11 Ways to Feel Better Instantly

Having a bad day? Need a few easy ways to feel better instantly? No problem, coming right up!

Whether it’s a quick pick me up or an immediate mood booster, some days you just need a little something something to help make you feel better. The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can feel better in a flash.

In fact, here are 11 of them right now!

1. Smile

portrait of smiling young woman

They (the so-called experts) say that simply by adjusting your body language you can help improve your mood and boost your confidence. A couple of tips they recommend are to sit or stand up straight, push your shoulders back, lift your head and chin up (but not so much that you look snooty) and smile.

Yep, smile. Sure, we know it takes more muscles to frown, but smiling just feels so darn good. Simply by smiling you can release endorphins (feel good chemicals) into your body and convince your brain that you’re actually feeling pretty good. Fake it ‘til you make it, honey.

Go on, give it a try.

2. Feel-good movie

You know that feeling you get when you’ve watched an awesome movie? The type of feeling that makes you feel lighter, happier and bubblier than ever? Well, who says that you can only experience that feeling once a month, or whenever your movie nights come up? Hmm? Hmmmm?

That’s right – you can feel good anytime you like just by popping on your favorite movie. Now if you’re not sure what movies will give you a quick pick me up, think about the ones that make you giggle. If you laugh when an axe murderer attacks their blonde cheerleading victim, then grab a horror movie.

If romantic comedies leave you floating on air you’ve giggled so much, you know what to get. Or if action movies make you feel like you’re a laughing Superwoman, give yourself a little action.

3. Exercise

attractive young girls shaking hands on tennis court

Okay, so you might not like this one so much, but the truth is that exercise really does release endorphins. It’s been scientifically proven. So if you’re looking for an instant mood booster, snatch up your sneakers and go for a jog.

Alternatively, you can spend a few hours playing tennis with your friends, or even going bowling. As long as you work up a sweat and a mean glow, you should experience an improvement in your mood.

For maximum feel-good benefits, bring a friend.

4. Date with friends

Speaking of friends, they should be your first port of call when you’re feeling down in the dumps. Not only will they wholeheartedly agree with why you’re upset, “He did what?! The !#!##!$#%$!”, but they’ll also be able to help you out of your funk.

Your friends know you best, and as such they’ll know the best ways to help you feel better. They’ll have you giggling, snorting and laughing in no time. Or, they’ll be able to help you come up with a great scheme to get revenge. Either way, you’ll be feeling great.

5. Cuddle a puppy

portrait of happy female holding pet and looking at it in park

Science shows that looking at cute animals increases productivity. So it makes sense then that cuddling cute animals can improve your mood, right? Okay, fine I don’t care about the science, because everyone knows that puppies make you happy. Fact.

Toddle on down to your local pet store, choose the cuddliest puppy there and snuggle your way to happiness. Or, if you have a friend/co-worker/neighbor/enemy that has a puppy, sidle on over to their place and cuddle their puppy. Either way, for this plan to work you need two things: a puppy and some cuddling.

6. Sex

Don’t blush – you know how good you feel after a good ol’ love making session. Rosy cheeks, big grin, loose and nimble limbs. Ah. .. What could possibly be better? So why not replicate that feeling whenever you need to? Not only will it make you feel better (and burn some excess calories), but I’m guessing that it will make your partner feel pretty amazing too.

“What’s that? You’re in a bad mood, honey? Okay, I’ll see you in the bedroom.”

Darn straight.

7. Massage

And for our single ladies (that don’t want to indulge in some self-happiness if you know what I mean), there’s always the option of going to an expert. Someone that is good with their hands. Someone that has the skills, knowledge and expertise to make you feel good. Really good. Pleasured even.

Now, before you start thinking the wrong thing, let me clarify: I want you to see a masseuse.

What were you thinking?

Anyway, a good massage will leave you feeling incredible. You’ll feel relaxed, calm and re-energized.

For maximum feel good benefits, book in a for a luxurious spa day with a decadent massage, facial and pedicure. Then, lounge around in the sauna or spa. Bliss.

8. Shopping

female friends in shopping

Now you probably expected to see this one a little higher up the list. And it probably should have been. In truth, it even deserves a whole article dedicated to how awesome it is. But in an attempt to be fair (the other happiness boosters get jealous you know), we plopped shopping in the middle of the list.

Because after all, everyone knows how amazing shopping makes you feel. And no, I don’t mean grocery shopping. Or even shopping with a purpose. You know the type where you go out to get something for an event? No, not that type of shopping.

I mean the one where you dedicate a whole day just to chilling out in the mall, browsing your favorite shops, trying on incredible clothing and lusting over ridiculously expensive shoes. No deadlines, no schedule and no stress.

Just pure, unadulterated shopping delight.

For maximum happiness boosting, bring a cashed up friend or a flexible credit card.

9. Food, glorious food

There’s a reason Italians are so happy – they have access to so much delicious food! And while turning to food every time you feel low probably isn’t such a great idea, it’s more than okay to treat yourself on occasion.

Some of our top food experiences include:

  • Booking a table at an expensive, classy restaurant
  • Grabbing a hotdog
  • Devouring your favorite chocolate
  • Having an ice-cream or gelato on a warm day
  • Indulging in some pancakes
  • Enjoying waffles sprinkled with chocolate
  • Chopping up some banana and strawberries and dipping them in chocolate
  • Having popcorn and soda at the movies
  • Begging for a home cooked meal from your Mom
  • Slurping a milkshake

10. Get your hair done

woman at hairdresser

There are few feelings better than the one you get when you walk out of the hair salon looking incredible. Your self-confidence has sky rocketed, your hair feels soft and silky and you’re drawing appreciative looks all over the place.

Instant mood booster 1, bad mood 0.

What more do we have to say?

11. Do a good deed

This is my favorite instant pick me up because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Not only do you feel great after you help someone else, but you also feel great when you remember helping someone else. It’s a win-win situation and something that’s guaranteed to help you feel better in an instant.

And while there are usually plenty of spur of the moment things you can help with during the day, if you’re stuck for ideas why not volunteer your time at a local charity? You can help with everything from dog walking and washing, to reading stories to sick children, helping with administration work, or serving food at the local homeless shelter.

There are plenty of ways you can make a difference, particularly in your local community.

And in fact, why not make an effort to help out even when you’re feeling good about yourself? This way, you’ll have credit in advance for those down in the dumps days!

Do you know of any other ways to instantly boost your mood? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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