Why Dogs Are A Woman’s Best Friend (Not Diamonds)

It’s hard to believe that diamonds are a woman’s best friend when dogs exist. Here are the top reasons why dogs are much better to us than diamonds.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be 10 times happier getting a dog than I would be getting a diamond. The old saying is about how dogs are a man’s best friend, but why do men get to have all of the joy?

There are many women who would rather have the company of a dog in our lives because dogs can honestly do no harm, right?

Dogs easily become part of our family, if not our favorite part, or our best friends. It’s hard to imagine a life where we don’t have them to count on as friends and support. Here are the reasons why dogs are a woman’s best friend.

1. Unconditional love

woman and a dog

A dog’s best trait, besides how adorable they are, is how they have the ability to love people no matter what is done to them. We love how much love dogs give us. Whenever we want to cuddle up and do nothing, we have our dogs there.

Dogs are more than happy to be there for us and give us love, yet they don’t expect anything in return—that is every dog besides mine, who will sit on my lap for hours until he’s ready for me to stop rubbing his belly. Did I mention that he’s not a lap dog, weighing in at 55 pounds?

2. No judgment

A dog will never judge you for not leaving your house for three days, or for neglecting to change out of your pajamas for the entirety of the weekend.

As women, we may fall victim to the infamous feeling of being judged. We love dogs so much because we know that they will always be by our side no matter what we look like that day or if we’re ugly-crying.

Dogs don’t care about how much money you make, or even what kind of things you can give them. The only thing a dog wants from you is love.

Puppies don’t need you to give them a bunch of toys in order to get love. All you need to do is give them your attention. How many people can you say that about?

3. Their instinct

woman and a dog

Dogs seem to have a sort of sixth sense when it comes to our feelings. They can sense that we are upset, and are the first to offer us a paw. Your dog never wants to see you upset, which is one of the sweetest things about them.

If you’re upset, then they will be more than happy to lend themselves to you for you to pet and make you feel better. A dog will never judge you for crying. Dogs just want their owners to be as happy as they are.

4. Constant happiness

Even though it’s inevitable to feel sad at times, it is pretty difficult to be sad when a dog is around. Happiness is contagious. Dogs must know that because they know if they do something cute, we can’t resist.

You can give a dog a stick and they will be thrilled. They don’t need fancy cars and a lot of money to be happy. All they need is someone to love and a good toy they can find outside.

Even puppies, who don’t necessarily know how to do the whole “walking” thing, know that they won’t let that stop them. Dogs don’t have time to be sad. They have doggy-things they need to be doing instead. We need to learn how to be more like dogs.

5. Friendship

woman and a dog

The last thing we need in our lives is people around us who couldn’t care less about our well-being. Why have people like this around us when we can just surround ourselves with a litter of puppies? They never pretend to enjoy being around us.

In fact, dogs require company. We’ve all seen what our dogs are like when they don’t have their humans around them. They get sad and patiently wait for them to get back, so they can give their love to everyone.

There is nothing better than having that feeling of support in your life. It’s something that we all crave in life, and it’s something that not all of us are able to obtain. We use dogs for so many things in order to help better our lives. They aren’t just our pets; they’re a part of our family.

We have dogs helping us through the tough times in life. Dogs have the ability to help us as service dogs to treat anxiety, Autism and many other diagnoses. Dogs are easily a better best friend for women than any rock could ever be.


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