10 Ways To Tell That You’re Obsessed With Dogs

It may seem like a no-brainer if you know you’re obsessed with dogs, but it can be fun to see the ways you can tell a person is obsessed with these furry bundles of perfection.

There is nothing better than having a dog around. Nothing. If you’re obsessed with dogs, you know how easy it is to spend all of your time obsessing about them—how cute they are, how much you want to pet one and how much you miss your dog right now.

Here are some ways you can tell if you’re obsessed with dogs.

1. The background on your phone is a picture of your dog

a bulldog close up of his face taking a selfie with a camera cell phone toned with a retro vintage instagram filter effect

Guilty. The best thing is turning on your phone and seeing your puppy looking back at you. You need a constant reminder of your dog whenever you’re not around it because you always miss your dog.

2. You bring up your dog in casual conversation

Surprisingly easier than it seems, too. You take every opportunity you can to talk about how amazing your dog is. You will tell a complete stranger everything about your dog, from the day you first got it as a puppy to the present.

You don’t care that the person thinks. If the person likes dogs as much as they say they do, they’ll be happy to hear it.

3. You spend all of your time looking at dog videos

You can spend your entire day going through videos of dogs doing different things. Whenever you see a video of a dog, you stop whatever you’re doing to watch it…and then four more videos after that.

Maybe more. Next thing you know, four hours have passed and the only thing you’ve done is look at countless videos of corgi butts.

4. You let everyone know when you’ve seen a cute dog

Cute blonde with Bichon Frise white dog

This happens so often that your friends probably expect the text at least once (or five times) a day. This doesn’t stop you from going into detail explaining every little thing that made the dog adorable—which was everything—so your friends know just to let you go and wait until you’re finished.

Then, you move on to the next story about a cute dog you saw that day.

5. You wish you could have every dog in the world

Whenever you see a dog up for adoption, you know you need it. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog it is, how old or that you already have 14 dogs. It’s fine.

You can find space for one more. Seeing dogs without an owner to love them is worse than giving up your bedroom so you can house all of your dogs. What? They’re family.

6. You always want to steal other people’s dogs

If you haven’t come close to taking the cute dog walking around behind its owner, are you really obsessed with dogs? I mean, it’d be so easy just to ask to pet the dog and then run off with it.

Too easy. It should probably happen. Like now. I would love the dog more, right?

7. Your friend’s dog is your dog

When you go to your friend’s house, you say hi to their dog before you say hi to them. It’s completely acceptable. You can talk to your friend whenever you want to.

How many times are you going to be able to play with their dog? Not often enough. Go ahead. I mean, you came to see the dog, right?

8. Going to see puppies is the perfect date idea

Couple in love with dog

You’re the cheapest date ever. The perfect date would be any place where you can see a lot of dogs. Going to a puppy store can be the best date—except for the fact that you would probably (definitely) give the puppies more attention than you would your date.

Oh well, if the person is going to date you, then it’s better to know of your obsession sooner rather than later, right?

9. You’re upset if you’re not a dog’s favorite person

Whenever you do ask to pet someone’s dog, you get upset if the dog doesn’t give you all of its attention. I mean, who else is going to give the dog as much love as you would? No one. You should be the favorite human. It’s only fair.

10. You’re offended if someone doesn’t like dogs

How can you NOT like dogs? What is wrong with you? Obviously a lot. Dogs are the best creatures on the planet. They are adorable and have so much to offer me—I mean, the world.

You will legitimately be less interested in anyone who does not like dogs, especially if a person says that they don’t think a dog is cute. Sorry, but I don’t need this negativity in my life.

Dogs are a gift to the world. People who are obsessed with them genuinely do not understand what we did right to deserve to live on the same planet as dogs.

If your life does not revolve around dogs, then are you really doing this whole “life” thing the right way?

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  • How if we spend more on their grooming than our own. I think that is a way tell if we are obsessed dogs. Thank you for sharing the informative post.