Spicing Up the Season With Fall Home Decor

If you’ve “fall”en in love with fall home decor, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to spice up your own homes. Check out some of our favorite ways to get into this leafy season!

The one thing that you can’t go the entire fall without seeing is… leaves. They’re falling from the trees and scattering across our lawns and streets, so why wouldn’t we bring them into our house to spice up the scenery?

When it comes to fall home decor, you’re most likely going to find leaves at the center of all your pieces, but there are a few keys items that will not only make your house fall appropriate but will have the setting feeling warm and comfortable.

If you’ve got the fall leaves covered, you can spice up the rest of your fall home decor with candles, pumpkins, and mason jars. Adding personal touches to your home are sometimes just that – personal. This usually means that you have to end up creating the perfect pieces yourself.

For the DIY in all of us, here are a few personal touches you can add to your house to set the mood for the fall season.

Candles & Corn

fall home decor

During the fall months, we’re used to candy corn as the norm, but this time, we’re swapping it out for our favorite kind of corn. Before you think of corn on the cob, can you munch on corn on the cob while enjoying a movie? Probably, but what are movies without popcorn?! In this case, we want it before it actually pops.

To create this simple yet beautiful piece, all you’ll need are a few items. The cylindrical vase can be picked up at any dollar store while you can purchase any plain, unscented candle you can find. For the popcorn kernels, the first step is to soak them in water to help diffuse some of the smell so it doesn’t overpower your living space.

Cover the bottom of the vase with a few kernels before putting in the candle. Lastly, all you’ll need to do is surround the sides of the candle with the kernels and tie a piece of straw or twine around the vase as an accent detail.

Coney Pineland

fall home decor

If you thought this was a corny play on words for “Coney Island,” then you were correct! While you might be able to find this centerpiece complete at a random store, it might be easier to create it yourself! For this fall home decor piece, the hardest step might be finding this shaped vase, but you can try your luck at any dollar store or stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

There are two stages to this centerpiece, and it depends on whether you’d like the easy way or the even easier way. The easy way, which might be slightly time-consuming, is by taking the supplies, such as the leaves, pine cones, and acorns from your back yard. The only problem that comes with this is making sure that you disinfect them extremely well before allowing them to come into contact with anything in your house.

The easier way is buying the materials. You can find artificial leaves and pine cones at your favorite craft store. Simply place the items in the container in a visually pleasing way, and you’re home is already looking better for the season.

Blood Candles

fall home decor

If in the midst of getting your house looking fall appropriate, you realize that you have no Halloween decorations, have no fear! A great way to set the creepy and crawly mood is with “blood candles.” The easiest fall home decor item on this list, all you’ll need is three items: a white candle, red candle, and a lighter.

Making these candles is extremely easy, but you should always remember to be careful around open flames! Simply light the red candle and allow the wax to drip along the sides of the white candle. Since the wax bunches at the bottom of each drop, it helps to create the illusion that the “blood” is still falling down the candle. Not only is this decoration simple, but it’s extremely inexpensive!

“Leafy” Mason Jars

fall home decor

When creating your own crafts, you’ll find out that mason jars are a staple to making your lives and decorations easier. For this, you’ll need mason jars, artificial leaves, mod podge, and tea lights. When it comes to artificial leaves, they mostly come with rigid stems. In order to allow the leaves to take shape, you must first remove them.

You’ll first apply a thin layer of the mod podge to the mason jar before applying the leaves in whatever fashion you want. After you have applied the leaves, coat them with another layer of the mod podge and allow them to dry. For an extra touch, you can tie straw or twine around the mouth of the jar.

In order to have the mason jars light up, place tea lights at the bottom. These work beautifully along a walkway, in a hallway, or peeking behind the windows of a curtain.

“Leafier” Mason Jars

fall home decor

If you have a little more time on your hands, you can get even more into the fall spirit by adding a bit of paint to your mason jars. You can choose whatever “fall colors” you want, but it works exceptionally well with brown, orange, red, and yellow because these colors are commonly found in autumn leaves.

Instead of using any extra materials, you can paint the letters directly onto the mason jars before filling them up with fall colored leaves or flowers. Similar to the previous mason jars, you can add an extra touch of straw or twine.

Pumpkin, Hold the Candle

fall home decor

Around the fall, we’re used to the classic jack-o-lantern, but if you want your fall home decor to be classy, this is the way to go! First, you’ll need to hollow out the top of your pumpkin, large enough for you to place your candle inside.

After, all you’ll need to do is decorate the top of the pumpkin with an assortment of fall inspired items. You can opt for artificial cranberries and leaves to create the perfect fall setting.

Pumpkin, Be the Candle

fall home decor

We just had a pumpkin as a candle holder, but why not have it be the candle itself? Similar to the picture above, you will need to hollow out a pumpkin about halfway down into the base. You’ll then need to find a candle whose scent works with pumpkin, preferably a candle that has that ‘pumpkin’ scent.

While you could melt this candle the traditional way by using the wicks, a candle warmer is best suited for this situation. A candle warmer will liquefy the candle from the bottom up, allowing the whole candle to be poured directly into the pumpkin. Before you pour the wax into the pumpkin, make sure you have glued a secure wick at the base of the pumpkin!

With all these ideas for fall home décor, we hope your houses will be overflowing with all the perfect fall vibes. If you recreate any of these, be sure to upload them to Instagram or Facebook and tag us in the picture!

What ideas do you have for making your house more fall appropriate? Let us know in the comments below!

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