Back to School: 3 Tips to Help You Survive the September Aftershock

Summer is over and September is just around the corner. It's time to prepare for those long hours of studying and grueling lectures. We help you stay motivated.

I cannot think of any other month harder for everyone to accept than September. The summer slowly withering away, leaves turning yellow… so depressing, right?

And when you just think that you have another academic year in front of you, you lose all will power whatsoever.

We know things get tough every fall, but that is just the way it is and will be until you get that diploma! And when that happens, then you won’t even have that 3-month long summer break.

All jokes aside, those student years are the most carefree period in everyone’s lives, so be sure to live it to the max!

And here is how you can overcome the September aftershock.

Tip #1: Join a gym

I cannot emphasize how important physical activity is in boosting you motivation levels! Seriously, nothing can prepare you better for the routine of the academic year to come than some hot n’ steamy workout class.

Take your pick, nowadays gyms offer literally all types of classes. Everyone can find something they like, so no excuses!

If you are the feisty type, you will enjoy a good kickboxing class or any other type of cardio exercise. For the crowd that enjoys some dancing, the most popular thing out there is definitely Zumba – a salsa-based dance class.

For those wanting to get in touch with their body on a more spiritual level, there is good old yoga.

How does this help? First of all, it makes you feel better about yourself. The mere fact that you chose to spend that one hour doing something good for yourself instead of just laying around is already a plus.

Besides, once you get into it, you’ll start actually craving that feeling after a good workout. Nothing beats stress better than sports!

And did I mention you’ll look smokin’ hot? There seriously is no downside to this, it can only do you good.

However, if you’re not a gym person, you might as well go for a run every other morning or just do power walking instead. Making sure you’re getting regular exercise is key to staying upbeat throughout September. 

Tip #2: Watch your diet


Seriously, you need to work on your diet. Usually during the summer people don’t pay as much attention to their diet. They don’t eat regularly, don’t eat the right stuff and on top of that – they drink. A lot.

So if you were one of those people, time to get back on track! You need a full-on body detox. Because, if your body feels good, you will too – inside and out!

The first step to that is drinking as much water as you can. This will help your skin look fresh and glowing, boost your digestive system, metabolism and immunity! What are you waiting for? Top up that glass!

Next up: fresh vegetables! Carrots, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, you name it! Grocery shops are filled with those these days and you can find nearly any type of vegetables you could possibly want.

The best way to eat them is fresh, in a salad or in a fresh squeezed juice. This will help preserve all the vitamins and minerals inside the veggies, and not change their molecular structure.

For example, a boiled carrot contains much more sugar than the fresh one. So be careful when cooking those veggies.

When it comes to fruit, I recommend being moderate with it because, as we know, fruit contains sugar. So it might not be that good for you as you might think.

However, an apple beats a Snickers bar any day, so opt for fruit when you’re in a sugar rush.

Last but not least: USE LEMON. Lemon is one of the most powerful immunity-booster out there! I’m serious, lemons are the best!

Put them in your water, in your tea, squeeze them over salads instead of dressing and over meat for extra taste. You will be surprised how powerful this nutrient is. It also helps when losing weight because of all that vitamin C it contains.

Tip #3: Pamper yourself!

young woman doing shopping

I am not trying to suggest you should crack your credit card, but a teeny tiny shopping trip will definitely boost your mood. Try to think of what clothes you might need for the fall season (it will get colder).

So go through your closet, see what is it that you absolutely need and go from there. It doesn’t really matter how big the purchase you make is. It can be anything from a simple cardigan to a winter coat.

Even a simple bright colored scarf or a chunky necklace will make you feel all new and fresh!

It is all about novelty at this time of year. New clothes, new shoes, new cosmetic products, new make-up. Go through the fall’s hottest trends and see if there is anything you might like.

You can do that online or leaf through your favorite magazine. Open your mind and start exploring! You will be surprised at what you might discover, and maybe find yourself a new style you can follow.

This will create an effect of starting a new exciting period of your life instead of making you feel like you’re putting on some old uncomfortable shoes you haven’t worn for a long time.

Finally, what can make you feel even better after your shopping spree is a relaxing home-made cosmetic treatment. Run a nice bath, light some scented candles. Afterwards, do your nails, put a mask on your face and cucumbers on your eyes!

And to finish it off, invite some good friends over for a coffee or tea, so you can share the latest juicy summer gossip.  Give yourself a treat, there is no better time than right now!

See, fall doesn’t have to be that bad, now does it? It might be a little tough to get yourself back on track, but it will all be worth it when the first good grade comes along and when you start meeting new, cool people!

Let go of the negative thoughts and feelings and embrace the beginning of a new chapter in your life. And don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it!

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