3 Easy Ways to Naturally Make Your Teeth Whiter

Everybody dreams of having pearl-white teeth, without stains or plaque. Most people think that dentists and expensive teeth whiteners are the only way to achieve it. Wrong! If you wish to restore your beautiful and bright smile, read below and discover 3 fabulous ways to naturally make your teeth whiter.

1. Baking Soda Is a Very Effective Stain Remover

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is a water-soluble mineral found in natural springs, as well as produced artificially for different purposes. It is often added to commercially available toothpastes to improve their whitening effects.

When dissolved in water, baking soda releases free radicals that penetrate the tooth’s enamel and change stain molecules from darker to brighter.

Baking soda is therefore very effective in scrubbing away unsightly plaque from dental surfaces and removing stains caused by smoke, coffee, and other factors. It is a natural abrasive, much less aggressive than others.


  • To give your teeth a whiter appearance, mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with enough water to achieve a creamy paste. Use this paste to brush your teeth, then rinse and brush again with your toothpaste.
  • Pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into 1 teaspoon of baking soda to form a paste and gently brush your teeth with it. You can add a small quantity of your regular toothpaste to this mixture to improve the taste.


Brush your teeth with baking soda only once a week, because the excessive use of sodium bicarbonate may damage your tooth enamel.

2. Strawberries are Natural Bleaching Agents

Woman With Perfect White Teeths Eating Strawberry

Eat as many strawberries as you like! They are great allies for making your teeth whiter and give you a bright and beautiful smile.

Strawberries, like many other fruits, contain maleic acid, a natural bleaching agent used in many mouthwashes, toothpastes and teeth whitening products.

Maleic acid is a crystalline, colorless compound that has astringent properties, very useful in dissolving stains caused by coffee, wine and smoke. It is a natural cleanser that removes tooth surface discoloration and decreases the appearance of brown patches.


  • Use a fork to mash 2 or 3 strawberries into a pulp. Apply strawberry pulp on a soft toothbrush and spread it onto your teeth. Let it stay for 5 minutes, then rinse. You can also brush your teeth with strawberry pulp for several minutes before using your regular toothpaste.
  • The other way to take advantage of the maleic acid contained in strawberries is to cut a strawberry in two, rub it onto your teeth for 2 or 3 minutes and then rinse and brush with toothpaste.
  • To achieve greater effect, you can add a small amount of baking soda into the strawberry pulp.


Do not apply strawberry pulp on your teeth more than once a week, as too much maleic acid may be harmful for your tooth enamel. Always brush your teeth afterwards, using your regular toothpaste.

Strawberries also contain sugar, which you definitely shouldn’t leave on your teeth!

3. Crunchy Fruits and Veggies Are Excellent, non-harmful Abrasives

Eat an apple a day and you’ll keep the dentist away. Raw and crispy fruits and vegetables are natural toothbrushes that act as cleaners and stain removers, without causing any damage to your tooth enamel.

Fresh crispy fruits and veggies, such as apples, carrots, celery, string beans and cauliflower contain cellulose and fiber, which act as natural abrasives that eliminate bacteria, remove recent discolorations, polish teeth and stimulate gums. They also increase the release of saliva, which flushes away harmful food particles.

If you have eaten blueberries or drank coffee, wine or cranberry and grape juice, it is good a habit to eat an apple immediately after.

All summed up, you should munch on fresh and crispy fruits and veggies every day – it will not only benefit your teeth, but your overall health as well!


Baking soda, strawberries, crunchy fruits and vegetables! Have you ever even thought that such simple and natural remedies hide so many powerful effects? Check them out and assure yourself! If you know some other ways to make your teeth whiter naturally, please share them below.

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  • That’s a great idea!!! but how to i do that if i don’t have toothpaste can i still do the proccess??

    • Yes, I think you can do that without toothpaste. Do which one though? With the strawberry paste, just EAT LOTS OF STRAWBERRIES! I love strawberries :) Also, for baking soda I guess just do it and rinse. Forget about the toothpaste? I think that’s the best idea.

  • woow, tnx for the inf0′s …. maybe i should try this .. !!!! i hpe it is effective and helps me in my discolored teeth for how many years … :)) Thankyou…
    but may i ask.. what is hydrogen peroxide????

  • I really try to keep my teeth as clean and white as possible but I have never heard of using baking soda. Well, at least pure baking soda. I currently use a tooth paste that is
    “Arm & Hammer” brand with baking soda incorporated into it’s recipe. Once I finish this tube I may try using the baking soda I have in the fridge, thanks!