Fashionable Tech You Shouldn’t Be Without This Fall

Check out these fashion-forward tech devices and accessories to make the school year a success.

The back to school season is officially in full swing but that doesn’t mean there’s not still more to do, to buy and to covet. Technology is on every student’s must-have list and you know that means it’s uber easy to succumb to the same old gadgets in the same old boring, basic black.

Though you need every last one of those gadgets to study, communicate, show your work and make the grade, there’s no reason not to look for essentials that make you feel excited, chic and fresh. After all, we all know that when you look your best you are more likely to give 100%!

Here are fun and fashion-forward tech gadgets designed to make work seem more like play.

Listen to Music and Class Lectures in Style

stylish girl with BeoPlay A2

The BeoPlay A2 from Bang & Olufsen is a pint-sized speaker that delivers amazing sound while also looking as at home on your arm as your go-to bag. It combines industrial (that locker-like matte metal casing) with the natural (the old fashioned leather strap) in one perfectly portable sound system.

Dress Up your New Smartphone

T-Mobile’s iPhone 6s Plus deals will leave you with plenty of bling left over to pick up an amazing iPhone case by Kate Spade. The designer has brought her colorful couture sensibilities to a gorgeous range of cases for the iPhone 6s that feature fun patterns and the kind of juicy color combos she’s known for.

Your Digital File Cabinet

Make missing papers a thing of the past with the sleek and stylish 1TB HGST Touro S. It’s tiny enough to stash in a purse but big enough (where it counts) to keep all your important documents safe. Having one could be the difference between meeting that deadline and the dreaded incomplete. Seriously, backing up your work is vital!

Show me the Power


Speaking of back up, having a Back Me Up in your bag means never having to watch your iPhone battery dwindle and die. Even better, it comes in five hot patterns that look more like your favorite cosmetics cases than a boring tech essential.

Study in Style

Headphones are a no-brainer when the library can be as loud as a shared dorm room—bonus points if the cans are cute. Skullcandy’s Knockout Robin headphones are sized for ladies and styled to match with gold accents, trending colors and carrying cases you’ll want to carry everywhere.

High-Tech Backpack

Stash it all in a sleek and structured Lumos unPlug solar backpack and you’ll always arrive fully charged. Want something funkier? Check out SunnyBAG’s Faction collection for bright, cartoony messenger bags that really pop while keeping your gear fully juiced.

Note Taking 2.0


When you have to take notes by hand, look no further than the Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook. It features the classic academia-inspired Moleskine look but you can transfer your notes from paper to pixels in a flash with Evernote’s page camera. And Livescribe’s Echo Smartpen is a wicked cool alternative to the standard ballpoint and will definitely get you noticed.

The Most Powerful Tablet

The Apple iPad Pro will be released in a month and preorders will begin soon, so if you are in the market for a new laptop or tablet, look no further than this powerful tablet that is now able to run Microsoft Office programs. Perfect for students at every grade, the iPad Pro will open up new opportunities in design and computer-processing power. Learn more here.

Custom Phone Stand

Finally, allow your desk a touch of whimsy and grab a You’ve Gato Call phone stand. This too-adorable mascot keeps your phone out of harm’s way when you can’t keep snapchatting for another second. Sleep happens!

Remember, there’s no law saying that there has to be an overlap between must-have and yawn-inspiring. Keeping your tech as up-to-date as your wardrobe is one of the best ways to keep your enthusiasm for education raging all year long.

With the recent and continued eCommerce boom of the past 10 years, there are countless of options available at your fingertips. Whether you’re updating your tech accessories or updating your tech hardware, be sure to do some research and shop around online before you make any decisions.

There truly is something for everyone out there, and nothing gets you ready for the new school year than new tech and accessories to help make the year a greater success.

What tech items and accessories did you purchase for the new school year? We’d love to hear from you!

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