20 Hobbies Every Woman Should Try At Least Once

Are you bored? Are you finally getting Spring fever and need something to keep your hands and mind busy? If so, then here are the top 20 hobbies every woman should try at least once!

If you’re anything like me, then you probably get bored easily. I can’t stand being bored. In my years of trying to discover myself, I’ve picked up (and dropped) numerous hobbies; however, I can honestly say that each one has enriched my life. Here is my list of the top 20 hobbies every woman should try at least once.

#1 Stamp Collecting

Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting is actually a very good hobby for those of you who have OCD. I collected already used postage stamps from other people’s letters. I would go on EBay and bid on letters from Egypt, take off the stamps, and then stylishly frame them and hang them on my wall. It was cheap and fun, and gave me some pretty unique art on my walls!

#2 Knitting/Crocheting

Okay, I’ll admit. The only thing I ever learned to crochet was little amigurumi figures (mostly jellyfish and zombies). Still, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of having made something useful out of a ball of yarn.

#3 Painting

Whether it’s acrylic, oil, or water color,I’m quick to pick up a brush and have at it! I’m no Picasso, but it keeps my hands busy (especially if you’re trying to quit smoking). One day I hope to try air brushing.

#4 Drums

Young woman playing drums in night club

Do it. I love drums. Sometimes you really just need to beat something with a stick. Of course, any other musical instrument will do, too.

#5 Collecting Knick Knacks

Unicorns? Done it. Miniature tea sets? Yep. If it’s cute, I’ll collect it. You should, too. Shopping online or at flea markets for something to add to your collection is a great hobby!

#6 Dance

Oh where do I begin…I’ve taken Ballet, jazz, ballroom, Argentinian Tango, and who knows what other kinds of dance lessons. Can I dance? No, absolutely not. I have no coordination. But it was so much fun!

#7 Wine

Young girl tastes the wine

What woman doesn’t like wine? If you want a hobby that will get you out and about meeting people (and give you a little pick me up as well), then take up wine tasting. Every city has wine tasting events and you can’t go wrong with wine and a little bit of chocolate. Plus, it’s educational (for those of us who need an excuse to drink in the middle of the week).

#8 Model Building

Usually reserved as a “guy hobby”, I firmly believe that every woman should try building a model car, boat or plane at least once. It is detail oriented and very satisfying. If you don’t like building things, then try model train sets. They’re actually very entertaining.

#9 Video Games/Gaming

I refer to this as a hobby, but it should be classified as an addiction. I love those little game apps I can get on my phone or Kindle. I will find one (such as Plague Inc.) and play it for hours upon hours until I beat it or can no longer stand the sight of it. If video games aren’t your thing, then board gaming or role playing games are very sociable alternatives to this wonderfully exciting hobby. Try Yahtzee, Scrabble, Boggle, or even give Dungeons and Dragons or Warhammer a try.

#10 Cooking/Beer Brewing


Baking cookies makes a great hobby, but brewing beer gives you something cool to talk about at parties.

#11 Meditation/Yoga

Every woman should try meditation or give Yoga a try at least once. It might not be your thing, but at least you can say you tried.

#12 Tea Leaf Reading/Tarot Cards

Why limit yourself to the real world, when the psychic world is such a fascinating place! I’m a big tarot card reader myself, but there are plenty of psychic hobbies to try like tea leaf reading or rune reading.

#13 Gardening

road in the beautiful garden

Plants die when I look at them, but for those of you lucky enough to possess a green thumb, gardening is a fantastic hobby! Not only do you get to grow things you can smell or eat, but you can visually create a masterpiece of colorful beauty in your yard for all around you to admire. Or, you can be like me and just have a barely alive garden with a cute gnome.

#14 New Language

Always a useful skill: Every woman should try learning a new language. Notice I said try? There’s no reason to put pressure on yourself – just enjoy the language. This is also a good way to find groups of people who also want to learn to speak it with you. I’ve taken Latin (actually, that was mandatory), tried Russian (not any good at it), tried Italian (also not very good at it), and am contemplating French. I know people who took Klingon. Just try something – it’s always worth the try!

#15 Anything With Wheels


Roller skating, skateboarding, motorcycle lessons…anything with wheels makes a good hobby. No, you’re never too old for roller skates (no matter how much those little kids keep giggling at you in your helmet and knee pads).

#16 Trivia Nights

Want a hobby that will get your brain going and allow you to meet people? Find a place that has table trivia. Lots of bars and a few restaurants have table trivia nights that are fun for couples and individuals! I have been to a few of these, and where I didn’t know a lot about sports or entertainment, I nailed it on the Disney challenge! This is a great hobby to get into.

#17 Remote Controlled Toys

Another hobby usually referred to as a “guy hobby.” I would definitely recommend giving remote controlled cars, planes, or boats a try. I am a huge fan of remote controlled boats and as long as you don’t let the propeller get wrapped in seaweed, or let the water’s waves rush it out beyond your reach, you’ll easily be entertained with this one. It’s also fun for those with kids.

#18 Weather Related Hobbies

Although I’ve never given it a try myself, you can always volunteer to be one of those rain readers who calculate the amount of rainfall in your area and then send the results in to the meteorologists. Of course, you can also try chasing tornadoes, but that might be better left to the professionals.

#19 Haunted Hobbies

Gone Hunting sign

If you’re into the daring, then try ghost hunting. Every town has haunted legends and many towns actually have groups of ghost hunters you can go with to explore the otherworldly. I’ll admit, I’ve never tried this one (too scared), but I’ve heard it’s an amazing experience!

#20 The Art Of Free Stuff

Finally, for those of you who love to shop but don’t have the budget to fit your needs, there’s always the hobby of “free stuff” shopping. Just go online and sign up for everything that includes the words “free sample” or “first issue free.” You can get anything from toilet paper to Archaeology magazines this way (and there’s no obligation and no money involved).

So, which hobby are you going to try first?

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