10 Wedding Colors for Spring: Which to Pick and What It Says about You

You’ve done it; you’ve picked the perfect man and set the date for the “big day”. Now all you need is to pick the right wedding colors for spring. We can help!

What wedding colors a couple picks says a lot about their love and each of their personalities. Below you will find 10 wedding colors for spring and what each one of them says about you and your true love, as well as what DIY ideas and flowers go best with that shade.

It’s spring and love is in the air, don’t let your wedding slip under the radar before reading these tips and tricks for every wedding hue.

1. Dandelion yellow

This shade signifies your love is filled with compromise. This yellow hue is an indicator of warmth without overly “happy go lucky” tones. Your upcoming marriage is one of communication and pleasant feelings.

Neither of you are confrontational people, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to make sacrifices for each other. Yellow weddings will leave your guests feeling calm and serene, which is something many wedding preparations are in short supply of.


Yellow Craspedias are unconventional flowers that look absolutely stunning in a yellow themed bridal bouquet. They can be dressed up with other flowers to appear to be sophisticated or more casual with white wild daisies like in the picture below.

No matter how you choose to set your yellow Craspedias, these are flowers that pack a punch with vibrant color and complement a white wedding gown perfectly.


DIY idea: Chair ribbons

Tie in cheap bulk chairs to your theme with a pop of color. To make it look classy without seeming too homemade, start with an ombre effect of ribbons and tie each in the center, letting the ribbon ends fall gracefully over each other in an impromptu fringe.


2. Peach

Peach weddings are as sensual as they are trendy. A couple who chooses peach as their wedding color is sophisticated and on top of everything in their lives, from their careers to their style.

Your friends are always envious of your “seemingly” effortless style, but you know you are actually the type to try one three outfits for every dinner and don’t even ask about the jewelry combinations. Even though both of you can get wrapped up in your hectic lives and careers, when you are together you are as effortless as you appear on the outside.


With peach, simplicity wins over intricacy. A simple arrangement of peach peonies and baby’s breath is all you need to create the “wow” effect you’re looking for. Being such large flowers, you only need a few to make your bouquet beautiful.


DIY idea: Birdcage centerpiece

This is another cost effective centerpiece that will make your guests think you ordered it straight from a bridal catalogue. Simply buy a bunch of rusty birdcages from a thrift store and spray paint them peach, putting little potted plants inside each cage. It will simplify an already intense color theme with a little bit of vintage flair.


3. Teal

This is a color that instantly makes a person think of the ocean. Whether your teal wedding is ocean themed or not, the color itself reminds you of the changing nature of the waters. Like the ocean, the spouses who embody teal are fickle and emotional. Going from extremes of emotions quickly they are the lovers that “love to argue for the sake of arguing”.

That being said, their bickering is done in love and not in a mean spirit. Both partners know how to roll with the punches and keep a light spirit in the face of harder times.


Alstroemeria is one of the few flowers that come in teal shades. With their slightly darker centers and wrinkled-looking petals, they are gorgeous assets to any bridal bouquet. Adding a few dark greens and cream flowers will only add to the magic of this concoction. Don’t hold back on the bright colors in bringing your wedding magic to life.


DIY ideas: Groomsmen tie shades

Have your groomsmen all wear slightly off shades of ties or bowties. It will differentiate them and you can even match them to your bridesmaid’s dresses and send a subtle hint of who you’d wish to match up at your reception. Adding this little touch of individuality makes the ceremony that more interesting and will make everyone feel important.


4. Lavender

A couple that chooses lavender as their spring wedding color embodies patience. These are two very forgiving people that know how to work with each other’s faults.

Both laid back, each has to make sure they don’t take advantage of each other’s forgiving natures. A couple that rarely fights unless it really matters, a lavender wedding will showcase the open personalities you both bring to the table and create a wonderful ceremony.


To create a simply stunning purple bouquet, you don’t have to try very hard. Add in a few half burgundy/pink roses and some purple phlox. Tie in the two colors with something brown like rustic burlap or even a paper bag colored ribbon.

Lavender is a color that always goes with a wedding gown and you can create a play on words by literally adding lavender into your bouquet as well. That way, it will smell as good as it looks.


DIY ideas: Herb candles

This is one of the most elegantly simple ideas I have come across, yet it couldn’t be more eye catching. Simply tie a bundle of herbs around a candle with a burlap string and set in rows along the guest tables. Lavender prigs will tie in your color as well as leaving a dizzyingly soft fragrance.

Using mint leaves on half and lavender on the other will vary the smell and contrast the dark green with colorful sprigs. You can even let the guests take the candles home as party favors, but be careful, they’ll be grabbed fast, so be sure to save one for yourselves.


5. Tangerine

This color exudes that exotic feel a beach wedding or an out of state wedding strives for. Your love is spontaneous and vibrant without a doubt. You are both the life of the party and this is a ceremony that isn’t without a healthy amount of dancing and drinking.

Your wedding is a party with classy overtones. Bright and bubbly as the two partners-to-be, this is a color and party that your guests aren’t likely to forget anytime soon.


Hibiscus is the go-to flower for a tangerine colored wedding theme. With soft petals and vibrant centers, these plants say exoticism meets softness. They are a great addition to any orange-hued wedding and go great with other orange, pink and purple hues. They’re soft enough on the eyes that they don’t scream gaudiness and colorful enough to be memorable.


DIY ideas: Stump ring bearer

This cute idea leaves the couple with an ending souvenir as well. Using a laminated stump instead of a pillow for the ring bearer opens the idea to engrave the date and both of your names into the wood.

You will always have this and can keep it on your bedside table to put your rings on if you decide to take them off. It’s practical and artistic, and you can tie a ribbon to the piece of wood in orange for the perfect memory.


6. Mint Green

This is a beautiful shade for a spring wedding, with lots of options for decorations. A couple that picks mint green as their wedding color is exemplified by a fierce loyalty that binds the two together. You are together through thick and thin and friends and family can see that about the two of you.

Whether you’ve been together forever or it was love at first sight, no one worries about the two of you sticking it out.


Now, there aren’t many beautiful mint green flowers you can find on the market, but it’s not a problem. Greenery is an undervalued asset in creating a wedding bouquet, and with this color scheme, you just accent the greenery with even more greenery.

Add in a few sparse white or pale yellow wild flowers, and you have a beautiful bouquet that is mostly varying shades of green and still stick with the color theme.


DIY ideas: Chalkboard frame

Mint chalkboard frames are the perfect idea to leave messages to your guests in an eye catching way. Tell your families where to sit or where to go in an artistic frame.

At the end, you can wipe the frames clean and tell the guests to write well-wishes for the new couple or memories of the two new spouses on the frames and keep them as memories or send them home with your bridesmaids.


7. Scarlet

Any hue of red is a daring color itself, but scarlet is the boldest. Spouses who have a scarlet wedding ceremony are incredibly passionate, unique individuals. Neither of you could be described as demure. Both are fireballs that make a lasting impression on everyone you meet, especially together.

While you can be outlandish and at times too reckless, your ceremony reflects nothing but class and exquisite taste.


This is where the essential red roses come in, but don’t forget the other lesser red flowers that can take a cliché rose bouquet to the next level. Add a few dark red tulips and only use the darkest greenery you can find. This will ooze passion and have your bridesmaids fighting over the assortment after it’s thrown.


DIY ideas: Rose petals

Set the mood for your guests with rose petals under simple tea candles as your centerpieces. Add even more sensuality to an already romantic setting by sprinkling the soft petals along the centers of the tables. It’s a cheap decoration that really makes a statement. Let your guests feel the strength of your love with this easy DIY.


8. Carnation pink

This is the sweetest of all spring colors, and the duo that decides pink is their color match the color to their personas. Both lovers are incredibly empathetic and the ones people turn to when they need a listening ear. Emotional and expressive people, your ceremony is equally sweet and there will not be a dry eye in the audience during your “I do’s”.


It’s not a surprise that carnations are the flower of choice for a carnation pink wedding. No need to be subtle here, layer on the pink carnations with baby’s breath and an accent color of your choosing. Let your bubbly personality really show through here in your bright, fluffy bouquet.


DIY ideas: Glitzy cups

Don’t hold back on your glittery, girly side with these gorgeous cups. Paint the outside pink and simply coat the rip in glue and tip it upside down in glitter. You can do this with regular glasses like in the picture or with wine glasses for a more sophisticated feel. Make sure whatever glitter you use isn’t harmful if swallowed; you can use a glittery tape instead of straight glitter to be safer.


9. Midnight blue

One of the most unusual color options; midnight describes spouses that are indescribably comfortable with each other. There are no secrets between the two of you and while not generally secretive people anyway, this is something different.

When your friends see one without the other, it feels wrong, because you two are so inseparable. This color isn’t the obvious choice for a wedding ceremony, and just like it, neither are you two, but you just work.


Now, midnight blue is a tricky color because it doesn’t translate well into flowers. However, you can tie in your color with dark blue ribbon around the bouquet and a slightly lighter hued hydrangea assortment. Just like in fashion, sometimes using slightly off hues of one color works, and here, that is what you have to do. Even though the midnight color seems to be underplayed in the bouquet, it’s still present enough by the hydrangeas and ribbon to match.


DIY idea: “I do” shoes

Writing a message on the bottom of your shoes is a photo opt waiting to happen. This sly little secret message can either be flaunted to the audience or kept completely between the two of you. Whether it is cute words of encouragement or your love’s motto, take a lesson from Toy Story on this one and do this DIY.


10. Forest green

A couple who picks forest green as their wedding color is grounded. Neither of you are too self-involved, so being realistic and genuine comes naturally. It wouldn’t be a risky bet to guess that your wedding centerpiece was a crafty DIY one of you found on the Internet.

Don’t let that fool you, even though you are both eager to get your hands dirty, neither of you are simple and your wedding ceremony is elaborate but cost effective. You never let each other lose your natural spunk; it is the first thing someone who meets you sees.


The perfect wedding flowers for this palette may not be flowers at all, but something called “air plants”. While a rather unconventional option, these plants look simply stunning with any other color, be it white, yellows, or pinks.

Not only are they exotic to look at and easy to take care of, hence the term “air plant”, they can be kept after. These aren’t some flowers that will die in a few days; these plants can be kept long after the ceremony and put on display.


DIY ideas: Evergreen gifts

Nothing beats take home gifts like a plant. They’re cheap and easy to get in high batches for all your guests, and they’re something nobody can have enough of. Attaching little tags with the date of your ceremony and your now combined last name on the pots will have your guests remembering your night forever.


Share these spring wedding colors and meanings with anyone getting married or with your future spouse. Let us know what you think of the color meanings and what your colors were or will be for your own big day.

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