Crystal Therapy – Usage of Rose Quartz in Healing

Does your jewellery box have an item with a rose quartz? No? Well, it is about time to get one. This beautiful gemstone whose color varies from gentle pink to milky white is also known as a “Stone of Love.” Apart from giving a feminine air to the wearer, Rose Quartz is also used in crystal therapy and Feng Shui for it is believed to bring harmony, love and peace. Rose quartz is used in healing, both physical and spiritual. To use it properly and enjoy its benefits, the first thing you should do when you get one is to have it cleaned.

The Cleaning of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Since every crystal carries the energy of the people who touched it, it should undergo a thorough, energy cleaning.

The first cleaning is the most important one, and is quite simple. Put the stone into a jar filled with mild solution of distilled water and sea salt. Cover it with a lid and leave in a shady place (with no direct sunlight) for two weeks. After this period, wash the gemstone under a flow of running water and your crystal is ready for use.

Rose quartz should be cleaned under the flow of running lukewarm water for 5 minutes once in two weeks.

Now, move to another important step – energising.

Energising the Rose Quartz

You may wonder what energising a crystal means. The simplest explanation would be to expose the crystal to its natural conditions: the Sun, Moon, rain and snow. Most crystals renew their energy by “sunbathing” for two hours, but this is not a case with a Rose quartz – it will fade and lose its beautiful color if left under direct sunlight. Leave it under the Moonlight instead or place it beside a rock crystal or amethyst during the night; it will have the same effect.

Now that your Rose quartz is ready let’s see how to use it…

Rose Quartz in Spiritual Healing

A love stone-Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is called “A love stone” for many reasons. Connected to the heart chakra, it provokes all forms of love: self-love, romantic love and platonic love.

Many people intuitively wear jewellery with a rose quartz when they are under stress, angry, suffering from a lack of self esteem. Having a rose quartz with you helps healing the emotional wounds, removes fears, raises the sense of self – worth and lowers the sense of quilt.

If you feel insecure, traumatised, in need for love, this is a crystal that will help you restore your peace and attract the love you crave for.

The crystal should be worn 24 hours a day, 3 weeks in a row for it to start transmitting the energy. You can keep it in your pocket and occasionally place it in your hand if you don’t wear jewellery. At the end of every week, clean it under the running water as explained above. After this period, you don’t have to wear it all the time; rely on your sixth sense and take it with you when you feel the need.

Rose Quartz in Physical Healing

When it comes to physical health, the healing powers of Rose quartz are seen in treating headaches, migraines, throat problems, sexual dysfunction and fertility; problems with heart and circulatory system, depression, addiction etc. A Rose quartz’s dust is used in creams and lotions against wrinkles and premature aging. Just wearing the crystal can be beneficial, but if you want go get better results, a crystal therapist should be consulted. He will place the stone on the appropriate chakra, acupuncture dot or meridian to enhance the energy flow.

Rose Quartz in Space Healing

heart rose quartz

Placing a beautiful stone in your living room is more than just a decoration. A Rose quartz can eliminate the harmful radiation; a nice piece next to your PC will serve the purpose.

In Feng Shui, Rose quartz is used to restore the relationship between partners or to draw love if you are single. A stone should be kept in the Southwest corner of your bedroom or next to your bed.

Those who don’t know how a beautiful gemstone can affect a woman may doubt the healing qualities of Rose quartz but one thing is certain: a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or a ring made of this beautiful and, why not mention, affordable stone will definitely make every woman feel better.

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