Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The place you sleep will have an impact on your dreams, and how you face the day ahead of you. Here are some ideas!

Bedroom is the one place in your house where not everybody is welcome and where you can indulge in your design ideas. No matter what you want to achieve, the bed will always play the main role in master bedroom decoration. But the magic lies in the details and they will determine the atmosphere in your room. Here are some ideas:


If you are a hardworking person who faces a lot of stress during the day, you will need your bedroom to welcome you softly and warmly and help you relax.

When decorating it, use pastel tones, preferably from the beige palette. Everything should be in natural materials and you should try to bring nature as much as possible – this will help you forget everything from the nagging boss to the boring colleague and provide you energy for a new day of facing challenges.

Don’t forget to add some details you’ll enjoy, and that will invoke pleasant feelings or fond memories.

Master Bedroom Tender Decorating Ideas

What’s in Tender Combo?

  • One Kings Lane / Baker Thomas Pheasant Paris King Size Bed (
  • Montis Windy Easy Chair (
  • Armoire Dresser and Bookshelf (
  • Bedroom Nightstand (
  • Robert Abbey Robin Egg Blue Triple Gourd Ceramic Buffet Lamp (
  • Raise the Bark Statue (
  • Large Flocked Blue Laughing Buddha Statue (
  • Kosta Boda “My Wide Life Monkey” Sculpture (


If you are a type of girl who likes to be noticed and to stand out in the crowd, your bedroom should definitely match your personality.

Play with color-block: mix and match strong colors in order to create a playful and dynamic space. Combine interesting shapes and arrange all items so that the bed gets the central position.

Go wild with your ideas and feel free to include crazy statues or pieces of art. Enjoy the dreams you’ll have in this room, because they will be just how you want them – vivid and adventurous!

Master Bedroom Bold Decorating Idea

What’s in Bold Combo?

  • One Kings Lane / Blues Greens Linen Tufted Bed in Lavender (
  • Jeffrey Bernett Tulip Armchair (
  • Spindle Pink Cerise Plastic Floor Lamp (
  • Recycled Paper Bull Head (
  • Leopard Sculpture
  • ClosetMaid Yellow Canvas Fabric Drawer (


All girls dream of a fairy tale bedroom where they can feel like princesses waiting for their prince charming. If you are still that girl, this is the right choice for you.

Decorate your room in pink and pastel hues and have detailed pieces everywhere. Carvings, engravings and floral patterns should be found on your furniture, linen and walls. Combine different wallpapers to fulfill the impression of a princess’ room. Enjoy your bedroom as you’re reading magazines, putting on makeup or choosing something to wear for the night out.

Who knows, maybe your prince is just around the corner.

Master Bedroom Romantic Decorating Idea

What’s in Romantic Combo?

  • Rococo French Bed (
  • Mallery  Hall Vintage Tall 3 Drawer Set (
  • Marilyn Armchair (
  • Light Pink Side Table (
  • Zentique Round Tufted Ottoman (
  • Minerals of The World Poster (


The bedroom is where the loving usually happens, but what if sex is just not interesting anymore? There is no need to seek the chemistry elsewhere – you simply have to make the right additions to your bedroom and make the fireworks pop again.

First of all, the bed should be simple – this will make all the sexy pieces around it seem more striking, and the atmosphere will be more sensual. Use colors and materials to help you – dark pink and red shades are proved to be good aphrodisiacs. Try covering the wall behind your bed in red tufted skin.

Mirrors can help too! A classic move would be to have large baroque-decorated mirrors hanging from the wall and add a pinch of burlesque to the interior. If you want to go a little further, put a large floor-to-ceiling mirror on the wall opposite your bed and you will literally enjoy the show. The ultimate mirror trick for the boldest would be having a mirror on the ceiling above the bad – no matter if it’s in one piece or many little pieces put together, it will be so much fun!

Other pieces of furniture should be inviting and exciting, mystique and intriguing, sexy and seductive – just like you.

Master Bedroom Hot Decorating Idea

What’s in Hot Combo?

  • Japanese Platform Bed (
  • Ligne Roset Pumpkin Chair by Pierre Paulin (
  • Pin-Up Poster (
  • Crimson Red Storage Ottoman (
  • One Kings Lane / Amanda Erin Talida Mirror (

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