What Your Sleeping Habits Reveal about You

They say the way you live will decide who you are. It’s just that they forgot this little thing – it is actually the time you spend sleeping will modify the way and when you live. Therefore, your sleeping habits will choose the path you’ll walk. Interesting thought, right? But is it true? I claim it is – and these are simple proofs.

You Go to Bed Early so…

When you were just a little kid, your mother would put you to bed at 8 o’clock and wake you up ‘round six or seven a.m. saying “rise and shine, sunshine”! You’ve kept pretty much the same habits growing up, and here you are – a thirty year old feeling kind of sleepy at 10 p.m. in a disco.

The fact your mother woke you up at the same time every time says you grew up in a stable and disciplined family. You probably were a good student and a good employee, too. You are now a responsible adult that keeps to his schedule and respects authority.

You really hate lazy people. You were never the life of a party and never really learned to be spontaneous. You’re a fan of morning sex – if you’re not gonna be late for work that is. Still, sometimes you ask yourself are you alive or just well programmed.

Thank god, you have enough things to do, like laundry, not to think about the wild dreams you sometimes have. You’ve found a decent someone – the sex is decent, he is responsible and secure. Like a Volvo. You rarely think about a Porche.

You Don’t Sleep a Lot so…

women suffering from sleep disorders

You have never been much of a sleeper. Six hours are all you can have – you keep thinking how you could sleep away your entire life, about which you’ve had enough time to think about at hours of loneliness you actually enjoy.

You think mostly everyone is actually dead, only unaware of the fact they might be robots, but living humans – no. You’re probably cranky thanks to the life-lasting sleep deprivation which combined with a spare time for thinking has resulted in a cynical point of view. You really don’t give a sh*t about Thomas Edison – the man who should be honoured is the one who invented coffee. You’ve had some passionate relationship, but they didn’t last. At least most of them. You’re a hard worker too – you have twice the time other people have for getting things done.

You Sleep When Most People Sleeps so…

You could pull of an all-nighter at college but you were never a fan. You usually fall asleep about 11 p.m. on work days, and can stay awake a bit longer on weekends with the help of red bull.

You love “How I met your mother” and used to be a fan of “Friends.” You have a few close friends you always hang out with and usually frequent the same places and make house parties. You’ve had relationships and had a few insignificant encounters. Right now, you’re into Lana Del Rey and ninegag.

You were a decent student – not a valedictorian, but a pretty decent one. You would study two days before the test and confided in the “last minute fix” of grades. Usually worked. You also cheated a few times.

You Don’t Even a Have a Bed Time so…

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Who knows when you’ll sleep? It might be at 8 p.m. it might be at 8 a.m. – maybe you won’t sleep at all. Your sleeping schedule is unpredictable and so are you. There are just those nights when your thoughts keep you awake – there is nothing you can do about it.

You probably grew up in a chaotic family and even today, your life is kinda chaotic. You probably grew to love books and movies thanks to sleepless night and probably picked an art- related profession. You were always the life of a party, often misinterpreted by others and a little depressive from time to time.

You had romantic affairs, but maintaining a stabile relationship never was your skill. You lose interest pretty fast and are still romantic in a strange way. You daydream a lot and sometimes when you go to bed you wonder what are you going to miss while sleeping.

At nights, you are more productive and creative. You like empty streets. You’re usually surrounded with a bunch of people, but have very little, if any, stable friendships. You like being alone – you are perfectly capable of entertaining yourself  and the only time you have to do this are nights. You’re pretty irresponsible an can oversleep an entire day.

But then again, your awake-days are so much better than everybody else’s.

Did I guess right? Is that you? The Native Americans have a theory that when you sleep, your soul leaves the body temporarily. Don’t worry – it will come back. But when it does, it will be a little differently defined – it will build itself.

I hear Ella Fitzgerald’s “Dream a little dream of me”- it might be that my soul leaves for some change.

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