5 Great Tips on How to Organize a Playroom

Did you always want to have that one room in your house, organized as a playroom for your children and their friends, but never had the right idea on how to do this? Well, look no further since I am bringing you 5 great tips on how to organize a playroom.

1. Make It Close

When choosing a room you’ll organize as a playroom, if possible, make it as close to you as you can. Choose the room that is the closest to the room you will be spending most of the time, while the children are playing. This could be very important, because you never know with children.

They can easily hurt themselves and you will want to be as close as possible for a situation like that. Even if everything is ok, it will be easier for you to hear and monitor your children while they are playing if you’re close. It will also be easier to bring some milk and cookies for them.

2. Paint It Happy

Pink Playroom

No matter how much you like your walls to be beige, your children probably don’t think as much of this color as you do. Paint their room in their favorite color. If you have more than one child they might not always agree on one color, especially if it’s a boy and a girl. You can either make them agree on one color, or even better paint the room multicolor.

Paint some of your children’s favorite book or movie characters. Use your imagination and let your inner child drive you into doing this. You could also leave one wall, or one part of a wall, for your children to paint. Give them some nontoxic markers, and let them draw whatever they want on the wall. You might not like it, but your children will absolutely love it and it will give them a feeling of participating in something important.

3. Make It Safe

Children can be a little reckless when they are playing, especially when there are more of them. You don’t want your, or anybody else’s child, to get hurt, so childproof the playroom. This means no unprotected sockets, no sharp objects, no loose shelves or closets that could be knocked down.

If you don’t know how to do this, watch your children play for couple of hours. You will get the insight in all the shenanigans they can put themselves into and learn how to prevent them. If you’re still not sure, check out some of the indoor playgrounds in your neighborhood and learn from their example. After all, you don’t want the perfect play date to be over because someone got hurt.

4. No Expensive Stuff

Organize the playroom for your kids the way they would like it, not the way you would. So, no matter how much you love a soft Persian carpet on your floor, try not to put this in the playroom. It’s not that the children will hate it, after all it is a very soft carpet, and very nice to sit on, but there is a strong possibility for your children to spill something, like grape juice, on it. And this is not a question of “if”; it’s a question of “when” a child will spill something on the expensive carpet.

Don’t even think about china or anything like that, because no matter how high you might put it, your children will knock it down and break it. Save yourself, and your children, the stress and don’t put anything that will make them feel uncomfortable in the playroom.

5. Fill It up with Toys

It is a playroom right? The children need something to play with. Fill the playroom with lots of different toys your children like. Buy both individual and group toys, so you can make sure that your children can play alone, as well as with their friends in the playroom.

Make sure that no one can be hurt with any of the toys. Buy some interactive toys that will help your children learn new stuff, because it’s sometimes easier for them to learn from their peers than from you. Add some coloring books and non-toxic markers into the mix, together with some children’s books, if your children are old enough to read. Your playroom will be a paradise for your children and their friends.

So, now that you’ve got all the great advice on how to organize a playroom, get to work and make your children a place specially made for them. You will love it, they will love it, but you may get stuck with all the neighbors’ children, because you’ll have the greatest playroom in the whole neighborhood.

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