7 Surprising Things You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

When you fall pregnant you have a lot to gain – weight, stretch marks, swollen ankles … oh and a baby of course; but what about the things that you have to avoid?

I didn’t realize before I fell pregnant just how many things I shouldn’t go near. There are the typical unpasteurized cheeses and uncooked meats but here are other 7 things that have really taken me by surprise:

#1 TV

Woman Relaxing With Cup Of Coffee Watching Television

Why oh why does that cute little kitten stuck in the tree suddenly make me ball my eyes out? How about that wedding proposal that would normally make me cringe at the soppiness? The answer is hormones!

Since being pregnant I’ve been a cannonball of emotions and quite frankly daytime TV is the root cause of most of my outbursts. My advice, just don’t watch TV, ever, well at least until baby is here, at which point you probably won’t have time to watch it anyway!

#2  Tantrumming Toddlers

If you’re already a parent to a toddler then I’m sorry this advice won’t help you but for those who don’t have to go near a toddler … avoid them at all costs. To be clear, I haven’t just developed some kind of phobia for them, I do have my reasons.

Firstly they’re like tiny little ninjas. If you catch one mid-tantrum those arms and legs will be karate chopping in all directions and quite frankly a chop to the bump is enough to make any pregnant lady want to run a mile, or possibly throw a tiny ninja!

Secondly, the terrible twos-if those aren’t enough to make you seriously doubt the reason why you chose to have a baby then I don’t know what will be! My advice–avoid them, at least until your baby is here and your worries and emotions can’t affect your little bump slumber.

#3 Yo Sushi

sushi with chopsticks

This one was extremely sad for me. I’m a huge sushi lover and to be told that I cannot eat raw fish for 9 months was kind of like being told my iPhone was being taken away from me … indescribable!

There are some experts who say that as long as the sushi is produced at a reputable establishment then it’s safe to eat but the majority vote is that sushi is a no-no – a big fat no-no!

Of course there are alternative options, Yo Sushi sell some great vegetable and meat dishes but for me the temptation of the raw fish circulating around on the conveyor belt is just too much – another avoider I’m afraid!

#4 Your Favorite Clothing Stores

Unless your favorite store has a maternity range or you can still fit into your size 8’s then go cold turkey my friend. ‘Just browsing’ doesn’t help, “Just trying them on to see’ will make you feel like blubbering in the fitting room; and ‘Buying them anyway’ in the hope that you’ll find a magic way to squeeze into them at home will probably cause hubby to take away your credit cards!

Stick to maternity lines and save the serious shopping until baby has arrived when you can buy yourself some ‘thin-spiration’ pants to motivate you to get back to your pre-baby size!

#5 Your High Heel Collection


I can’t even look at my high heel collection anymore there is just no point. Swollen ankles, a shifted center of gravity and a risk of falling from such heights, makes pregnancy and high heels a no-go.

Save your Louboutin’s for your first night out with the girls post-labor and stick to the flats for now. Don’t even try them on in the house-you’d only be teasing yourself!

#6 People With an Opinion

Everyone and I mean everyone has an opinion. Whether they are female or male, have children or have never encountered one in their lives – they will have something to say about your pregnancy and how you plan to raise your child.

To avoid raised eyebrows, snide remarks and the temptation to punch people, simply avoid them, it’s that easy!

#7 Telling People Your Baby Names

If ever I have regretted something it’s telling people my baby name choices. Of course lots of people will tell you that name is lovely regardless of their true thoughts and these are the people that you should mingle with.

Others however will either tell you in full detail why that name is unsuitable or they’ll say nothing at all, which believe me, is probably the worst!

Here are some of the comments that just shouldn’t be allowed:

  • ‘Oh like that horrible/fat/ugly/annoying etc. person from TV?’
  • ‘Ooh, are you sure about that?’
  • ‘That’s a bit weird isn’t it?’
  • ‘You can’t call them that, they’ll be bullied!’

So there you have it, you may not have even considered them but you will be glad that I warned you! Save yourself some pregnancy tears and steer clear of these surprising places and scenarios! 

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