10 Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

Mothers put up with a lot. They endure nappies, toddler tantrums, moody and sullen teenage years, and more. Of course there’re also the smiles, the proud moments and the joys of motherhood, but it’s safe to say they deserve that one special day of thanks – Mother’s Day!

Here are my top ten homemade gift ideas that won’t break the bank but merely a smile!

#1 Cards


They say that actions speak louder than words. Well I think the same can be said for words speaking louder than gifts. Why not put a smile on your mother’s face with a sweet message of love.

Get crafty with the decoration, and if you have kiddies of your own, why not get them to help out by putting their hand or footprints on the front!

#2 Candles

What woman doesn’t love a flickering flame of their favorite scent? Making your own candles may sound like a difficult and lengthy task but it’s actually really simple!

All you need to do is collect the leftover pieces of wax from the candles around your home, melt them down in a bowl over boiling water and mix in any little extras you’d like such as lavender or sage sprigs. Pop a wick into the center of a glass or jar and pour the melted wax in. Leave it to cool and harden overnight, and you’ll be left with your very own homemade candle.

TIP: A mason jar looks really cool with a handmade candle mixture inside!

#3 Perfume

Remember making your own perfume when you were younger using flower petals from your garden? No? Well then you haven’t lived! Making your own perfume is easy and makes for a really unique gift.

All you need to do is crush flower petals with essential oils and water to make your very own personal smell.

If your mom is pretty set on her own brand of perfume then you could always make a room scent instead. The mixture will be the same, but she can spritz it around the bedroom instead of spraying it on herself.

TIP: Try mixing in a few drops of her favorite perfume – that way you know she’ll love it!

#4 Sweet Treats in a Jar


If you weren’t blessed with amazing culinary skills then why not give your mum all the ingredients she needs to make herself some scrummy cakes or cookies? Pop all the measured out ingredients into a mason jar and add a sticky label with the instructions on the side!

This not only gives her a sweet treat to enjoy, but is also a fun activity to do to!

#5 Knitwear

Are you a dab hand at knitting? If so, then why not impress your mum with a snuggly scarf, blanket or – if you’re feeling really adventurous – a sweater.

If you’ve never picked up a pair of knitting needles before, don’t fret – sometimes imperfect is perfect! Give it a go – your mom will appreciate the effort more than the gift itself anyway!

#6 Paper Flowers


Fresh flowers are always a winner, but how about getting your mom a bouquet that will last a lifetime? You’ll need color paper for the petals, glue, scissors, green pipe cleaners for the stems and tape.

  • Simply cut out some petal shapes and crumple them to give them a crinkled effect.
  • Roll the first petal to look like the center of a flower, pop in the end of a pipe cleaner and glue it in place.
  • Next, glue on more and more petals at the base of the first one until you’re left with a beautiful flower. Repeat this for as many flowers as you’d like!

If you’re feeling super crafty, you could tie a ribbon or some string around the stems or even get some flower wrapping paper to secure them together!

#7 Photograph Bookmark

If your mum is a bit of a bookworm, or even just enjoys a flick through a magazine, then why not make her a personalized bookmark? Cut out a photo of yourself, the grandkids or her favorite pet, and staple a piece of string to the top.

Every time she reads, she’ll be reminded of her loved ones and how thoughtful you were on Mother’s Day!

#8 Sharpie Designs

If you have an artistic eye, or even if you can only just about manage a squiggle that resembles a flower, try getting creative on some crockery.

There are all sorts of pens that you can use – some which require the plate, mug, etc. to be baked in the oven after drawing on it and some that are dishwasher proof from the word go.

#9 Photo Album Scrapbook


Nothing brings a happy tear to a mother’s eye more than happy memories. If you have a little bit more time to prepare your gift then create a scrapbook photo album.

Fill it with all of the wonderful pictures, ticket stubs, notes and memories that you know will make your mom feel nostalgic.

#10 Beauty Box

When all else fails – pamper! Make your mom a range of beauty products that will keep her exfoliated, moisturized and relaxed for months!

A simple sugar scrub is easy to make, lasts a long time and – speaking from experience – goes down a treat!

Mix sugar, oats, lemon and honey to create a sweet smelling scrub that will leave her skin glowing and smooth!

Mother’s Day doesn’t need to be extravagant or lavish. You can melt your mother’s heart with any of these unique, personal and most of all ‘made with love’ gift ideas. 

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