Business Travel Clothes You Still Haven’t Tried

Every business woman knows that travelling on business could be a real nightmare. Not only that you need to be there on time and be prepared for the business meeting, you also need to look your best. Find out how to achieve that. Here are business travel clothes you still haven’t tried.

Business travel clothes need to meet a couple of criteria – they need to be comfortable, they need to look professional and they need to be able to endure the trip. Sounds like a lot, but with these products it’s not really that hard.

1. Try the Suit

There are a lot of women who are a part of the corporate world and that world has a pretty strict dress code. You all know it – professional business clothes are a must. So what are you supposed to do when you’re travelling?

Well, I would always suggest travelling a day or at least a couple of hours earlier so that you have some extra time to change. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible and you need to think of something else in order to still look good when you arrive. Here are a couple of tricks.

Typical business suit for women consists of a white shirt, darker color skirt, a blazer and usually high heel shoes. Not very travel friendly, right? Exchange the skirt for a pair of pants and the high heel shoes for a pair of flat elegant boots or flat ballet shoes, according to the season. Choose material that doesn’t wrinkle easily, bring an extra shirt with you and change just before you arrive if possible. You can always excuse yourself upon arrival and go to the toilet where you can change and fix your hair and your makeup.

Of course, if it’s going to be just a short trip, you can always keep the original business woman outfit. This suggestion is for longer trips, when you need to feel more comfortable.

2. Keep It Wrinkle Free

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I know, I already mentioned it, but really the most important thing when it comes to business travel clothes is to choose materials that don’t wrinkle easily or, even better, that don’t wrinkle at all. Now, you may think that there is no such thing, but there actually is.

There are a lot of websites that offer clothes that are specifically made to make your business travel easier. One of them is Magellans. The site offers a lot of wrinkle free clothes, business and casual alike, so make sure you check it out. offers a wide range of non-iron shirts which could be your new best friend on a business trip. Check them out on this link. The website Chicos also offers a lot of travel friendly clothes. They might not all be suitable for the corporate world, but if your dress code is not really that strict, you will certainly find something that suits you.

3. Heard about Anywear Wardrobe?

Honestly, I was both surprised and kind of really excited when I found out about this. The Anywear Wardrobe is every travelling girl’s dream. Why? Well, it gives you a chance to do a lot with very little.

Anywear Wardrobe is a creation by Contourwear. The general idea is that you choose 7 items, either completely by yourself or after consulting professionals from Contourwear, out of which you can create more than 30 outfits. Yes, you’ve read it right – only 7 items and more than 30 outfits. The package, however, does not include shoes or accessories.

Your Anywear Wardrobe could be packed in a laptop size package that fits in a messenger bag. How cool is that? Instead of carrying a big suitcase and tons of clothes, you simply have 7 items and you can make both business and leisure clothes out of them. For more information about the amazing Anywear Wardrobe, check out the official website of Contourwear.

Modern life has made it quite easy on travelling women, don’t you think? We’ve now got all these amazing products that can make our business travels more comfortable. Make sure you try them all.

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