3 Best Martial Arts for Women

Want to stay in shape but basic fitness is just too boring for you? Working out in gym is not really developing any skills, isn’t it? You want to feel safer and protected when returning from a great night out around 4am? If so, we are here to present the 3 best martial arts for women that can help you develop both physical and mental strength. Learn to protect yourself while burning lots and lots of calories!

1. Kick Boxing

Beautiful kick boxing girl exercising high kick in the nature on sunny summer day

Developed from Karate, this martial art will get you all sweaty from head to toes while punching the sack! There are a few different types of kickboxing – North American, Japanese, Indonesian, European – find out which one suites you the best and get those limbs the action they deserve! It’s fast, exciting and a total body workout!

Increase your flexibility and stamina while learning self-defense techniques. It’s fierce and exhausting but once you see how those extra pounds are burning away, you’ll never go back to plain aerobics again! Safety tip – be sure to wear padding and protective clouts.

2. Aikido

Aikido practice on the beach at sunset

Ancient martial art based on the fact that when the attacker strikes, he leaves other body parts open and vulnerable. The whole idea is to use the opponents own force and redirect it to your advantage. It’s especially beneficial to women because it does not require much body strength.

If you want to learn how to defend yourself with throwing techniques and joint locking, without using violence – Aikido is the martial art for you.

3. Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do 2

The literal translation would be “The art of kicking and punching” so if you’re in for some serious asskicking, we suggest you try out this Olympic martial art. It’s generally favorable for women because most of the attacks come from lower body parts, and it’s well known that men have their arms more developed, so this is just what you need to win against a male attacker. You will become equipped with some seriously devastating kicks, so if you choose Tae Kwon Do, use your power responsibly.

Whichever you choose, be aware that you are learning skills which may lead you to unintentional harming others or getting hurt yourself, so padding and appropriate outfit is a must! Adrenalin explosion is guaranteed, burning calories will never come in a more fun package and there is a serious chance your Sensei is a total hunk! What are you waiting for? Attack!

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