Things to Do On a Rainy Day: 11 Things You’ll Be Glad You Did

Retreat into your cozy home to relish in the simple pleasures and indulge in intellectual pursuits. There are a lot of things to do on a rainy day and here are some.

Rainy days allow us to enjoy the many flavors of life from food, to music, to love and art. Allow yourself to be open-minded about trying something new the next time you have a rainy day. Here are some ideas to get you started! Break the routine and throw caution to the wind, adventure awaits you and it doesn’t involve rearranging your sock drawer or doing laundry, thank goodness!

I invite you to get in touch with the fun things you’ve been putting off while being productive. Resist the urge to clean your house or go grocery shopping, and do something fun instead. You can include other people in any of these ideas, but if you’re feeling introverted, they’re fun to do alone too! There are a lot of really great and fun things to do on a rainy day, and we’ll cover some here.

1. Call people and tell them you love them


You never know who really needs some positive support. Your phone call could pull them out of a rough spot in life. Sending people positive energy is a great way to connect to them, and it’s really fun to just call to say I love you. Tell them what you appreciate about them and ask them what’s going on in their life. It’s important that we do things that aren’t for ourselves sometimes.

Remember how nice it feels when someone goes out of their way just to make your day a little better? When was the last time you did that for people? Making kindness a regular habit will greatly improve your emotional wellbeing and strengthen your connection to others.

Positive energy is contagious, maybe you’ve just been coasting in life and not depressed but not really truly loving life either. Well, here’s an opportunity to switch on a light bulb and set your mind into a new gear. Your whole life will change when you treat people with love all day, every day.

Your reactions affect everything in life. If you respond to people from a heart centered place and see where they are coming from instead of a defensive and judgmental place, you’ll start to find the magic of life.

2. Paint a colorful mural

Hey, if you’re renting, you can paint it back. Of course, you’ll want to check with the landlord just to be sure. Buy some colors that make you happy and try drawing on the wall very lightly with a pencil to outline your mural after you draft it on paper. You can also print something you like, make a grid and then copy it onto your wall! You may want to invite someone to help you with the mural to make it more fun.

Try not to drink wine while painting your wall although it’s tempting, because what looks great after a few glasses of wine might look like a kindergartener painted it tomorrow. Reward yourself for your hard work AFTER you paint.

Check out other artist’s work for inspiration. You can look at murals that you can buy and put your own spin on it. Positive artwork can help your brain develop new ways of thinking and creating something you’ll see every day can create great momentum. It takes 21 days to make a new habit, and fueling yourself with positive art is a great way to start your day!

Check out the Obey murals by Shepard Fairey that use a graphic design style that includes patterns and creates inspirational messages about independent thinking.

3. Have a movie marathon


See if you can get your hands on the Lord of The Rings trilogy or choose three of your favorite movies and give yourself the opportunity to be a couch potato. When we let our minds relax and wander, we sometimes realize things we wouldn’t have if we were trying to be productive. The creative brain works in mysterious ways and it’s stimulated by art and relaxing instead of forcing it.

Doing this may give you some insight about something you’d like to change in your life. I only suggest watching positive movies though, because negative films can get you to focus on negative aspects of your life and leave you more depressed than when you started! You could do a James Bond marathon or watch a season of House of Cards.

4. Take a legit bubble bath

Plan an epic bubble bath with great relaxing music, candles and bath salts or a bubble bath that smells amazing. Allow yourself to decompress, and hey, if you want to save water, bathe with a friend. Use it to help yourself detox and pick up a detox bath kit. Just so you know those usually pull out a lot and you’ll need to literally chug water during your bath or you could lose too much by sweating.

My favorite detox bath product is by Dr. Mick Hall, a naturopath who has a whole line of detox products on Your skin will feel amazing afterwards and you’ll release lots of toxins because of what the product is made from. I love this inexpensive product for birthday and wedding gifts, when you know people tend to overindulge and will probably need it.


5. Read inspirational books

Books by Don Miguel Ruiz are a great start. He wrote The Four Agreements and The Mastery of Love. Both changed my entire perspective on life, and I honestly can’t wait to reread them. Use this rainy day to build some positive momentum in your life.

You may want to check out a cool true story called The Way of The Peaceful Warrior about a former Olympic gymnast who had an unusual and inspiring experience. One of my favorite books is The Autobiography of a Yogi which is available for free online.

Reading exercises a different part of the brain than watching TV or movies does. It allows us to think more critically and creatively. It’s a great way to strengthen your inner resolve, and reading inspirational books may give you the motivation you need to make a change you’ve been afraid to make in your life.

Whether it’s changing jobs, leaving an unhealthy relationship or starting a new chapter in your life, you can find all the strength you need through changing your thinking, and books are a great route to help in that process.

6. Plan a vacation

Maybe you want to dream up a vacation and go ahead and book it! My suggestion is to check out airbnb and find a cool home to hold up in. Remember, a vacation doesn’t have to be expensive, just different from your usual routine.

Vacations are a great way to reflect on your life by temporarily stepping outside of it and seeing what you like and what you want to let go of. You can also find cheap flights through Spirit or Ryan Air.

Maybe find a cabin and go on a writing vacation. You can bring tea, food and music, and get away from it all. You could also probably take an inexpensive trip to Mexico or indulge in some fun glamping experiences which are becoming very popular. Yurts and treehouses are the new luxury and they are a fun eco-friendly way of traveling.

If you’re looking at a place with colder weather, look for eco-friendly hotels which often have healthier meal options, unique designs and cool amenities like yoga walls in the rooms or bikes you can use.

7. Make breakfast for dinner


Go full blown breakfast, not just cereal. You could make organic gluten-free pancakes and add berries and walnuts. Maybe add a delicious smoothie on the side and a scrumptious sweet potato hash. Get your hands on some seasonal fruits and go crazy. It’s fun to switch it up and treat yourself.

You may want to enjoy a late night latte or espresso, and if you don’t feel like cooking, grab a journal and head to a place that serves a healthy breakfast all day. It’s good to slow down and smell the roses, or in this case, the pancakes.

If you want to try some new recipes, check out some of the recipes on Pinterest for fun pancakes, healthy muffins and detoxing smoothies. Smoothies are great for your complexion and will help your digestion as well. I like using mixed greens, avocado, banana, spring water, cayenne and ginger for a spicy green smoothie with a kick!

8. Do a crazy dance video

If you want to get your heart rate up and laugh at the same time, try one of those booty popping dance workout videos from YouTube. You’ll get your hips moving and your energy flowing. In the words of Shakira, “there’s a she wolf in the closet, let it out so it can breathe.”
You’ll break a sweat, burn some calories and learn something new.

Here are a few to get you started. There’s the famous Billy Blanks, Tae Bo which technically is not a dance video but it will kick your butt. You could also try this pop n’ lock dance video, try your hand at the harlem shake or the crip walk.

Get your body and mind coordinated and forget about your problems as you try to master these fun moves! Dancing is a great way to relieve stress and turn negative energy into positive energy! And it’s just fun.

9. Give yourself a makeover


You could catch up on your personal grooming on a rainy day by scheduling a haircut, brow wax or see what makeup you’re out of. Classify it a ‘me day’ and by the end of it, you’ll smell good, look good and feel good. If you’re a very hard working woman, you deserve a ‘me day.’ Maybe you should get yourself some new clothes, but look at thrift stores and drop off your old clothes so you don’t have to put a hole in your pocket.

Check out some cool makeup application techniques on YouTube or look for new fun ways to do your hair. If you’re in the habit of always pulling your hair back or haven’t experimented with that mop on your head in a while, get out the bobby pins, the curling iron and the hairspray and get to it! Here’s a great 20’s/30’s flapper look called the finger wave.

Pinup hair and makeup ideas are fun to experiment with too and are definitely outside of the box but you can rock it!

10. Catch up on current events

I’m not saying to look at all the doom and gloom that’s going on in the world, but part of being an empowered woman is staying informed about the political and economic climate. Pick up a few magazines and grab a latte as you see what other people have been up to around the world.

You don’t have to buy magazines either. I like CNN, BBC and The Huffington Post for interesting current events. They seem to be less politically biased in their reporting. NPR is also a good source for interesting news on the arts, science and politics.

You can bookmark these news sites on your computer so you can easily browse them to see what’s going on in the world throughout the week. You could follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you’ll get updates on your phone as well.

11. Ask someone on a date


Stop the record. What do you mean ask someone on a date?! That’s exactly what I mean. Women don’t need to wait around like a princess to be asked to dance. There’s no reason why we can’t ask someone out and thinking otherwise is just old school, girl.

Invite a guy to sit on the floor at a Moroccan restaurant or hit up a dinner show. It’s fun to try something new on a rainy day and throw caution to the wind. Maybe check out a restaurant you’ve never been to that has a cool aesthetic vibe. Dress up, put on your rain boots, grab an umbrella and enjoy your date.

I love the idea of a yoga date. Yoga dates are harmless and you can bring anyone, it’s a good habit to get into and a fun way to bond with people. As a woman, I can say it’s fun to take a guy to yoga because it can be like inviting them into our world.

If you can find an acro yoga class in your area, you should definitely try that. It’s a fun way to build communication and trust and get way outside of your comfort zone. Don’t worry, it’s safe as long as you have a spotter and follow the step by step instructions. You’ll definitely be sore the next day, but it’s worth it! If you’re not sure what acro yoga is, look it up on Instagram to get a better idea.

Hopefully, this gave you some fun inspiration for your next rainy day so you can enjoy it!

We want to hear your rainy day ideas below, and don’t forget to like and share this article with your girlfriends. We appreciate you coming here on YouQueen to find inspiration.

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