Black and White Kitchen Ideas

Black and white is a classic combination that has found its spot in every era in the history of design. Its simplicity makes it elegant and beautiful and you should definitely have it in your home too. The kitchen is a great place to start.

You might not be the cook-of-the-century type of girl, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a beautiful kitchen. If you don’t spend a lot of time in it, it should look cool, simply to make up for all the times your cupcakes almost burned the place down. And you should make your time spent inside it as pleasant as possible.

A black and white kitchen is a good choice because it will fit in any home and will allow you to insert any type of accessories you want. Before seeing some cool black and white kitchen ideas, there is something you should know: black and white interiors should be simply black and white (No, I’m not being Captain Obvious – I’m only saying you should forget the gray scale and stick only to plain black and plain white).

There are some basic rules that all black and white kitchen designs should follow. They aren’t too strict, but they will make your interior look rather nice. Here they are:

Clean Lines

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Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to keep your kitchen spotless 24/7. Clean lines refer to the general arrangement of the pieces in your kitchen. The composition should be harmonic and balanced, even symmetrical.

This will help you feel relaxed while doing your chores. Make sure that the pieces are arranged in parallel or perpendicular directions, that they are separated from one another, and made into independent structures.

Check out this photo. Can you notice how there are 5 distinct directions that form the space of the kitchen? The first are the elements in a row that include the cooker and the sink. The second are the hanging elements above them. Then we have the double height elements with the stove and the fridge.

The last two distinct directions are the working surface in the middle and the bar with high stools. They are all either parallel or perpendicular and therefore direct the movement around the kitchen in a functional and natural way. Their balanced relations are pleasant for the eye and it will help you to relax while working.

Simple Shapes

white kitchen design

The kitchen shouldn’t get too dynamic or packed. You wouldn’t want to get too distracted while looking around, and let your cupcakes burn yet again. All pieces should be in simple shapes – cuboids or cylinders – set in a natural way: the cuboids can be either arranged in a row or set in the center of the room; as for the cylindrical shapes, never try to array them – they are only good at the central position, having all the activities revolve around them. Don’t have too many free edges – try to make the setting as homogenous as possible.

This photo features two nice tricks – your mind expects the volume with stoves to be cubic, but it is coated, just like the central piece. This adds up to the harmony even more but doesn’t get too unusual. The other trick is the orientation of the central piece: the person working in the kitchen is facing the stoves, instead the space surrounding the kitchen – this helps unify the kitchen with the rest of your home.

Large Surfaces

black and white kitchen design

In order to keep the harmony between functional and beautiful, your kitchen should have large uninterrupted surfaces rather than multiple smaller ones. This will help you organize, and your kitchen will always look tidy.

Check out this kitchen – there is a total of three unique surfaces. It looks simple, clean and well organized – easy to use, and to find your way around.

All About Details

Black and white looks amazing, but it sometimes needs a detail or two to break the monochromatic ambience. You can do this by using pieces that will create a mild difference between the B&W and colored accessories. Another way to do this would be to use decorative pieces that will catch everyone’s attention.

Combo 1: Go Subtle

Large uffPurple and Silver Textured Glass Bowl And Other Kitchen St

What’s in Combo 1? (from top left corner, clockwise)

  • Large Purple and Silver Textured Glass Bowl (
  • Diane von Furstenberg Pebblestone Serving Bowl (
  • Donna Karan Bohemian Metal Coupe Bowl (
  • Camden Stone Serving Bowl (
  • Diane von Furstenberg Pebblestone Cereal Bowl (
  • Rosenthal “Papyrus” Cereal Bowl (

Combo 2: Go Cray Cray

Beautiful Blue VI Sycamore Bowl And Other Kitchen Stuff

What’s in Combo 2? (from top left corner, clockwise)

  • Menu A/S Dropp! Fruit Bowl (
  • Beautiful Blue VI Sycamore Bowl
  • Put A Lid On It (
  • Fornasetti Theme & Variations Plate #96 (
  • Best Made Company Red Enamel Steel Cups (
  • Paw Me A Cup Tea Set (

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