Feel Better about Yourself: 5 Easy Steps

Don't let a bad day (or few), make you feel like you have a bad life! Whether you are really down or just need a little pick-me-up, feel better instantly with these 5 quick, easy ideas! Let your awesome self shine inside and out!

We girls tend to be too critical towards ourselves. We always find things that will make us feel bad and give us a reason to nag about it – to ourselves or others. It’s usually our looks, closely followed by our jobs. Well, stop bitching around and do something about it!

Ok, you can’t just order yourself to feel better; it’s a process that needs some time and effort. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Smile

happy woman on the white linen in bed at home

Yes, as simple as that – smile! Right now! No matter if you feel like it or not, just smile. It’s not really that hard and you certainly have a reason for it.

Smiling is contagious and once you start, you won’t be able to stop. It is a perfect cure for feeling bad and it is also a long term remedy to feel better about yourself. People who smile often, tend to go through hardships of life in an easier way than the grumpy ones. Plus, they live longer – I’d say that’s enough reasons to start smiling on a regular basis.

2. Put Your Best Clothes On

woman choosing dress to wear

Whether you personally want to admit it or not – girls pay a lot of attention to their looks. Some even pay too much attention to it, but that’s not the topic of this discussion. Still, putting your best clothes on, will do the small, but significant trick.

Now, this is not about looking like you’re prepared for the Red Carpet – it’s about putting on clothes that make you both look and feel good. You have that one pair of jeans that make your butt look incredibly sexy? Put those on. Add a nice top, your favorite shoes and put on some makeup.

Of course, the ideal ending of this ritual would be to go out and party, but it is not obligatory. Just seeing yourself looking good will make you feel good. Don’t be a slob – get out of your sweatshirt once in a while and say “hello” to the beautiful, sexy girl looking at you from the other side of the mirror. Looking good is feeling good.

3. Call Your Friends

Most of us have neglected our friends thanks to very popular social networks lately. But really, seeing someone’s pictures on Facebook is not the same as seeing them in person.

Establish at least one day a month when you will pick up the phone and call your friends to see them. Call your best friend or call someone you haven’t seen in years – it doesn’t matter. The point is to get up get out. And finally, you can talk to your friends about the things that are making you feel bad. Even if they don’t offer any help, you’ll feel better just because someone listened to you.

4. Learn a New Thing

This is especially effective for people who are feeling bad about their profession. Learning a new thing works like a charm.

I would have to suggest giving this one a bit more time and dedicate yourself to something like learning a new language. However, if you can’t really do that – just learn anything new. It could be a verse from your favorite poem or an interesting fact about the Universe. Treat your brain with a new knowledge every once in a while. It doesn’t only make you feel better – it is also a good prevention for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Sing

pretty woman singing on microphone

I once learned that music is the cure for every trouble. It turned out to be very true. All the hardships are not as hard when accompanied with a song.

I know, you don’t really feel like singing when you feel bad, but gather some strength and just start. After the first verse of your favorite song you will start feeling better. Oh yeah – and nobody cares if you can’t sing. Trust me – it helps!

Well, there you have it. Stop feeling sorry about yourself and do something about it. You can feel better, you just need to want it and follow these 5 easy tips.

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