(25 Years After) Why We (Still) Love Dirty Dancing

25th anniversary of the film Dirty Dancing is the great occasion to remind ourselves why we love it so much.

Dirty Dancing was such an important part of my childhood that my best friend didn’t care about high roaming price and she called me from Bali when they played, I’ve had the time of my life in the club.

Yes, we did have the time of our life while we were watching that movie. We watched it over and over again. We went to cinema and people around us were annoyed because we’d be commenting on it, scene by scene.

It’s hard to tell what the main appeal of the movie is. I’d say it’s the combination of the next ingredients.

Patrick is Super Hot


Now when I think, Patrick was the age of my father and definitely the only man that old that I could get attracted to. It was very saddening when he passed away.

I’ve watched many movies with Patrick Swayze after Dirty Dancing. I’ve seen North and South before Dirty Dancing but it’s him as Jonny Castle that got my attention.

It’s his perfectly sculpted muscles, the biggest they could be without being oversized. It’s the way he moves his hips and keeping it masculine to the bone. And then, there’s his sweetness, and his caring personality (the way he cares about Penny). He doesn’t want the life of a macho man, bedding different woman each night, although opportunities are plenty.

Dancing is Sensual

When Johnny Castle and Penny dance it’s classy and hot. When Johnny and Baby start dancing, it’s fun and sweet. When Johnny and Baby get to advanced level of dancing it gets sensual, too sensual.

Dancing is Really Dirty

When they dance in the movie it gets dirty. Remember the song Do you love me? Baby shows discomfort the first time she sees dirty dancers. At the same time, it’s obvious that she’s admiring the way they move.

And if you want something really dirty, check out deleted scenes from the movie. It’s like dancing love making.

The Love is Real


Dirty Dancing is a true coming of age story, and it’s also one of the rare movies where development of falling in love is real.

OK, maybe being picked to perform on the stage with the hottest dance instructor doesn’t seem realistic, but when we put characters into improbable circumstances, we still get the real actions and feelings. We see the way Baby feels the first moment she notices Johnny. We see the moment when he looks at her for the first time in interested way (while she is changing her clothes in his car).

The movie is not promising happily ever after. There’s nothing pathetic there. Yes, Baby does say that she is afraid to get out of his room and never feel the same way again, but she’s just stating her feeling with no promises. They live one summer of love, respect, and genuine caring for each other shown on multiple occasions.

With oh so many passionate scenes, it’s not about lust but intimacy and love. Two people see each other as out of their league. Still they feel good together, and they inspire each other. They are both enriched in the experience. It’s the love that makes the other one bloom. The love that makes one live out his potential. It’s the love that brings out the best from each of them.

Music is to be Played Over and Over Again

Dirty Dancing won Grammy and Golden Globe and Oscar for the best song. But two multi platinum albums with music from the movie show that there’s much more than one song we like.

My favorite is instrumental theme (I’ve Had) Time of my life.

Patrick Swayze himself performed and composed She’s Like the Wind.

Original music mixed with 60’s classics is so good that it was also revived on the Broadway.

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