Top 5 Fun Activities to Do with Your Children

Every parent has this problem. It’s a weekend, the kids aren’t going to school, you’re not working and now you’d like to spend some quality time together and do something fun. Check out these 5 fun activities you can do with your children.

1. Ice Skating

Family ice skating in natural rink frozen sea

Ice skating is pretty much an all age activity. If your child can walk, it can also ice skate (of course, you’re not going to take a one year old ice skating, but a four year old should be fine). And you will also enjoy it. For most of the times, you really don’t need any special preparation at home, because you can get everything you need at the sport’s hall. Basically the only things you need are ice skates and some good will.

At some places you can even hire an instructor, but your child will have a better time with you. If you can ice skate, you can teach your child, and if you can’t – well, you’ll learn together, but bear in mind that falling down on the ice will probably hurt you more than your kid. So, try not to fall too much. Ice skating is also a great activity because it’s mainly popular during the winter when it could be really cold outside, and your children will be really bored because they can’t go out, so this is the perfect way to get them out of the house, but also save them from the biting cold outside.

2. Bowling

Bowling was way more popular when my parents were young than it is now, but it’s gaining its popularity back again. I’ve tried it, it’s really fun, and I believe your children will enjoy it. There are balls of different weights, so you can take even young children bowling, but what’s also great about it, is that it can be a really fun time even when your children are older and don’t really like it that much to hang out with their parents.

This also doesn’t require any preparation, since you can borrow the bowling shoes at the bowling alley, so you just need to book a term, take your husband and your children and have a blast.

3. Cycling

family cycling
Let’s go outdoors now to breathe some fresh air. Cycling could be your best choice for an outdoor fun activity with your children. Whether you have your own bicycles or you are renting them, cycling is a sure thing for a great family time. If your children are really small you can drive them on your bicycle. If they are older they can drive on your own, but be aware of all the safety measures.

A helmet is mandatory for both the children and you. You can also pack up some sandwiches and go for a whole day ride through the woods or a park. When you get hungry or tired, you can stop anywhere,rest for a while and have something to eat. Don’t forget to bring a lot of water; since bicycling is a demanding physical activity, you will need to keep an eye on regular hydration, especially if it’s hot outside.

4. Going to the Zoo

Going to the zoo is definitely among the funniest activities to do with children. Every child will love going to the zoo. No matter if that is your first or the hundredth trip to the zoo, your children will have a great time. If you can learn something about animals, then you will be able to teach your kids even better. Going to the zoo is not only fun, it is very educational too.

Your children will learn about different animals, but they will also learn about the importance of preserving the nature and the animal species that could be close to extinction. This is also a great idea if your children are asking for a pet, because the zoo will give them an insight on how demanding it is to keep an animal.

5. Spending the Whole Day Together

woman and child leaning on tree in city park

This is the simplest and most common way to spend time with your children. Plan the whole day. You can do whatever you like. If you’re an outdoor kind of people, pack up a picking bag and spend the whole day in nature. Walk through the woods, collect pinecones, pick flowers and teach your children about nature. If you’re more of an indoor type of people, spend a whole day doing indoor fun stuff.

You can go see a movie, have lunch and then visit some indoor playground where your children can play, or even take them to the arcades to play some video games. Choose the games that you and your children can play together, such as car racing, but avoid anything too violent. And at the end of the day, of course, ice-cream.

After a whole day spent together you will feel so fulfilled, your children will be happy, tired and ready to go to bed. This is a win-win situation, because you’ve had a great time with your children, then at home you and your husband can dedicate some time to each other.

There are so much fun activities you can do with your children out there. We have picked these 5 for you as we think of them to be the best and most interesting ones. But feel free and plan anything you and your children might like doing together, because every moment you spend with them is a moment to cherish.

Which one is your favorite fun activity to do with small children? And you always have wonderful time, don’t you?

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