81 Silly Ways to Get Over a Bad Mood

Are you down in the dumps? Feeling a little like grumpy cat? No problems, darling. Simply flick through our 81 ways to get over a bad mood and be back to your charming self in no time!

Okay, so we all know the regular, standard and totally boring ways of getting over a bad mood. Go for a jog. Get some sunshine. Call a friend. And sure, these ideas all work. But if you’re looking for something a little different, then you’re in the right place!

Keep reading for our 81 silly ways to get past a bad mood!

1. Have a hula hoop party with your friends, neighbors, dog, whoever is around! See who can do the most rotations on each body part and who can hula with more than one hoop.

2. Put on a fake moustache (one of the BIG, twirly ones!) and talk to people as though nothing is different. Occasionally stroke the ends and look like you’re contemplating something serious.

3. Speak in another accent for a full hour. Adopt a cockney accent, an Aussie accent or even a German accent. Have fun with it!

4. Bake cupcakes and give them out to strangers. Sure, people might think you’re trying to poison them, but there will also be people who genuinely appreciate a good, homemade cupcake.

5. Make a sign saying ‘Free hugs!’ and then stand somewhere where there’s a lot of foot traffic.


6. Compliment a stranger for something really strange. “Hey, I just had to tell you, you have amazing feet.” They’ll give you a strange look but I bet you they’ll take a second look at their feet and glow a little because of you.

7. Go to Open Homes with a bunch of cookies and offer them to the guests. It’ll make the landlords happy and their house will smell like fresh cookies.  Plus, you’ll feel like some sort of real estate super hero. Speaking of which …

8. Put on a super hero costume and then walk around your local park playing and cheering up children. You can even visit your local children’s hospital dressed as your favorite super hero!

9. Chase a dog (preferably yours!) around the backyard.

10. Smile at everyone you see for ten minutes. Firstly, you’ll be convincing your brain that you’re happy and secondly you’ll be making other people’s days.

11. Roll yourself up in blankets, hop over to your mirror and then look yourself dead in the eye (do not laugh!) and say, “I am a burrito.” Guaranteed mood booster!

12. Announce in a loud voice whenever anyone asks you a question “Let the universe decide!” and then make a funny movement/face.

13. Stand in front of a restaurant or shop and open the door for anyone that walks in. Give a little bow or curtsy as you do so.

14. Go to a local bedding store and then spend the next half hour ‘trying out’ all the beds. Requires sweatpants and the ability to flop on beds for long periods of time.

15. Go to a pet store. Seriously. How can you not feel better there?

16. Prank call your friends. “Hi, I just wanted to check if your elevator is running?” … “Yes? Well, you better go catch it!” Lame? Yes. Fun? Yes.

17. Only play Bob Marley songs until you feel better. I dare you to stay in a bad mood while Bob Marley is playing. Not. Possible.

18. Go into a cake store and order a huge, pink cake with the text “I am awesome.” Then proceed to eat it with your friends and family. Or, you know, by yourself.

19. Skip everywhere. Even to the loo.

happy woman in dress outdoors

20. Tug on your earlobe whenever someone talks to you. It’ll really weird them out and their reactions will bust your bad mood faster than you can say ‘creepy earlobe tugger’.

21. Hug a pink flamingo. One of the lawn varieties.

22. Google ‘weird animal friendships’. Then flick through the photos. Prepare to say ‘awww’ more times than you can count.

23. Call all your friends and family and tell them you love them.

24. Take the day off work/school and watch cartoons all day. For an added bad mood booster, eat cereal for breakfast. Sure, it’s not very good for your diet, but it’s awesome for your bad mood so long as it’s a one-off!

25. Pretend you’re a celebrity for a day. Stay in character! My fave is to pretend I’m Salma Hayek.

26. Hug a tree. Not only will you be a tree hugger, but you’ll probably have a bit of a giggle too.

27. Play Lady Gaga music and dance until you feel better. Just dance!

28. Remember that Ryan Seacrest once tried to high-five a blind person. True story.

29. Ask people to tell you jokes. Preferably, the lamest, silliest ones they know.

30. Bounce on a trampoline. If you’re talented, you can do flips while jumping.

31. Get your face painted.

32. Buy a unicorn onesie. Just because, really.


33. Visit damnyouautocorrect.com

34. Play laser tag with strangers.

35. Pretend the hallway is a catwalk and then strut, baby.

36. Buy a packet of balloons and then blow every single one of them up.

37. Go to a children’s ball pit and dive into the balls. Backstroke until you tire out.

38. Watch any movie with Rebel Wilson in it.

39. Offer to deliver a pizza for your local pizza store and then when you arrive, serenade the pizza recipient with your favorite song.

40. Go to a zumba class.

41. Rock up to a boot camp class and sit on the grass with your mocha and cupcake and watch all the hotties work out.

42. Dive into a pool or the ocean fully clothed.

43. Wash your face and try to make sounds like Daffy Duck.

44. Scream into a pillow.

45. Play a game a paintball.

46. For no reason, go to the hairdresser and ask them to style your hair in a fancy up-do.


47. Play hide and seek with a child.

48. Try to lick your elbow.

49. Rub your belly and pat your head at the same time.

50. Do a handstand.

51. Lay on the grass and stare up at the clouds. Try to find a lion, a car, a plane and a building in the shapes of the clouds.

52. Fart. Just let it all out.

53. Swish your hair as though you’re in a hair commercial.

54. Tell people ‘Because I’m worth it’, whenever they say something to you.

55. Make shadow puppets with your hands.

56. Make popcorn and watch while everyone sniffs the air when they start smelling it!

57. Pretend you’re a ballerina and dance, prance and leap around your house or workplace.

58. Chuck a tantrum like a four-year-old. Cross your arms, pout, throw yourself on the floor and cry.

59. Go to a bridal store and spend the afternoon with your best friend trying on wedding dresses.

60. Dance on a table.

61. Dress your pet up in a funny Halloween costume.


62. Write yourself a love letter.

63. Go to a batting cage and let your aggression out.

64. Swing on a swing set.

65. Go to a makeup counter and ask them to glam you up.

66. Go bowling by yourself and cheer loudly, even if you only get a gutter ball.

67. Do the Beyoncé ‘If you like it then you should have put a ring on it’ dance.

68. Visit the supermarket and talk to strangers using only song lyrics.

69. Follow someone from behind getting as close as you can before they realize. Get a friend to time your longest follow.

70. Go snorkeling in your bathtub. You can even put floating fish in the bathtub to make it more ‘life-like’.

71. Go ring shopping for yourself. Yup, a proper diamond ring. You don’t have to buy it of course, but it’ll feel mighty fine trying them all on.

72. Suck a little helium out of a helium balloon and then talk to your friend.

73. Give a running commentary of an elevator ride. “And the doors are closing. A contender peeks through the inside but just misses out on a spot. Okay, we’re moving up to level one now and everything seems like smooth sailing. Uh oh, the level two button has been pressed! Hold onto your horses, little lady, this elevator is a comin’ to a stop.”

74. Walk the wrong way up an escalator.

75. High-five ten strangers. If they give you a look tell them ‘Don’t leave me hanging!’

76. Show up to a child’s dance class and then insist on being included in the lesson. You’ll feel so much better about your coordination (hopefully) and you’ll also provide entertainment for the kids.

77. Play hopscotch.

78. Walk past fishermen and yell out ‘Go Fish!’

79. Sing ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’ at the top of your lungs.

80. Try to get your dog to do yoga with you.


81. Buy hot pink sunglasses and wear them inside.

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