Weird Things to Say to Someone: 10 Left Field Ice Breakers

Sometimes saying something different makes a stronger impact than boring and generic cardboard words people have heard before. Here are some weird things to say to someone to get you started.

We often put no thought into the way we greet people, and it creates a dull existence. Let’s get off of autopilot when we speak and create real exciting emotional stimulation. Words can make your life exciting or dull, depending on how you use them and how people hear them.

When you become a wordsmith and make people laugh, you suddenly experience a new reality of fun, adventure and new perspectives. We don’t always have to be polite; sometimes it’s dropping an inappropriate comment at the right moment that can get someone out of a really bad day.

Let’s take a deeper look at how to use language in inappropriate, but not creepy ways, because let’s face it, people are way too serious and adding some dexterity to their vernacular can influence them to lighten up.

My favorite people are the ones that are awkward and bold in the way they talk, because they are interesting. The interesting, the weird and the different have an appeal that creates new memories, new emotional experiences and new opportunities for friendship. Let’s spread some smiles and get inspiration for new weird things to say to someone.

1. Your face muscles are really toned


Pointing out a feature that isn’t usually commented on can be a great ice breaker or conversation starter. How many times have you heard, you have really beautiful eyes, right? We can give compliments to anyone just to have fun. I frequently compliment strangers on their outfit and it brightens up their face right away. It’s nice to be acknowledged and show people their efforts to be wicked cool haven’t gone unnoticed.

But use common sense, don’t go making comments about body anatomy at work, you’re liable to give someone the wrong idea. I once went on a date with someone who’s pick up line was, “have you tried the drunken goat cheese?” at the cheese wheel in the grocery store. Genius!

2. You smell like fresh baked free range rosemary chicken

I guess saying something like this falls into the category of a hanger; it’s an open ended conversation starter that will get someone to question if you think they smell good or bad. In the art of conversation, statements can close a conversation just like one word answers. You need to use your esoteric sense of smell to hand out a compliment about their body odor and chicken.

There’s a fine line between being insulting and being funny. Don’t say anything derogatory and you will steer clear of that sticky mud. If the comments don’t come naturally to you, don’t use them. You have to just get in touch with the awkwardness of situations and comment on that.

3. You always look like Christmas morning


This is a nice way to say, “You always brighten my day.” Just giving compliments and getting in the habit of doing so makes people feel good when they are around you. I mean, if they’re Jewish this could get a little weird, but that’s probably ok.

Sure enough Christmas is celebrated by atheists and they’ll get the reference. Commenting on something that reminds you of your grandparents is endearing and shows you like their character more than their exterior. It also doesn’t mean you don’t like their exterior. It’s not mutually exclusive.

4. My body temperature went up when you walked in

Alright, you only want to say this to someone you’re interested in because it’s super awkward otherwise. It’s a pretty awkward and inappropriate comment, but if you’re staring into the eyes of your future husband, who cares, right? It will get you laughing and it’s a great way to practice being direct. I mean, it takes a lot of guts to say things from the left field sometimes.

5. I can’t help noticing you’ve been staring at me for the last half an hour

Admittedly this is a quote from none other than Johnny Bravo. Remember that cartoon? Someone once left a business card on a table when I was a waitress. On one side it said, ‘I noticed you’ and on the other side it said, ‘noticing me.’ It was hilarious and original. What was interesting about it was that the card was left by a couple, and then I wondered how many of these cards that girl or guy had printed?

I love the business card that says, ‘my card.’ Leaving people guessing is the point here. Don’t tell them everything about yourself that’s incredible because it can come off as arrogant. Imagine meeting someone and trying to impress them by telling them you were an Olympic gold medalist. It’s like you’re establishing that you’re better than thou.

Have you ever heard and ex-pro athlete incessantly talk about how they were a pro-athlete? Don’t be a bragger; instead, ask questions about the other person, it’s a much more desirable form of communication.

6. Would you like to balance on my feet?

What’s wrong with a nice invitation to do some acro yoga? It’s a great strength building exercise and it builds trust and confidence. And yes, women are encouraged to be ambidextrous in acro yoga and base as well as fly. If you have no idea what acro yoga is, you’re missing out! Look it up on Instagram.

Inviting someone to do an obscure activity like spelunking or making 3d puzzles is a great way to start a conversation. They might not want to attend a saltwater tank convention though. If you want to make friends, find some activities you’d like to try and then ask people to do them with you. Quid pro quo.

Hey, why not invite them to take a yoga class? It allows you both to be in a space that is different than the club or bar scene, and it opens people up emotionally, just like alcohol. You’ll probably find that you’ll have lots to talk about after a yoga class because it stimulates so much energy in your medulla oblongata.

7. You probably cook like a ninja – black belt


Hey, if a man’s got talent, you might as well recognize it, right? It’s not every day that a man is a whiz in the kitchen, and the ones that are, should be cherished like the Stanley Cup. There’s nothing wrong with asking someone to cook for you, and it’s not as trite as going out on a dinner date. If you start a relationship in a generic way, what makes you think it will be exciting and different?

Also, experimenting in the kitchen is great for your health. When you become a master of spices and herbs, you don’t have to rely on an expensive restaurant to make a delicious meal, so invite him to prepare food with you.

8. Your aura is distracting – but I’m okay with it

A new age comment is always a fun ice breaker. Most people will laugh and feel flattered when you compliment their aura. A few people will have no idea what you’re talking about. The point here is: it’s good to notice the not so obvious things about a person, like their personality or the type of energy they have that people like.

I like to tell people which chakra I feel is either overactive or underactive to get to talking about how they look at life and their emotional strengths and weaknesses. It sure beats talking about the weather or sports. The chakras are an interesting topic because they are an ancient healing system developed in India that is based on nerve centers.

What’s even more interesting is that certain emotional blocks are linked to certain health problems in the body, and becoming aware of them allows you to balance physically and mentally. Now that’s interesting!

9. You remind me of an original Renaissance painting – not a print

It’s cool to tell someone they are different in a good way. Of course, there are many ways to say this, and you’ll probably come up with your own, but I wanted to point out that people remember when you give a sincere compliment and it might really change their life.

I like to encourage people when I can see them doing something really well to help them see their own potential. I like how their face lights up when I plant the seed of an idea in their minds. Of course, they may not end up doing it, but it boosts their confidence, and you never know when someone might really need that.

When someone is creative, an outside of the box thinker, they often doubt themselves. If you give them the ability to focus on their strong points, such as harnessing that creativity in an industry, you might help direct their focus and strengthen their aptitude. Words are powerful when used carefully, ladies.

10. Let’s eat food that’s so spicy we sweat


I mean, what could possibly go wrong with eating habaneros peppers? Everything! You could get upper lip sweat, you could throw up, and your face could get really red. It’s a great bonding experience.

The point here is that if you try eating something out of your comfort zone, it’s a good conversation starter because if you’re both experiencing something new, it gives you an immediate fresh experience. Pasta and pizza are boring, come on!

I’m not telling you to go out there and burn your esophagus, but think about trying Polish or Ethiopian food instead of going to the spaghetti factory.

How to find awkward inspiration


I find my wordy inspiration in funny shows like ‘Flight of the Conchords’ and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ with Larry David. I like to watch sarcastic shows like the ‘Bondi Hipsters’ and ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.’

Aziz and Demetri Martin are two of my favorite comedians that really have a weird and amusing way of looking at life. There’s always Conan O’Brien, whose hair makes me laugh because it’s so ridiculous or Ellen Degeneres dancing with the audience.

If you’re feeling kind of lack luster as of late, infuse your life with some humor. It can make a rainy day fun and it is really good for your brain. If you find yourself being serious all the time, you definitely need to add some comedy into your life.

People would rather be around the funny kid who makes them laugh most of the time, than the smartest person in the room who makes them feel dumb most of the time, I’m pretty sure. So be smart and funny.

At the end of the day, it comes down to being creative with the way you see the world, being original in how you see other people and looking beyond the surface. Look at the endearing qualities people have instead of focusing on something negative. It will really change your experience from bitter to sweet.

Everyone is bad at certain things, but they are also great at others. If you find yourself not liking people on a regular basis, it’s probably not the people who are unlikeable; it’s actually that you’re looking at negative traits, making yourself miserable. Catch my drift?

The reason why saying left field comments is important is because people live their lives on autopilot and need a verbal slap to pull themselves out of it. You can’t interrupt the broadcast by speaking the language of the robots.

If you ever visit a place that isn’t dependent on cell phones or laden with television watching, you will notice how they value their words and weigh them carefully. The art of conversation is on the brink of extinction with the sentence fragment lifestyle of Twitter and Instagram hashtags. I vote for taking back the auditory prowess of our ancestors and using it to bring some depth to life.

They say Facebook has been linked to depression because people are confusing their online presence with their identity. Make it a point to go out and have real conversations with people, so you don’t forget what it’s like to be around them and listen to them. The act of listening can be atrophied if you’re always on output mode.

Ask questions and don’t cut people off. They will really appreciate someone that is willing to listen to them and you never know when someone really needs to open up.

I’d love to hear your ideas below, and please, brighten someone’s day by sharing this article with them. As always, thanks for being a part of the cyberspace club here at YouQueen.

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