The 11 Most Common Dreams Decoded

Dreams are told to us by our subconscious mind, they tell us important things about ourselves. Read more to find out what the most common dreams mean.

We dream every night, and when we dream, our subconscious takes hold of us and shows us things we don’t know or sometimes our darkest fears. Here are the 11 most common dreams decoded.

To some, a dream is a dream—an alternate reality where you are in control. However, that is not the case: many people forgo understanding, analyzing and essentially decoding their dreams due to them not being interested, afraid of what they will find or because we, as people, are naturally very busy. I, for one, like to know what I dream about and what it actually means.

Let’s look at how to decode a dream as well as the psychological meanings of some of the most common dreams people have.

The 11 Most Common Dreams Decoded

How to decode a dream

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Dreams and their meanings vary depending on the dreamer as no dream is identical for two people. Your dream will reflect on aspects of your life that will tell you messages from your subconscious about yourself. In a way, a dream is like yourself telling you how you really feel and telling you more about yourself.

When dreaming and trying to figure out what your dream means, it is important to notice the people doing things that affect you, who they are, how you feel, the setting and so on—essentially the 5 Ws that we all learnt in grade 5 (who, what, when, where, and why).

When decoding dreams, it is important to read between the lines, infer and make connections from your dream world to your real world. Our dreams reflect our emotions, feelings, fears, beliefs, thoughts, desires and impulses, meaning that you will have to look at your life to figure out what your dream is telling you.

Losing your teeth

Dreaming about your teeth falling out can be pretty scary to see, but the meaning says a lot about your character. This dream symbolizes your anxiety about your appearance, which reveals that you are self-conscious and worry about how others perceive you.

It also reveals that you may have a fear of rejection and embarrassment, so you care what people think—maybe to the point where it dictates your life. Lastly, it shows a loss of power in your life, considering that we rely on our teeth to help us talk, eat, chew and bite.

Being chased

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When being chased, you are running away from something or someone that causes fear and anxiety. This also shows that you have a tendency to run away or avoid issues.

But, it’s not that simple. After you read more about its meaning, you will find out why so many people dream exactly that.


A dream of good wedding basically falls down to the saying “you dream about the things you wish”. Every girl wants a perfect wedding, so it is no surprise that we would dream about it.

Dreaming about a bad wedding usually means that you are getting cold feet and having second thoughts about marriage.

Overall, the meaning of a dream about a wedding depends on the context and details of the dream, as well as the dreamer’s personal experiences and emotions. Here are some possible interpretations:

Unable to find a toilet

If you can’t find a toilet and you really need to go to the bathroom, this means that you have issues expressing and satisfying your needs and wants.

This can also be hinting at you putting other people’s needs before yours to the point where you are completely neglectful of yourself . Even when it comes to your basic needs. i.e. the toilet. This dream can also refer to you not having enough personal time and space for yourself and the need for more privacy.

Naked in public

This dream tends to be in cartoons as a joke, but it actually deals with some serious issues. If you are naked in a dream, it means that you can’t express yourself. Also that you haven’t  found yourself either. It can also be a fear of intimacy. Because you don’t have self-confidence and are afraid of how people will think you look.

Failing a test

We’ve all failed a test or come close to it. But in the dream world, it is more severe than a scolding from your parents. It actually means that you are not confident. You have convinced yourself that you will fail and are worthless. You apply too much pressure on yourself. This also means you have a massive mental block that stops you from progressing to the next stages in life. That’s why you can’t move forward.


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If you are falling in a dream and are fearful, you’re insecure and anxious about something. However, if you like falling, you welcome change and are ready to move forward with something.


If you are driving the car, you are welcoming change and moving forward in life with new endeavors where you are in control. However, if you are not driving, it means that you have absolutely no control over something, and you don’t like the stage and direction your life is in.


If you are afraid or not enjoying the sex, it means you are worried about how you look and how good you will be. This may also mean that you are not too sure about the person you are intimate with. If you are enjoying the sex, it just means that you want to be intimate with that person.


If you committed, the affair means that you are sexually frustrated and unsatisfied. It also signals that you are not ready to settle or you want to be with the person who you had the affair with. If your partner had the affair, you are afraid of losing them, and are insecure in the relationship.


This means you want to end something in life; this is not always a nightmare it can be an epiphany. If you die, that means you are scared of dying or may not be living the life you want.

These are some of the most common dreams, but there are also dreams that are truly unique to each person. Every dream means something. You just have to read into it by observing your surroundings and understanding all the elements to your dream. If you have any more common dreams or meanings, feel free to share them below!

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