7 Confidence Building Exercises: Reclaim Your Inner Queen

Whatever the reason may be that your self-confidence has bailed on you this time, these 5 simple confidence boosting exercises will transform you right back to the fabulous (and true) you in no time!

A lot of people have confidence issues. Sometimes it’s because we’ve had a bad experience, sometimes it’s a stage fright and sometimes it’s just something we think is stronger than us. But it’s not. You can control it and you can do something to boost your confidence – check out 5 best self-confidence exercises.

1. Preparation

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This particular exercise is very important for boosting your self-confidence, especially when you are in front of an important business meeting or presentation. A lot of people are not feeling confident enough about themselves when it comes to their work, and the best way to prevent this is to be prepared for your job the best you can.

Do a thorough research and learn everything you’re supposed to. The better you are prepared the more confident you will feel. Don’t let anyone surprise you with a question you don’t know the answer to and make sure to have a good and confident presentation.

2. Practice

The best way to boost your confidence is to practice as much as you can. No matter if it’s about your work or about dancing lessons, the more you practice, the better you will get and you will feel more confident.

It is quite normal to have doubts when you’re engaging yourself into something new, but commit to that new thing and practice on a regular basis, and you are sure to get better and by that, more confident. This will lead you to wanting to work some more on it which will only end in better and better results. After all, practice makes perfection.

3. Learn a New Thing

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One of the best self-confidence exercises in the world is to learn something new, and if possible, something hard. Let’s say you’ve never tried to learn a foreign language because you think it is too hard. Enroll in a course and start learning French, German or any other language.

The harder the language, the better. In fact I once heard a saying “If you can learn Finnish you can learn anything”, so maybe you want to try Finnish. Make an effort and you will make it in the end for sure, and once you see that you can learn something as hard as learning a new language could be, you will see that you can do basically anything. Nothing can boost your self-confidence like seeing that you can do anything you want, right?

4. Visualization

This involves picturing yourself achieving a goal or succeeding in an area of your life. Visualizing yourself succeeding can help you stay focused and motivated. It can also help you boost your selfesteem and confidence.

5. Useful Little Sentences

As silly as it might sound, but repeating to yourself sentences like “You can do it” and “It will be all right” can actually help you with your self-confidence a lot. We all need a little encouragement sometimes and if there is no one else to encourage you, do it yourself.

Stand in front of a mirror, give yourself a serious look and say “You can do it”. You may need to repeat that a couple of times, right until you start believing it. Most of very successful people are not that different from you, they just believe that they can do anything they put themselves up to. And you can do the same.

6. Goal Setting

Finally, another great confidence building exercise is goal setting. This involves setting realistic and achievable goals for yourself and then working towards them. When you set goals and achieve them

Of course, if you are a finance manager you are highly unlikely to find a cure for cancer, but you can run your own company. 

Give yourself a goal, say that you can do it, believe it, and you will do it.

7. Breathe

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You know how a lot of people tell you just to relax and breathe whenever you stumble upon a problem or a crisis? Well, that’s also a great self–confidence exercise. When you feel like there is a challenge in front of you that is so big that you absolutely have no chance in meeting it, just stop for a second and take a couple of deep breaths.

Although it may sound silly, breathing in a larger amount of oxygen not only relaxes you, but also fuels your brain so it starts working faster. Naturally, you start coming up with some new and improved ideas that will help you with any challenge in your life.

Try not to be too bumped if you are experiencing some self–confidence problems, because you’re not the only one. A lot of people are struggling with this, but as you can see, there is something you can do about it. Try these self-confidence exercises we’ve presented to you with and you’ll see how things will get better.

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