7 Entertaining Podcasts You Need To Check Out

The term podcast comes from combining the terms ‘broadcast’ and ‘iPod.’ These are the most entertaining podcasts that you simply can’t be without!

Apple has over 1 billion podcast subscribers, and more than one-quarter of American Internet users now download or listen to podcasts on a regular basis. Podcasting has been around for a long time. Created in 2004, podcasting has only recently spiked in popularity among Millennials and Gen Y. Why did it take us so long to catch on?

Podcasts are awesome! There are so many genres and categories available that your selections are limitless. It’s like listening to a TV show while getting ready in the morning, or listening to your favorite celebs interview other people and answer your questions, get relationship and sex advice from specialists who share their secrets, or maybe listen to some fun girl talk and gossip—there is a podcast for everyone.

There are the seven most entertaining podcasts that you need in your life right now.

1. Serial

serial podcast

If you are completely new to podcasting and are not familiar with Serial, I will give you a break, but you need to jump on this bandwagon! This podcast is amazing, addicting and completely intriguing. It is like watching an investigation documentary on TV, but somehow you hear the details a little better and listen a little more carefully when you are just listening to something rather than watching it.

Serial Season 1 investigates Adnan Syed’s case, in which he is found guilty of murdering his girlfriend, Hay Min Lee, at the age of 18 in 1999. After season one concluded, it was reported by CBS news that the episodes had been downloaded more than 68 million times. By the following year, 2016, that number jumped to 80 million.

This year, season two debuts with an entirely new case to investigate: The Bowe Bergdahl case. This case was a huge story in the news in recent years. Bergdahl was rescued after being imprisoned by the Taliban for five years after leaving his military post in the Middle East.

People were speculating as to whether or not Bergdahl was involved with the terrorists, and if he should be punished further for desertion. Host Sarah Koenig and her production team dive into this investigation to see if they can make some sense of the situation. The season is full of interviews, facts and recordings that piece the story together bit by bit, keeping listeners returning each week.

2. Undisclosed

Once you have listened to season 1 of Serial, I can pretty much guarantee you will be obsessed with following Adnan Syed’s case and the current court proceedings surrounding the appeal trial.

Undisclosed takes a deeper dive into everything you think you know about the State of Maryland’s case against Adnan Syed. This podcast is told from an attorney’s (and friend of Adnan’s) point of view. The case has been reopened this year and Adnan is set for a retrial. Undisclosed will have the latest info about the case proceedings, outcomes, etc.

3. Straight Up With Stassi


Anyone who likes watching reality TV and shows like Vanderpump Rules, The Real Housewives, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, etc. will be obsessed with this podcast. Straight Up With Stassi is hosted by Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules.

If you watch the show, you know what a hilarious and vivacious personality Stassi has, and that is exactly what she brings to the table with this podcast. Even if you don’t watch VPR, it doesn’t matter. Stassi covers many topics on her podcast. Usually she has a friend, family member or other celeb guest on to host the show with her.

Stassi and her guests get into celebrity gossip, reality TV, drama, ridiculous things in the news and more—this podcast has it all. It’s like listening to a conversation with your girlfriends. Listen while you’re getting ready in the morning or on your drive to work. They’re talking about your favorite TV show, boy troubles, and the daily struggles of being a young adult. Straight Up With Stassi is guaranteed to have you laughing.

4. Brandi Glanville Unfiltered

Recent ex-star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville is so funny and entertaining to listen to on her podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered.

Brandi interviews celebrity guest stars, dishes on all the celebrity drama and pop culture news, fashion and girl talk. She always has interesting guests on the show. The show maintains a light, fun vibe, and there’s usually some pinot gigot involved!

Brandi always has fun on the show. It is interesting to see her in a different setting than on Bravo on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She gets into the nitty, gritty drama, catfights and the latest scoop.

5. The Bitch Bible

This is definitely one of my new favorite podcasts. Jackie Schimmel, creator of Bitch Bible, the sensationally popular blog for women, now hosts a podcast every week. Bitchy, witty, comedic ladies rejoice because here is your new queen—or should I say, KWANE.

Jackie is absolutely hilarious, covers any topic you can think of, has sass and class and is completely, unapologetically bitchy. Jackie discusses sex, millennial struggles, pop culture, social faux-paus and so much more. She is blunt, rude and says exactly what you are thinking. You can call in and ask her questions, too! Check out her most recent podcast titled, “Snatchy&C*nty.”

6. Sex With Emily


This podcast is the ultimate sex 101 guide. Emily is not shy about any topic. She could be talking about anal sex and you would think she was talking about a sandwich—that’s how comfortable she is! It is encouraging for listeners and comforting to hear that they are not alone with their thoughts or questions. Emily is funny, smart, and witty.

It doesn’t matter if you are married, single, dating, male or female—anyone can learn something from listening to this show. This podcast is great because there is really no particular order you have to listen to them in. There is a new episode weekly, but you can choose based on topic what you want to listen to.

Emily is informative about all things sex: toys, methods, positions, guides—you name it, she is the expert. She actually answers your emails and reads some of them on her show, which is great for those who might be too shy to call in!

7. Straight Talk With Ross

Not to be confused with Straight Up With Stassi, Straight Talk With Ross is an hilarious pun within itself because if you know who Ross Matthews is, you’ll know that he is the farthest you can get from straight!

I first remember seeing Ross Matthews a few years back on the cast of Chelsea Lately. He is known for his wildly high pitched voice, bubbly personality and riotous wit. Straight Talk With Ross Matthews (Advice & LOLs from the Gay Best Friend You Wish You Had and Know You Need) is exactly that. I, for one, am definitely lacking a current gay BFF in my life, and Ross Matthews sure fills that void.

He is so funny to listen to and the podcasts are interactive. Ross talks with other celebs and friends about relationships and dating, friendship, social media and beyond!

So what are you waiting for? Did I forget to mention that all of these are free to download? You have no excuse not to try one. They’re entertaining, help to pass the time on a boring day at work, make a long drive a little less tiresome and are a great way to make time for great stories and fun content. What are your favorite podcasts? Comment and share with us below!


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