Dream Meanings: Being Chased

Every now and then you have a really weird dream and wonder what its meaning could be. Dreaming about being chased is a very common dream and after you read about its meaning, you will find out why so many people dream exactly that.

1. Running Away

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It seems only natural to think that dreams about being chased mean that you are running away from something or someone. But who or what are you running from? Pay attention to what’s chasing you.

You may dream about being chased by a particular person that annoys you and of course, the meaning is clear; your sub consciousness simply wants to run away from that person. But what about when in your dreams you are running away from someone you love, or an animal, or someone you don’t even see?

Dreaming about being chased by someone you love can indicate that you are feeling really suffocated by that person; usually your parents or your partner. Ask yourself if that person is really suffocating you or are they only over protective because they love you too much. Either way, think about it and, if necessary, have a heart to heart with that person.

If you don’t see your chaser or you are being chased by an animal, that could indicate that there is something you want to get away from. It may be the job or the relationship you are stuck in. It could be your current apartment. In any case, dig deeper and find the reason for your dissatisfaction.

2. Being Scared

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Dreaming about being chased doesn’t only mean that you are trying to get away from something, it could also mean that you are being quite scared of something or someone.

A lot of people that are dealing with scary illnesses dream about being chased. People who have been in an accident or were a part of any type of a scary event could have this dream too. This is your mind’s way of telling you that you should deal with things you are afraid of, especially if in your dream you get caught. Try talking to a friend or even to a professional in order to overcome your fears.

3. Having Problems

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If you are dealing with a lot of problems at the moment, you might end up dreaming about being chased. It’s quite common and it is a clear signal that you need to resolve problems you might be having.

Your problems could be anything from being too close to the deadline at work to having deep emotional troubles. Whatever it is about, it is something you need to deal with. Your sub consciousness is telling you that it’s time to do something about it.

4. Superstition

You might have heard your grandmother saying how each dream has a meaning. She never meant that you may have some psychological issues or problems, she was talking about superstition.

When it comes to dreaming about being chased, superstition says that you can expect to find out that someone is gossiping about you. Dreaming that you are running can mean that you can expect some kind of gain (financial or personal), so if you’re running away, you may be running away from something good. Slow down. Participating in a race can mean a loss, while chasing someone means that you will have some tough decisions to make.

Of course, this is just a superstition and should be used only for fun. However, dreaming about being chased can indicate some deep psychological problems that you’ll need to solve. Still, don’t get all scared if you dream about this from time to time, but it could be a good idea to look for help if this is the dream that you keep dreaming over and over again.

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  • I had a dream about someone chasing me and I just kept running but eventually he caught me and gave me flowers and told me that god wanted him to show me how to love god and myself and then we got married. This guy though is in a relationship with someone else and we don’t know each other.