8 Mantras To Recite Daily To Help You Consciously Create Your Day

Do you want to walk out the door every morning radiating positivity? Do you want to be happier? You can start with these 8 mantras to recite daily and you'll begin to notice changes in your life.

As with everything, practice makes perfect. If you consistently repeat these mantras every day, you will find it increasingly easy to create your day and, in time, change your life.

Positivity will start to become second nature and will lift you out of that “funk” we sometimes find ourselves in. These eight mantras to recite daily are easy and fun way to start consciously creating your day better.

1. “I am divine love. I am the guiding force of divine love, wisdom and awareness.”


The definition of divine is “of, from or like a god or goddess”. The idea of God is complex in the sense that everyone has his or her own perception of what God is. When I refer to the divine, I am referring to a God who is everything, who is within each of us and who can be found in all of nature and every aspect of life. When we think of God, we think of faith and hope, protection and answers.

What if we started to think of ourselves as that guiding force? What if we knew that all of the answers to our questions are already within us? What if we believed that we had access to that wisdom that could show us our path? What if we knew we could turn our nature as creatures of habit into a powerful force for positive change?

When our habits begin to spread light and love within ourselves and to others, when they teach us to remain present and aware of ourselves and the world around us, our habits become us. With this affirmation of self as divine, we start to acknowledge the infinite power we hold to create our lives. We are divine.

2. “I am grateful for my consciousness, my ascension and my progress.”

If we, as individuals, are not aware of the love and blessings we already hold, no more love or blessings will be granted to us. We often criticize ourselves for what we haven’t achieved or doubt that we have the ability to achieve our goals.

We reprimand ourselves for what we have yet to accomplish, what we have not acquired and for those things that we are seeking but cannot find. Rarely do we sit back and appreciate the life we have, the loved ones in our lives, the answers we’ve found and the successes we’ve accomplished.

When we begin to shift our consciousness and become aware of these conditioned responses to life, drastic changes take place. As we become grateful and aware, peace is easily found, happiness is attainable and anxiety dissipates.

We must remember that negativity and positivity are two sides of the same coin. We can’t have one without the other. Therefore, when negativity finds a place in our life, we need not allow it to rob us of our peace, progress and happiness. Rather, we must always remain grateful and hopeful for the light that has blessed us and will, inevitably, return.

3. “I am open to the divine abundance of wealth, good health and harmony.”


Nothing in this world will come to you unless you are ready for it. Often, your subconscious knows what you want and is conspiring to make it happen. Unfortunately, your conscious mind is often clouded by the conditioned ways of society, the power of your unwanted emotions and the chaos of everyday life.

With the intention of opening yourself to the abundance of these things, your conscious mind starts to regain control.

Saying this one time isn’t going to open a magical portal of wealth and happiness into your life. However, with the consistent assurance that you are open and ready to receive these blessings, the potential of actually receiving them increases immensely.

That’s the Law of Attraction—like attracts like. If we focus on our faith that we are going to receive all that is meant for us, positive outcomes will surely follow.

4. “I am aligned with my intuition and my gratitude.”

Gratitude is “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness”. By deliberately aligning the portal between yourself and your intuition and gratitude, you are allowing energy, wisdom, and guidance to flow through you.

We often doubt ourselves and fail to trust our “gut feelings.” We allow our conditioned minds or hearts to make the decision for us when more often than not, our “gut” has had the answers all along. When we are grateful for our inner guide, our intuition feels open to act freely. With that freedom, answers come.

5. “I am in recognition of my emotions and capable of balancing them.”


Balance is a necessary concept to maintain a positive and happy day (and life). What we, as human beings in search of happiness, need to remember is that we are HUMAN! We’re going to experience a wide range of emotions day-to-day. Punishing ourselves for feeling sad, angry or worried is not going to help us.

There is a mindful trick, called “Watching the Thinker”, taught by Eckhart Tolle in the book The Power of Now that teaches to separate yourself from any negative emotion or thought instead of dwelling in it or inadvertently letting it consume you.

As you ascend from these thoughts, you’re not judging or interfering with them; you’re simply watching them. In the midst of recognizing and observing these thoughts, it occurs to you that you are not what you’re thinking.

When you realize that you are more than your thoughts, it becomes easier to observe them, accept them and then let them go. In this way, you avoid feeding the fear, the despair or the sadness and you keep yourself from getting lost in it for any amount of time.

When you realize that you are not your negative thoughts, that you are merely the vessel that holds the thoughts, you begin to acquire an immense amount of freedom and find yourself in a balanced and peaceful state of mind once again.

6. “I am aware and appreciative of my blessings, even disguised as pain.”

The divine, the universe or God (however you view the higher power in your life), has a very comical way of bestowing the blessings that belong to you. Dr. Steve Maraboli said: Every time I thought I was being rejected I was actually being redirected to something better. That quote holds an ample amount of truth. I have seen it validated through very personal experiences.

Often, when we are meant to be somewhere, with someone or acquiring something, we are put through a certain amount of pain or redirection that can cause pain or confusion. Maybe you got stuck at that red light because if you had gone through on green, you would have been involved in a 3-car accident.

Or, maybe you walked in on that man you love cheating on you because otherwise you would have stayed with him for years only to experience worse betrayal and heartbreak. This principle can be applied to endless scenarios.

Having faith that whatever happens to you—no matter how difficult or how painful it may be—is happening for the best will carry you through many of life’s frustrations. Have faith. It’s the best option when facing tough times.

7. “I am releasing any damaging connections to the past. I am moving on.”


More often than not, we allow ourselves to be defined by our past. We allow what’s happened to us to be embedded in our personalities, our desires and our fears. People in our lives have shown a pattern of lying, so we become distrustful of everyone who enters our space.

Someone close to us used confidential information against us, so we don’t open up to anyone. However, the absolute truth of the matter is that our past has no power over our present circumstance in life.

What we choose to do today is all that truly matters because every single thing in our lives has brought us to this moment, right now. And right now, you can choose to make everything new. If you think something is permanent, then it’s permanent.

You have to change the way you think; you have to look at everything as a stepping stone that’s landed you at this very moment.

When we are committed to believing that our soul is complete, our hearts are full and our minds are powerful, there is no limit to what we can do. We must release whatever damaging connections we have to our past in order to progress in life. When you believe it, you will achieve it.

8. “I am attracting and creating positive outcomes for my life.”

Scientifically speaking, the world is made up of three things: energy, vibrations and frequencies. Albert Einstein once said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

So, as we pay attention to how we feel, we can then choose our thoughts to control our point of attraction and create our reality. We are focusing on what we want (positive outcomes) and those thoughts will be reflected in our experience.

Your life is a reflection of who you are, what you think and what you believe. If you believe that your reality is going to benefit you, your loved ones and the world—and if you hold those thoughts constantly in your mind—your faith will become your truth.

By using these daily reminders, you will discover that we hold the power to reinvent ourselves. Simply start each day with the clarity and peace of connecting to the divine and you will open yourself to the blessings that belong to you.

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I am a free spirited young woman interested in changing the world and helping rapidly spread a Conscious Revolution. I believe that with the power of introspection, we can find the power we hold within and save the world. I engage in empowering conversation on a daily basis with those connected to me, near and far.

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