5 Beach Essentials You Can’t Leave Home Without

Summer sun, the calm sea, playtime in the sand—you know fun is heading your way. Be prepared with these 5 beach essentials.

There are many things you will need such as, water, snacks, food, dry clothes, music system, beach ball and more. The list of extras will depend completely on you, but the 5 essentials will be the same for everyone. Being unprepared could turn your fun day into a nightmare within seconds and make you, as well as all your family or friends extremely unhappy.

We have all, at some time or another, had a ‘How could I have forgotten that’ moment. With these 5 beach essentials, you can still have fun without worrying even if you forget everything else. These essentials can even be kept in a go bag to know that they are always packed.

1. The Beach Bag


First things first, you need a magnificent beach bag that is not too large, but big enough to carry all your beach essentials in. Get yourself one that has bright colors and can be spotted from anywhere so it will never be lost. Plus, being colorful is fun!

You may also want to look for one that is made from a lightweight, water resistant material. Then you know the beach bag won’t add extra weight for you to carry. Additionally, with it being waterproof, your essentials will stay dry.

2. Eye Protection

Too much sun is not only bad for your skin, but also quite damaging to your eyes. Besides, the perfect shades make you look cool! It is important to find a pair that provides protection from both A and B Ultraviolet Light. Also, choose a pair that blocks more than 90% of the sun’s rays.

You do not need to wear your everyday shades. Get a pair for $20 or $30 and keep them in your beach bag. That way, they’ll always be packed and if they break, get damaged or get lost, they can easily be replaced!

3. Skin Protection


This one goes without saying. Taking care of your skin if vital and when planning to spend hours in the sun, sunscreen is a basic necessity. You should choose a strong sunscreen—one that can be used on your entire body, including your face. Areas, such as the face, that have sensitive skin burn quicker, so lather up!

Yes, a tan does look good but is it worth the damage you are inflicting on your skin, the wrinkles that follow in your old age due to sun damage, or even cancer? You should also consider applying a protective lip balm.

For sunburn, keep burn relief spray or a lotion and Aleve at hand. They will sooth the burn and nourish your skin. Aloe Vera lotion is also great for aftercare. So, once you are home and have taken a nice bath or shower, be sure to rub on some of this lotion before going to bed.

Avoid the sand sticking to you by applying your lotion at home. This will give the lotion time to penetrate your skin and dry; thus, no more stickiness.

4. Feet Protection

We all love shoes; wearing flip flops or sandals to the beach is not only fashionable but also important. The sand on the beach gets really hot during the summer, especially in the afternoon. This can burn the soles of your feet and cause an awkward dry, itchy skin. Therefore, it is good to wear protection on your feet—you can even show off some of your stylishness.

5. The Beach Towel


A beach towel is another non-debatable item to have in your go bag. Not only does it provide comfort when laying down on the sand, but it can be used to dry yourself. Why not just dry in the wind and sun? Well, aside from the sun being harmful to your skin. The wind on your wet body can also cause health problems. You could also take a blanket to lay down on and a set of dry clothes to change into before heading home.

There are many other factors to consider and things to take along to the beach. Yet, with these 5 beach essentials you can know that the basic requirements are packed. Remember to take water and snacks as well. These aid in keeping you hydrated and filled with energy!

You can add to this list as desired. A hat, an umbrella, a body wrap or sarong—the list goes on and on. What tips can you add? Share your ideal beach essentials list with our other readers!

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