11 Sports You Should Try This Summer

Summer is the best time to try something new. So, why don’t you try a new sport this summer? After all, if you did something you maybe shouldn’t have, you can always say "I was on vacation" and everyone will forgive you. Check out sports you should try this summer.

Let me tell you right away – Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m an adrenaline junky. I’m an extreme sports kind of girl and I’ll be talking about extreme sports. If you don’t like them, you can either move along and search for something else, or you can stick around and actually read this article. Why? Well, because after what I have to tell you, you might want to try an extreme sport this summer.

1. Kitesurfing

Remember those really cool afternoons when you were a kid and your parents would take you out to the park to fly a kite? Now imagine that, but way cooler.

If you’ve seen those boys and girls standing on boards and holding kites that ride them across waves and let them jump in the air for a short flight – you’ve seen kitesurfers. Kitesurfing is fun, but it requires time. You’ll need to find a good instructor and you’ll need to be ready to suck at first. It is not an easy sport, but once you feel the adrenaline rush it gives, you won’t be able to stop. I mean, just check out this video:

2. Wakeboarding


I like to call this one “kitesurfing for beginners”. To try it, you will only need some money and a bit of courage. Almost every summer resort offers wakeboarding. What you’ll do is stand on a wakeboard and let a specially designed boat drag you across the water. Hold tight and enjoy!

3. Windsurfing

If you want to try a new sport this summer and have a great chance to embarrass yourself – try windsurfing. Those who are experienced in this sport say that this is amazing and the beginners say that it is really fun to try. I know that it will also be fun for the spectators while they look at you trying to pick that wind up and actually start surfing. Stay tenacious! You can do it!

4. Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is probably one of the most popular summer sports on the planet, even though it is not actually a sport. Many people choose to gather the courage and try bungee jumping during summer vacations. Well, you can be one of them too. Let someone tie the bungee rope to your ankles and jump into the unknown shouting Geronimooooo!

5. Paragliding


Well, I am a paraglider pilot after all. I also believe that every person alive should at least once in their life feel the freedom that flying brings. Try paragliding this summer.

Paragliding offers one of the purest feelings of flying. There are no noisy engines, just one wing and one pilot chasing the hot thermals to climb up in the air. Book yourself a tandem flight with an instructor. You will be the passenger, you won’t need to do anything – just enjoy the amazing feeling of flying. Bring your camera along – you’ll want those memories recorded. I warn you though – you might get easily hooked to the sport.

6. Skydiving

Everyone’s heard of it and it’s been on every bucket list ever made – skydiving. You can pay for a tandem jump almost everywhere in the world. You’ll jump out with an instructor and be able to experience the free fall and reaching the terminal velocity of around 125mph. Talk about an adrenaline rush, huh?

7. Rafting

Rafting is the perfect summer sport. The weather is hot and you need something to cool down. Gather your friends, rent a raft and choose a river. It’s a good idea to hire an experienced instructor though. You don’t want to end up in the middle of nowhere because you didn’t really know how to steer the raft properly.

8. Kayaking

Here comes another great choice for hot summer days – kayaking. You can try single or tandem kayaking, or even group. A company called Point 65N produces take-apart kayaks that can be made into singles, tandems or even multiples. Fun for the whole gang! Just check this video out.

9. Free Climbing

Getting extremely popular in the last couple of years, free climbing is the ideal sport everybody who loves the great outdoors. I have to suggest trying it in a controlled environment and with experienced instructors first. Then you can go out and try to climb an actual rock. It’s fun and it makes your butt looks great. What more could you ask for?

10. Slacklining

Ever dreamed about walking the line like acrobats in circuses do? Try slacklining this summer! I have to tell you that it looks a lot easier than it really is. Be prepared for absolutely not being able to maintain your balance at first. Once you get experienced, you can even dance and jump on the line. Check out the ladies walking the line in the video below.

11. Zorbing


If you’ve wanted to roll down the hill when you were a kid you will love zorbing. Basically, you’ll be put inside a big ball made of transparent plastic and pushed down the hill. As simple as that. There are no special preparations needed. You can also try it on a level ground, but in that case you’ll need to run inside the ball in order to move it – not recommended for really hot days.

This is my list of top summer sports. Make sure you try them. However, bear in mind that each of them brings risk. Choose good instructors and professionals that will guide you through a new and exciting experience in the best possible way.

If you’ve already tried one of these, I’d certainly love to hear how you liked it.

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I’m a free spirit who likes to travel, cook and fly. Licensed paraglider pilot, I spend all my spare time flying. In the meantime, I like to share my recipes and travel experiences.

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