Chaise Longue in Interior Design

This classic piece of furniture designed by one of world's most important architects will make any room in your home look like a million dollar place. Here’s how!

What Coco Chanel was in fashion, Le Corbusier was in architecture. This Swiss artist left an enormous legacy to the world, not only in architecture but also in interior design and the Chaise Longue (Long Chair) is probably his most famous piece.

Combo 1: Your Little Corner

Everybody needs a getaway every now and then and here’s how you can create a perfect one for yourself. Create a corner in your home that will be simple but miraculous, with a bookshelf, and with a Chaise Longue to enjoy the amazing world of your books. The Chaise Longue is extremely comfortable and at the same time it gives you the feeling of extreme luxury which makes it perfect for daydreaming.

Le Corbusiers Chaise Longue Idea

What’s in Combo 1?

  • Le Corbusier’s Chaise Longue (
  • Vitra Alcove Highback Sofa (
  • Arktura Pac Coffee Table (

Combo 2: Living Room Magic

Chaise Longue  Living Room Idea

A sense of nature and a touch of luxury is a winning combination for a perfect living space, and Le Corbusier’s Chaise Longue can only boost this effect in your interior. The cow skin model will match perfectly with some other natural motives, such as rustic wood, or animal shaped pieces. Make sure that you support the design by having only simple furniture pieces of clean lines, and basic shapes.

Combo 3: Workplace Zen

Chaise Longue  Workplace Idea

Every hardworking girl needs a moment or two to relax, and here’s a perfect way to achieve this in your office. First of all, all work and no play will make you a dull girl – add something to your interior, either by interesting pieces or by color blocking. But, the actual touch won’t come until you’ve got the tender beige Chaise Longue. Add some candles or symbolic statues and turn your breaks into actual relax treatments. Away with the stress and let design reenergize you!

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