Perfumes to Give as a Gift

Giving a perfume as a gift can both be a very good and a very bad idea. If you’re not buying it with a purpose to just give any kind of gift, you really need to know the person you’re buying it for. There are a couple of extra tips – check them out.

Keep in mind that perfume is not just an everyday gift you can give to anyone. It is reserved for special people in your life. Also, a good perfume costs good money, so make sure that the person you’re giving it to deserves it.

1. Who Can You Buy It For?

In my opinion, perfume is a gift reserved for my boyfriend, my mother, my sister and my best friend. I don’t think that perfumes should easily be given as gifts and therefore those are the only people in my life that could get a perfume from me.

The reason is very simple – these are the people I know best. I can absolutely choose a perfume for each and every one of them. However, I have to mention that I think that aftershave is a much better gift for a guy than a perfume. A lot of guys don’t even like perfumes, so they might not be the best choice.

When it comes to girls, well we all know it – we all like perfumes. We also like getting them as gifts. Treat girls that matter in your life with a special gift for their birthday or for Christmas. A good quality perfume is always a great gift.

2. They Need to Like It


When you’re giving a perfume as a gift, you need to keep in mind that the person receiving the gift is the one that’s supposed to like it. Your opinion here matters a bit less.

Don’t buy the perfume you like to someone if you are not sure if he or she is going to like it. Since I already mentioned that perfumes are reserved for people you really know very well, you have to know the taste of the person you’re buying the perfume for. Buy the thing they like, no matter how much your personal taste might be different.

Don’t ever try to change someone’s taste by buying them the perfume you like, especially if you’re buying it for your boyfriend. Seriously, this is a very bad idea and a potential beginning of a big fight.

3. Go With Fresh Scents

If you don’t really know the person you want to buy a perfume to and you are still determined to buy it – go with fresh scents. Something light scented is always a better choice than something with a heavy scent.

The reason is very simple. Sweet and heavy perfumes are really loved by a small percentage of people. On the other hand, light and fresh scents are favorites among many. Even those people who love sweet and heavy scents usually like fresh scents as well.

Perfume is a very individual gift and as such it is reserved for special people only. Different people like different scents, so your job as a person buying a perfume for someone can be a bit difficult. These tips will help you with your decision – follow them.

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  • I bought my boyfriend a perfume david beckam,and i want this to be a gift,but tell me the way how can i give him that?