3 Inspiring Books for Women

Everybody needs a little boost and some inspiration from time to time. And what better way to find it than to read a good book? Here are top 3 inspiring books for women.

Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach


David Bach is an American financial author and motivational speaker. “Smart Women Finish Rich” is the first book he published in 1999. This book is an obligatory read for every woman on the planet.

With today’s financial situation, we all need some advice on how to improve our budget. It is even harder for women, because, let’s face it we still live in a men’s world. It’s not easy. Well, if you need help, this book will give you exactly what you needed. It will help you evaluate your financial situation as well as give you useful advice and tools on how to make your money work for you.

The book can be purchased via Amazon.com, and it is really worth your attention. It is clearly written, and even though it is a bit old, it contains all those universal things that every woman who wants to take care of her personal finance needs to know. Give this book a try, you might find exactly what you need.

9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life by Dr. Henry Cloud


This book was written by a counselor and from his experiences with his patients. It brings you stories of real people and real problems – the same as yours, as well as the solutions.

The book gives answers to the most popular question out there that every counselor meets with his patients – relationships, career, fulfillment, meaning, pain, loss, despair, and addictions. No matter which one of these you might have a problem with, you’ll find a solution for it in this book.

It is written in a very simple language and offers very clear solutions. It is for every woman out there that seeks the answers but is not finding them. Stop torturing yourself and stop making the same mistakes over and over again. This book is just what you need and you can get it from this link.

Today Matters by John C. Maxwell


Most people tend to cling too much to the past and worry too much about the future. Just think about it – how many times have you been holding grudges because of something that happened years and years ago? How many times have you been worrying about the things that won’t come in years? No more!

We tend to forget the most important part of our lives, and that part is today – right now, this moment. This book brings you 12 easy daily decisions and disciplines that every person in the planet should learn. They are the ones that will help you let go of the past and focus on your life, right here and right now. Learn those skills today and you are guaranteed to achieve success tomorrow.

If you want to order your copy of this inspiring book, you can find it here. Another great book about living in the now is Eckhart Tolle’s Tolle’s The Power of Now – a truly amazing book that changed millions of lives and inspired millions of people to re-think their lifestyles and discover their life purpose.

Have you already read one of these books? Are there any other books that you find inspiring for women? Please do share your opinion with the rest of us.

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  • Each women must read South of the border, West of the sunrise HARUKI MURAKAMI ( original : Kokkyo no minami, taiyo no nishi)
    MUST,MUST…. B.

  • Interesting, there is no Paulo Coelho. :P Ladies, you should also read novels from Orhan Pamuk.