4 Simple Rules on How to Clean Your Closet

Ok, we all know it; we girls sometimes buy too many clothes. Although we have a perfect occasion to wear something when we’re buying it, let’s face it, every girl’s closet has more clothes than she wears. This of course makes a mess in the closet. See, these are simple rules on how to clean your closet.

1. Take Everything Out

You can’t just open your closet and rearrange a couple of things. You need to clean it thoroughly. Take all of the clothes out of the closet.

There is stuff that you don’t need, and stuff that you can donate so start with those. Get some bags and start packing the things for Good Will. Take anything that is old and worn out and anything that you haven’t worn for two or more years.

There’s got to be something you keep because you hope to wear it again when you loose some weight. Take it out, it just depresses you anyway. Pack everything you got as a present. You will bring smiles to some faces that need a smile, and you will make room in your closet.

2. Clean the Closet

Once you’ve taken all the clothes out, it’s time to actually clean the closet. Wipe the dust of the shelves, clean the hangers and throw out anything that cannot be used any more. Once you clean everything, try to visualize how to organize the closet now, in order to use the space you have.

3. Arrange Your Clothes

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Don’t put the clothes on the same pile. Arrange your pants, shirts, skirts and dresses separately. There is no need for me to tell you that everything that is made of gentle materials, and that wrinkles easily, needs to be on a hanger. Anything that can be folded, such as pants, T-shirts and blouses, doesn’t need to go on a hanger.

Determine which part of your closet is for which clothes. Let’s say you have a closet with one top and one bottom shelf, and a place for hangers in between. Use the top shelf for shirts and blouses and the bottom one for pants and sweats.

Fold everything neatly, don’t just throw it in. You will find it easier later, it will take up less space and you will need to iron it less. It’s a bit exhausting in the beginning, but it pays off in both time and space. If you have a really big closet, you can also divide your clothes by color, or by working and every day clothes. That way it will be even easier to find what you’re looking for.

4. Respect what You’ve Just Done

Once you have cleaned your closet, don’t just make a mess the very next time you reach into it. Before you open your closet, try to determine what you are going to wear, so that you don’t end up taking all the clothes out. Even if you are going to try more than just one outfit, take back everything you’ve tried on.

If you leave it until you find what to wear, you will probably end up being late and then you’ll just throw the clothes you’re not wearing back into the closet, thus creating a mess once again.

Keeping your closet clean is not such a hard work as you might think. Of course, after a while you will have to clean it again, but as long as you keep it neat between cleanings, you’ll find your stuff easier, you won’t be late and you will feel less stressed out.

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