7 Inventive Ways to Make Money Without Having a Job

So you finally did it and told your D-bag boss that you quit. You feel awesome and free, but now what? The non-job is what you do in just such a situation.

It sounds like a dream come true, right? You have finally become your own boss; the only problem is, you can’t make payroll. Now you are an entrepreneur – either that or back to the trenches. Most people will say they want to become their own boss but simply don’t know how.

There are lots of ways to make money; it’s just paper. Put your happiness first and you will find money just sort of shows up.

In the event that your money truck does not come rolling in, here are seven inventive, and legal, ways to make some cash without having to find a job.

#1 Become a Rent-A-Friend

A young couple sitting at a table and have lunch at an outdoor restaurant

It sounds crazy, I know, but there are people out there who will actually rent a friend for the day, the weekend, or whatever. Think of it like Pretty Woman, only without the romance and the bubble bath. There are many reasons that someone will pay you to hang out with them.

If someone is particularly shy and has trouble talking to people, there is something about paying someone to hang with you that makes it less weird for them. Ya got me on how hiring a friend is less weird than good old conversation, but apparently it’s a thing nowadays.

#2 Sell Your Skills

So everyone has always told you what a great vocabulary you have or what a great writer you are, you brush it off because, of course you are… duh.

Apparently not everyone shares these talents that you have, meaning time to capitalize on your skills.

You can become a freelance writer, photographer, Facebook expert, you name it, there is a market for it.

The great thing about freelancing is you can make your own schedule and be your own boss, sort of. The bad thing is that to make enough to keep life going, it’s going to cost just about all of your spare time.

This is where it starts to get hairy, and you have to ask yourself, would I rather work like mad in a stuffy and probably ugly uniform, or would I rather take things in stride and handle business on my own schedule. The answer here seems obvious, unless you like the whole uniform look.

#3 Become a Groupie

This one can be tricky to accomplish, you don’t want to come off as a gold digger.

However, there is actually a calling for “professional groupies,”women who dedicate their time to supporting up and coming ballers of the world.

While some look down on these ladies, they really are an integral part of the success of the artist. Who wants to go see a show if there are no fans?

People follow other people, in this case you would be following a musician of some sort and get all the perks.

As far as the pay, I do not exactly know if you get actual cash, that may require some less than lady like actions.

Although, you can typically get new wardrobe (the artist can’t have their groupies looking shabby) and a place to stay, if you travel with them.

All in all not a bad deal, if you’re into that type of thing.

#4 Pet Sitting

Puppy of Labrador kisses the face of woman in white sweater

Nobody really wants to put their furry little friend in a strange kennel with a ton of other dogs and cats, leaving you the opportunity to become the worlds best pet sitter.

There are many perks to this gig too, if you are an animal lover. You get to hang out with different types of pets, and you get to check out the decor of their homes.

If you have the time, why not?

#5 Be Crafty

This non-job is a bit more realistic than some of the others. You can utilize your creative talents to build a small business selling items that you make. (Like selling cakes from home, for example)

These can be simple friendship bracelets or something more intricate. The more skilled you are in your craftiness, the more you can make.

Websites like Etsy and Ebay make this a pretty easy line of non-work for the blissfully unemployed.

#6 Become an Online Psychic

Woman looking into their crystal ball during a Seance

Ok, stay with me here. There really are people who will shell out big bucks to have their fortune told, be it by email or a phone call. You can go to the store and grab yourself a deck of Tarot cards (or you can just give logical advice) and BAM! You are now a psychic helper to those in need.

Think of it as providing constructive thoughts and inspiration to the less inspired. Really, it is like performing a public service, and a lot of the people who really buy into the online psychic thing are just lonely.

The fact that people pay to have their “fortunes”read by lord knows who online is slightly sad, but if it makes them happy and it makes you money, who are we to judge?

#7 Inherit a Lot of Money

This may not be all that plausible for everyone out there, but there are some people, look at Paris Hilton, who live amazing lives all because they inherit a truckload of cash. You never know, it could happen…

All this being said, you may have to break down and get an actual job.. eew… but if you can manage to make it with a non-job option, kudos to you! You are officially a successful entrepreneur.

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Courtney is an astrologer and writer by night and an ophthalmic surgical assistant by day. She has a passion for astrology, the occult and has studied things of a more mystical nature since childhood. Having landed great gigs in all of these fields, she works to maintain a good balance between the 9-5 world and the wonder that comes with the night.

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