well. Surround yourself with positive people and let some of their energy get transferred to you as well.

However, we can’t really expect all of our friends to always be happy. That is why it is of great importance to learn how to make our friends feel better once they are down. Only then can we expect them to help us when we are not in our best mood. Learn some useful tips about making someone feel better in 5 Great Things to Do to Make Someone Feel Better.

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