15 Fun Fall Activities You Must Do This Season

Now that we’ve entered the fall season, it’s time to embrace the pumpkin spice, autumn leaves, and cooler weather. Here are some fun fall activities to set the tone!

We had our summer bucket list, but now that the seasons have changed, there’s a whole set of fun fall activities for us to do! We’re saying goodbye to scorching temperatures and longer days in exchange for cool breezes and longer nights.

We’re embracing the pumpkins, apples, and caramel while participating in some of our favorite activities. If you’re looking for a few things to get you in the mood for the season, check out our list below!

1) Bake a pie


What would the season be if one of your fun fall activities didn’t involve eating or baking a pie? While we love pies throughout the whole year, there’s something special about enjoying it during the fall.

Whether we’re having an apple, cherry, pecan, sweet potato, or pumpkin pie, just make sure you eat one! When in doubt, the Food Network is always a great place to start off with chefs like Bobby Flay and Paula Deen sharing their mouth-watering recipes.

Once you get past the harder part of making it, eating it will be as easy as pie!

2) Visit a pumpkin patch


You can’t have fall without a pumpkin! You might need it for Halloween preparations or a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, so make sure you visit a pumpkin patch.

Not only do you get your pick of your favorite one, but this is also a great way to spend the day with friends and family. Nothing will get you more into the mood for fall than pumpkins and it’s one of the best fun fall activities to capture for a social media update.

3) Go apple picking

woman picking apples

While you’re taking a trip to the pumpkin patch, you might notice that there’s apple picking as well! If there’s not, make sure apple picking falls on your list of fun fall activities!

Not only is it a great time to spend with your friends, but think of all the things you can do with the apples. You can use them for a pie or to make candied apples. You can even use them for another fall activity – bobbing for apples!

4) Bob for apples

bobbing for apples

One of the messier fun fall activities, the fun in this game is definitely learned. Looking at a bucket of apples might not seem like the activity for you, but add a little competition into it and it’ll quickly become an amusing experience! Hint hint.

An easy way to grab the apple is by cornering it with the side of the bucket. When bobbing for apples, make sure you’re all in because even the slightest bit of hesitation will have that apple moving farther away from you faster than you can say Macintosh!

5) Make candy apples

candy apples

If you’re not the bobbing type and would rather eat the apples you picked, you can turn them into sweet snacks like candy or caramel apples!

They’re easier than you think and you’ll only need a few ingredients (water, corn syrup, sugar, and food coloring)!

6) Burn a fall candle


This might be less of a “fall activity” and more of a fall must-have. Another way to set the tone of the fall season is with the scents. What better way to get the scents of fall than with a candle?

Every fall season, fragrance companies like Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle will release their fall candles and they fly right off the shelves!

It’s hard enough choosing between two scents, but what about when you’re given the choice of 15+? If you’re in the mood for a fresh fall scent, try choosing from Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Autumn, Marshmellow Fireside, and Sweater Weather!

7) Carve a pumpkin

carved pumpkin

Now that you’ve got your pumpkin from your visit to the patch, it’s time to carve it! The great thing about the fall is that you can create a scary one for Halloween and a funny one for the rest of the season.

Carving pumpkins looks harder than it actually is. A rule of thumb is to first cut out the stem and hollow it out! Make sure you have a sharp kitchen knife or X-Acto knife to make the cutting easier, but be careful!

Blood and severed fingers are only cool for Halloween when they’re fake!

8) Dress up for Halloween


Out of all the possible fun fall activities, dressing up for Halloween is probably one of the best! Costume parties make the season what it is so this is one activity that should be high on your list.

While most of us hate dishing out money for a Halloween costume we’ll never wear again, there are easy costumes to recreate without breaking the bank!

Be sure to check out our “10 Celebrity Halloween Costumes You Need to Try” for inspiration and DIY Halloween Costumes for clever and inexpensive ways to dress up this year!

9) Go to a football game


The one sport we love in the fall is FOOTBALL! Whether you’re in high school, college, or neither, we’re sure you’re never too far away to enjoy a game! If you’re ready to dish out those professional bucks, there are 32 NFL teams to choose from.

If you’re attending a four-year university, chances are the football program is huge. Even if you’re younger and currently in high school, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a jam packed and high-intensity game, especially around homecoming!

10) Go to a haunted house


There’s nothing like visiting a haunted house in the fall! Whether we get separated or are with our group of friends, bloodied witches, goblins, and ghouls popping out from nowhere will get anyone’s blood pressure rising!

If you’re a little apprehensive about heading to a haunted house, make sure you pick wisely. Some attractions will allow the actors to touch you so if your anxiety is creeping through the roof, we’re sure you won’t like being touched on the shoulder by a masked man.

11) Visit a corn maze


While you’re visiting the haunted house, make sure to check out if they have a corn maze! Some venues will allow you to walk the corn maze by yourself while others will bring you around in a truck filled with hay.

Regardless, make sure you’re either ready to run or duck because these actors will most definitely get up close and personal!

12) Have a fall picnic

fall picnic

Although the fall is known for its colder weather, the temperatures are still comfortable enough for you to enjoy a picnic! Getting together for a picnic is another reason to eat food and how can we turn that down? Make sure you bring subs, pie, and cider to your outdoor picnic!

13) Lie in the leaves


This pup has definitely got the right idea. One of our favorite fun fall activities has to do with the leaves. Take a break from seeking out those particular crunchy leaves and lie in them! Not only is it a great way to relax, but how fabulous would your picture appear on Instagram?

14) Roast marshmallows


Who said bonfires are only meant for the summer? Bonfires are a great way to get warm during the colder nights of fall, but we especially love it so we can roast marshmallows!

The sugary snack is perfect on its own, but why not mash it in between some chocolate and graham crackers?

15) Watch a scary movie

couple sitting by the fire

We love to cuddle up and watch movies all the time, but it wouldn’t be one of our favorite fall activities if it wasn’t a scary movie!

Whether you’re cuddling up to someone else or cowering under the covers by yourself, be sure to check our list of movies to watch this fall!

Now that we’ve given you all these fun fall activities to do, your season is already looking up! The fall is bittersweet.

We get to witness the beautiful season while slowly saying goodbye to the year. Make sure that you have fun with these activities as you say goodbye to 2016!

In the comments below let us know what your favorite fall activity is!

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