Exercise 101: How to Get and Stay Motivated

Ahhh, flat abs, toned arms, a tight bum... If only you could motivate yourself to actually START exercising, maybe that could be you. Well, we hear ya sister! Find out how to truly get and stay motivated in 5 simple steps! Really, anyone can do this.

You should exercise regularly. I should exercise regularly. Even your dog needs to be taken for a walk. How come then, that in spite of all the pros of working-out, most of us can’t wait to find an excuse to skip the training? To keep yourself motivated to exercise regularly, consider the following tips.

1. Pick the Right Sport

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It is far more likely that you will exercise regularly if you find the sport that really suits you. Some people love collective sports like basketball, others are happier if left on their own. Yoga, Pilates, tai chi, qi gong are the best option for those of you who’s main goal is to stretch the body and strengthen it. They are particularly good if you have problems with your back. The movements are done slowly, with breaks between each exercise, so it is not for those who are full of energy or they goal is to lose weight. Dynamic sports, like aerobic, swimming, running is the right choice for you.

2. Get Company

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Unless you enjoy running with an mp3 and nothing but the nature around you, find someone to exercise with you.  Let it be a friend or a family member you like spending time with, who is also eager to work out. Responsibility for your companion will keep you away from finding various excuses to avoid going to the gym.

3. Concentrate on the Benefits of Exercise

Write down the benefits of a regular work out. Apart from the fact that it is good for overall health, losing weight, getting in shape, prevention of illnesses, this list should embody all your personal expectations from the exercises. For instance, you like working out because you feel relaxed and happy after it, your complexion is radiant; it helps you maintain your ideal weight, etc. Write down everything you can think about. Have the list with you all the time: when you would rather stay at home and watch TV, take it out and remind yourself why you started going the gym. To help you make the list check 5 Good Reasons Why You Should Work Out Regularly.

4. Change the Activity from Time to Time

No matter how much you like a certain sport, you can get fed up with it after a while. How can you motivate yourself to do something you find boring?  Go for swimming instead of running, take salsa or tango classes, organize your friends to play volleyball. The change will do you good; the most important thing is to stay active.

5. Consider Hiring a Personal Coach

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For those who can afford it, a personal coach is an excellent way to keep yourself motivated. He will pick the right working out program for your unique needs and supervise you all the time. No lame excuses will do for him. Benefits of having a personal coach are numerous and he is probably worth the money. Still, most of us can’t afford such luxury but you can get motivational tapes, CD’s or just listen to your favourite music to help you get moving.

To stay motivated, make exercising a fun, something you will look forward to. Think about it as a pleasure not obligation. Don’t forget to reward yourself for your persistence every month. Soon you will start considering exercise as a reward itself.

Tell us, how do you stay motivated?

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