How to Speed Up Your Period Naturally

Often a woman would like to change the date of her next period, due to different reasons like: an important trip, event, project or other. However, it is not easy at all to accelerate the menstrual cycle, but there are a few natural methods that can be very helpful.

Listed below are some home remedy tips on how to speed up your period without taking any chemical substances or pills.


Always consult your doctor before undertaking any natural treatment and remember to discuss with him the reason why you want to accelerate your menstrual cycle.

Hot Bath Tub

Hot bath tub is one of the most popular methods to speed up your period. Soaking in hot water increases the body heat. The heat relaxes your abdominal muscles, and at the same time encourages dilatation and increases the blood flow from your uterus.

Heating Pads and Hot Packs

Heating pads and hot packs work just like hot water – they produce heat in the body, which in turn dilates the blood vessels, and encourages blood flow.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C Pills

Larger doses of vitamin C can starve the uterus of progesterone, which in turn helps to break down the uterus walls. In this manner the arrival of the menstrual period is accelerated.

Drink a lot of water while consuming Vitamin C and consult your doctor when taking larger doses of any kind of vitamin.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is another useful method to accelerate your period. It improves circulation and it can speed up the occurrence of menstrual bleeding, while alleviating menstrual cramps and bloats. However, make sure not to exaggerate, for excessive exercise may cause you to skip your periods.

Acupuncture and Acupressure

Acupuncture and acupressure can stimulate specific points associated with circulation and blood flow. They can help to strengthen the reproductive organs, making them function better.

However, these two techniques may also stop your menstrual cycle completely, and it is therefore recommended to talk to your therapist, and doctor, before starting acupressure or acupuncture treatments.

Spending Time with Other Women

Girlfriends at home

It is well known that when you associate frequently with other women, you end up getting periods around the same time. If your friends are expecting their period earlier than you, try staying with them as mush as possible.

Food Tips

  • First of all, reduce, or completely avoid, salty foods. Excess sodium may cause fluid retention, which in turn can make worse your menstrual symptoms, such as bloating and swelling.
  • Eat food that contains high amounts of carotene, such as papaya, pumpkin, carrots, apricots, peaches, spinach, etc. They will help to prepone your period date.
  • Combine 1 teaspoon of jaggery powder with ½ a teaspoon of turmeric powder, and dissolve the mixture in a glass of water. Drink it once or twice a day, for about 15 days prior to the expected date of your period. Jaggery, and turmeric, both have the ability to increase body heat, and therefore help to prepone the menstrual cycle.
  • Eat a lot of red meat – it also has the ability to produce heat in the body, and therefore speed up your period.

Avoid Stressful Situations

Stress may influence body’s hormone levels and delay your period, causing it to arrive much later than expected. So, make sure to keep your stress levels to a minimum and practice some relaxing techniques.

Herbal Teas

Woman Drinking Mint Tea 9

There are many herbs that have the ability to induce menstruation. These herbs are called emmenagogues and they work by stimulating the reproductive system and the blood flow. However, they may affect your hormone levels and cause many other side effects ranging from mild to severe. It is therefore recommended to consult your doctor before taking any of them.

The mildest of these herbs are Chamomile, Parsley, Ginger, Yarrow, Feverfew, Rosemary, Sage and Red Raspberry Leaf. Other stronger herbs include Black Cohosh, Juniper berry, Pennyroyal, Angelica, Savin, Rue, Asafetida, Queen Annes Lace seeds or root and Tansy.

If you have any other natural and effective tips on how to speed up your period, please share them with us in the comment section below! They will certainly help other women a lot.

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Jessica is a translator who has lived for many years in Asia and South America. She now lives and works in Europe, while preparing her new journeys. She enjoys traveling, meeting new people, exploring different cultures and foods, and being in love.


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  • Very Helpful tips, I’m going to Vegas in a couple of days and I started to feel like I’m getting my period any time soon, I don’t quite remember when I got it last month so I’m not 100% sure if i’ll be getting it this week or next.

    • If you don’t want it I recommend that you take a pregnancy pill, but if you do take it when you stop you will get a heavy load just to warn you. What it does is, since you are taking a pregnancy pill your body will think that you are pregnant and will store the blood in your uterus otherwise it will just continue the cycle

  • Ok well ive drank cinnamon tea ginger tea and parsley bath in hit water with salt and it still not here im scared i could be pregnant im only 15 so i cant really tell me parents and im just hoping you have any other remedies i dont have vitamin C but i have eaten alot of oranges

  • I’ve fingerd myself and googled it and the results I found were positive. You need sperm to get pregnant and I have not come into contact with a guy sexually. I am really worried cause my period it due soon and I can’t remember the date my period was last month. I have drank all sorts from normal tea and coffee to green tea to help speed up my motabolism. I’m scared and need advice. I live in a foster home and there’s no one I can trust in to talk to. Help me please give me some advice! I need a helping hand.

    • I get abnormal periods and I finger myself as well. I think you should relax because as long as you haven’t had sexual contact with a man you are all good. Calm down!!!!!
      hope this helps.

    • Brooke, the ONLY way for you to get pregnant is from a male’s penis being inside of your vagina (sorry to be so graphic, but nature is very specific). You’re responding to natural urges in a completely safe manner. You can always contact Planned Parenthood if you have questions about sex and pregnancy. You can even get birth control for free there with no parent consent if you ever find yourself in a relationship you think is leading to sex, although I am not encouraging this at all. Knowledge is power. Be safe, sweetheart.

  • Last night for some stupid reason i let my boyfriend stick it in once, in and out, bare. He had asked once before and i very sternly disagreed. I dont know why I said yes this time but im scared that i might be pregnant because he has precum frequently. I have been talking to him all day trying to figure out ways to kill it and make my period come soon. My last period ended on the 30th of last month though so i dont know if i should start using the vitamin c abortion option quiet yet. He is going to try to get ahold of plan b onestep

    • hi, technically precum doesn’t contain any sperm cells, so it can’t make you pregnant. however, sperm cells from previous ejaculations may remain in the penis and that’s why there’s a possibility that it could make your pregnant, although the odds are significantly reduced. buy a pregnancy test, just to be sure.

      • What most people don’t relizse is pre cum does have some cum in it so yes u can get prego from pre. While I’m not encouraging this is wouldn’t risk letting him inside bare unless I if was on birth control and had at least a small bit of protection. But I wouldn’t stress it to much caus wit would be the stress u are putting your self in worry about is that caused it not to cum.

  • I really need help and obviously can’t tell my parents either. Im 15 he is 16, we are in Kansas and technically us having sex is illegal and my parent know we have had sex but when we actually had sex we used a condom and everything was fine, but i can’t have a baby, i will do everything and anything to prevent it or he will be put in jail. And I love him sooo i cant ket this happen…HELP

  • Sarah… As scary as it seems you need to Go talk to your parents. If you think your old enough for sex then you need to be responsable enough to deal with the results.
    And don’t let any man put his d*ck anywhere near you without a condom over it. Your the one who can get pregnant so guard yourself girl.

  • i need help… i was on a chatting site where this guy asked me to do something sexual, so i pointed the camera down at my vagina and began shoving a white board maker in and out of me, and i got really into it and i didnt notice until like 10 minutes later that the cap came off and the marker was rubbing inside of me, now when i get my period it smells bad and i am scared please help :(

    • Hey! I know this is coming one and a half month later but i thought maybe you still need an answer. That bad smell that comes with your period probably indicates an infection. You are very likely to have an infection at this point. The best and only thing actually that you can do is go see a doctor. Really, i strongly recommend you to do so. A doctor is the only one who can prescribe you a treatment, and if you don’t have one, you may end up with more serious problems, such as infertility. Please do see a doctor and if you don’t want to, don’t tell them what caused that infection just tell them you think you have one and tell them your symptoms. Please do get help! Good luck!

  • I really need help on how to get my period back, I haven’t started for nearly 3 month now n I’m really worried n my mum n sisters are too. Plz tell the way which would me start my period n won’t affect me in long term. I’m 15. I will be really happy of u can help me n give so advise I also write back if the trips worked. Really really need HELP!!!!! Thanks;)

  • @Loula as long as you didn’t have unprotected sex you’re fine. My period stopped at one point because I was exercising too much and my body didn’t have enough fat. But the best way to go is tell your mom, it may be scary but she’s the person you need to talk to. and if you’re REALLY adverse to telling your mom then contact your local planned parenthood

  • Me and my bo friend had forplay only..He didn’t take off his shorts but he lick my vagina until I squirt. I didn’t touch or doing any oral.. So is there any chance to have pragnancy?? Please help me out!!

    • Nothing can happen unless he cummed inside of you. If you dont know what can and cant get you pregnant then stopped doing it.

      • Hi. I definitely think you should know more about sex and sexual activity before you engage in it. If you are not mature enough to know about foreplay and sex, then you should not be participating in it.

  • Hi guys. My boyfriend and I were having anal and he came in me. I started getting scared when I kept sneezing cum, please help :'( I don’t know what’s wrong with me, why must this happen to me. I’ll never have sex again

    • What you are sneezing is not cum, darling. You are sneezing what we all sneeze. Cum cannot travel from the anus to the nose. Please educate yourself before you engage in sexual activity.

  • I had sex a month ago, one day after my period ended, i haven’t had my period again and i am scared that i am pregnant. I did a pregnancy test (first response) yesterday and it came negative. I started drinking accutane for the acne, could that make my period late?

  • I gave birth 8 months ago. When my baby was turning 2 months i already had my period. Then months came by. Im always having a late period. I’m not that sexually active because i dont want to get pregnant again. Not now. Sometimes i dont know whats period and pregnancy anymore. Makes me confuse

  • i need help.. me and my bf had sex and im scared. idk if im pregnant or not and i dont want to be pregnant… so far i never got my period for 32 days so far and i never got it this month! im really scared i might be pregnant and i need advise if its ok for periods to come 2 weeks late or so. i know my bf is smarter to not “cum” in my but idk for sure… pls help

    • The “pull out” method isn’t as effective as some might think. Even if a guy does not ejaculate (aka “cum”) inside of you, it doesn’t mean you won’t get pregnant. Men produce lubricant as well and in the form of something called “pre-cum”. This can have semen in it so even if he pulls out when he ejaculates, you likely still have semen in you already.
      It is safer to have him wear a condom that is new, the right size and worn properly. If you still want to have him pull out, for good measure, while wearing a condom then that’s a smart idea.

    • yes, but you’ll probably get flaky bits of blood along with your natural lubricant on your fingers.

  • Last 3 days i went out with my boyfriend and we were making out and i started to lay down on him, and my vagina was on his d*** and suddenly he “cum” but we both were still with our clothes and pants on. Im not gonna get pregnant is it? Im only 16!

    • No. Please educate yourself properly on sex before you participate in sexual activity. Unless he was “jerking off” in his pants than I highly doubt he ejaculated. Pre-cum is completely different, which is probably what you are implying. If his penis was not in your vagina, you are not pregnant. Again, please educate yourself.

  • is pms symptoms close to the same as pregnant symptoms?, because i my breasts ache and i have been very emotional and this is the time im supposed to get my period but it hasn’t come yet and im also sexually active but use a condom every time.

  • I just had s** with my boyfriend a month ago and I still haven’t had my period yet. My nipples are hurting but they’ve been like this since last week. And I also found out that my thing below wets even when I’m not horny, it started around 4 days ago. What does this mean? Am I safe or what? My friends told me to have a test but I’m afraid I might get caught by my parents.

  • ME and my boyfriend had sex a month ago. It was unprotected and he did urinate and shows before hand. He may have pre’d could I be pregnant my period is 8days away but I cant wait that long

    • Hello Leiya. The shower may not be relevant to your concerns. However the urination may have killed any viable sperm within his own ole urethra. It’s really hard to say though. Did you end up mentruating?

  • My periods are 2 week late…i m 25 years old….i didnt sex after my last period…but yes my boy friend finger me some days before my last periods…i try alot of hot things eat alot of oranges,lemon and ginger tea,carrots junniber,choclates ,cofee but my next ovulation date come now but my periods are not plz help me plz some one help me otherwise my parents kill me cox in pakistan to v a physicall relation with a guy is illegal…

  • I borrowed lube from a friend, and I’m not sure when was the last time she used it. I think it was at least a week or so that she used it. I used it with a dildo, and as soon as I came i started to get these cramps and they got worse with time. It has now been 4 days since that happened (and the day it happened is one week exactly I expect to get my period), and I’m scared these cramps might me implantation cramps. She uses this bottle of lube with here boyfriend so the bottle may have come in contact with his penis and sperm. Could sperm live on, in, around, intop of a sperm bottle? What are the chances of pregnancy? PS: I have never had sex with a guy or anyone…and only masturbated. I want to save myself till marriage, even though I do masturbate and am not a virgin technically.

  • PS: I masturbated on March 18th, and today is March 22 and I still feel the cramps. Could sperm stay alive in lube? I expect my period on March 26th, so isn’t it too early to get pms cramps? Please I need help, I’m worried to death. I technically didn’t get a ‘late’ period because I’m still waiting for mine…but the waiting is making me crazy.

  • sarah i dont think sperms can survive in lube since it does not provide surviving conditions for sperms
    secret.. painful nipples are a major sign of pregnancy but if its just the rest of the breast no need for alarm…
    well i had a scare too.. im still not sure but few hours ago i spotted abit not sure if its implantation spoting or oncoming period im just crossing my fingers… iv decided to get on birth control after im sure its a period n put an end to these scares.. im 23 n have been actieve since i was 18 n have had almost a million scares but now im fed up… i advice every one to consider birthcontrol.. i hope all goes well for all of us :-)

  • is there anyway to speed up a period ? it’s just annoying and irrelevant and I want to wear white skinny jeans lol !!

  • hi… i should have got ma periods 2weeks b4… many tel me not to get stress…but i cudnt get streesd cos of dis postponed periods..cos it result in increase in ma weight … pls tel me some tips to get ma periods soon…except fingering… cos i hav never done dat and dont like to…

  • I have not had my periods since 4 months..i had sex a year ago but at that time my period came regular..please help me is there any problem..

  • i had my last period on 13 mrch … and had some romance wid my boyfriend bt no sex … he happnd to finger me … nd jst put his thing on mine … now am late on ma period by 5 days.. i wrkd out a lot last mnth .. am i pregnant … ? am worried

  • i have been having protected sex but i havent gotten my period yet i was suppossed to have it around the end of march…but again my nipples hurt so bad, my lower back hurts toon i also get sme pain in my ass wen i go to bog bt on the 10th April i saw sme fluid down there that looked like blood but it stopped on the 12th……my boyfriend says nothing happened bt m too scared to take the pregnancy test my dad is harsh on….cud i b pregnant? coz m two weeks late nw help mi plizzzzzz………

  • me and my boyfriend had done sex on clothes… i was wearing a legging and panty and he had wore a night pant and innerwear… he had slept on me nd rubbed his di** on my vagina, at d end he ejaculated in his innerwear.. he had slept on me for a 20 mins.. my period was expected on tmrw, v did this on today…. nw my period is two days delayed… i m worried of pregnant… please help..

  • My prom is in a couple weeks and my period is supposed to be around the same time. I wanted to come before then and i was wondering if any of you have tried any of the remedies to do so. and if so did they work? And what would you recommend?

  • Me and my boyfriend nearly had sex. We didn’t though but his penis was at the entrance of my vagina, and he wasn’t wearing protection. That happened April 2 and my period was supposed to come April 18 and it’s 2 days late. I’m worried that I might be pregnant but I’m not sure yet. I felt a pain in my left side above my pelvis last week which indicates that my cycle will start soon, but it’s late now. Other than doing a pregnancy test, anymore advice?

  • my girlfriend is worried that she might be pregnant, her last period was march 30-April 6, is her period just late because she ended In April when she normally starts and end on the same month? will it come in this month and if so do you have an idea when? help me out please and thank you

    • I take Tylenol or Advil (only 2) and it seems to help tge flow come down quicker.. But I will warn you that it can be a lot so wear a big pad. Oh, and do read and follow any directions when taking pain relievers like Tylenol or Advil. Never take more than the directions say.

  • I and my bf had unprotected sex 2 weeks back..he pulled out before ejaculation..i missed my periods by 3 days I ws supposed to get it on 19th…all d pregnancy test kits say to get the test done after the time ur periods r scheduled…so im waitg till 23rd n im hence taking vit .c supplements ..just want to know hw much dosage of vit.c I can take per day to induce my periods…is medicenes like mifepristole n misprostone effective after 2 weeks of intercourse…plz reply a.s.a.p

  • hey today is wednesday and im due for my period on saturday. today my boyfriend fingered me and i just found blood in my undies. could it have made my period a few days early? ive read that when a girl orgasms her uterus has contractions which could cause period if you are close to due date but i dont know how far that is true?

  • Hi so my last period was May 28 and I had sex on June 18 with a condom and then I had sex again on June 24 without a condom. He pulled out and put the cum on my leg. My period was supposed to come yesterday. I’m not sure what I should do? Can I take a pregnancy test this early? If I can how accurate are they? Help what should I do??

  • I had sex last month with my boyfriend we use a comdo but idk if that is causing my period to come late is it normal??

  • I haven’t had my period since the beginning of June and it was July 7th that I lost my virginity. Like every girls first time it hurts like hell so of course I told him to stop and he didn’t even get in far, like 2 inches. He didn’t wear a condom either because both of us were like “it’s not even gonna last that long why waste a condom?” So after I got home I was in pain and slept with an ice pack. Two days later I woke up and there was a little blood in my underwear. I don’t know if I could be pregnant or started spotting for my period but it didn’t last long (just when I woke up) and lately I have been very active and busy with volleyball and softball. I’ve been waiting to get my period but still nothing. Also my friend said that if it was only 2 inches he didn’t pop the cherry. So if he didn’t pop my cherry is it still possible? Help is greatly appreciated

    • Hey Lauren! The blood may just be there because of the intercourse. Since it was your first time, you may have hurt the inside of your vagina a little bit. Its just like a papercut. I do recommend that you buy a pregnancy test. Even if it was just two inches. And next time, don´t hesitate. ALWAYS use protection. Your period may just be late because of you being so phisically active (volleyball). And i am sorry to say this, but i think he did actually ‘pop your cherry’. Now, I dont know whether you posted this last week, or last year. So i am sorry if i am responding a year too late ;). Good luck!

  • So me and my bf had sex last night and I was kind of spotting I’m on my sugar pills since Sunday I usually start my period on Monday but still haven’t started I’ve drank three glasses of tea and I’m only break through bleeding I’ve had a heating pad on me for about 15 minutes my lower back has been killing me since yesterday and right after we had sex I was cramping really really bad could I be pregnant?

  • Hi, me and my fiance had sex before my period and now it’s been 3 days and I still haven’t gotten it. He didn’t ejaculate in me and there was no condom involved. I’m also not feeling any symptoms. I have been stressing out a lot cause of college. Might stress be the reason for my late period????

  • Hi, I need help ……

    My fb and I are celebrating our 1st year anniversary this Wednesday … by that, we talked about having sex. However, I’m getting the signs of getting my period today (have a little blood-tinged urine) and I’m anticipating a heavy one after being delayed for 37days.
    I really look forward to make love w/ my bf …. how can I possibly have my period come out NOW (and hopefully last before thus Wednesday)? Pls help me!!!!!!

  • Hi, my boyfriend and I have only had sex twice since my last period, and both times using a condom. The only possible way I can conceive that he managed to get sperm inside me was from the vibrator I used on his penis, even though we cleaned it before he put it inside me. I’m nearly a week late, and I’m normally as regular as clockwork. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why I’m late? I’m slightly overweight even though I excercise daily, and I get incredibly stressed very easily. I’ve only ever been late once before, and that was only two days. I’m 17 and he’s 16, we’re British so it’s legal.

  • i and my guy have been in a relationship for the past 5 years. recently we got physical through unprotected anal sex. i have been running late on my periods now. does that mean i am pregnant?

  • I had sex well not really sex sex but he stick his penis to may vagina but it didn’t really penetrate into my vagina and i was fertile that time and he had his pre-cum. do i get pregnant?

    • I drank only water for 3 days an then slept with a heating pad for 3 days an then I ate a baby spoon full of cinnamon on the third day then the 4th day I started . I was supposed to start the 13th an I reduced my period to the 9th .

  • Me and my bf forplayed and of course he was turned on so you know what that means. We basically dryed humped. So a couple hours passed but then we went at it again. Before we did he went to pee. This time i was just in underwear and he was in boxers. But he never stuck it in. There was precum, but he never took out his penis from his boxers. Im just really worrued for some reason. Help?

    • Unless he actually put his penis into your vagina, you are not pregnant. You were both wearing clothes, and no penetration occurred, therefore no sperm could have gotten inside you. I highly doubt you have any reason to worry about being pregnant from this.

  • Hi my husband and I nva had unprotected sex..but I missed my period 2mnths nw I did have a preg test done but it came out neg..I’m really scared to go to the doc is there anything that I can do at home o any reason y my period is late pls help me..thnkz

  • Could mint tea do? Because that’s all I have in my kitchen cabinet and I kind of want to get my period over with. So I also think i might be pregnant. So just trying to do things the natural way instead of doing it the harder way! Well anyway have a fabulous day and I’m too young to be pregnant. 14 and pregnant

    • Usually the water acts as a natural barrier for your period. You may notice some blood in the water at first, as there is probably some residual blood from your period on your labia. You may also still bleed if you flex your abdomen, as that causes pressure on your uterus and can lead to more of your period coming out.

  • I haven’t started my periods yet bt all of my friends has started theirs even friends younger than me -14

  • Heyyy everybody i have a quick question i havent got my period in a month thing is i took a plan b pill on mid january & got my period febuary 7 i usually dont get it till da 20 & now idk if i should be getting it da same date as last month or on my regular days which are da 20 i have a baby thats five months & dont want to be pregnant any again any time soon. I took two pregnacys twst & both negative what can it be HELP PLEASE

  • My boyfriend and I had sex for the first time with no condom (pull out 10 mins before cumming) , I don’t know when I’m suppose to have my period but it should be really soon. I have no symptoms of period or pregnancy.

  • i have my marriage on may 9 i have to get my period on may 2 but it doesnt come upto now today is may 3 plz help me to get period in one day

  • Hi, I’ve been wanting to induce my period because it’s coming around the time of a vet special event. Some people have been saying eating cinnamon works, does it? Does heating pads also work?

  • How can I induce my period? I’ve tried ginger tea but I don’t know how to make it. Anyone know how to make good ginger tea? And foes eating cinnamon work?

  • Those who assume they may be pregnant just because they haven’t started their period need to do more research. I haven’t had a period for 3 months because I had a cyst which dissolved and now my period is normal again. Cyst is very serious you must see your doctor if you haven’t had your period for over a month.

  • I can’t use many contraceptive pills that will delay my period due to family history, is there actually anything else that will work to make it come sooner?? As I go on holiday in 20 days

  • “Always consult your doctor before undertaking any natural treatment and remember to discuss with him the reason why you want to accelerate your menstrual cycle.”

    Fun fact: Doctors are not necessarily always men.

  • These seem helpful I am also 15 and tried and ventured out a little with sex only twice with the Same boy. The first time we didn’t use protection but it didn’t get far it was to painful for me and he didn’t sperm , the second time bout a mouth 3 months later I had my period to, the second time we used protection it still hurt to he jerked himself until he came. The thing is though I haven’t had my period I’ve been throwing up but seem to be getting smaller my mom kinda been on my case I haven’t told her anything cause I’m sure I’m not but where’s my period. Help please

  • Thanks a lot for this great article! I consider, every woman at least one time come across with necessity to make her period start earlier. As a dancer, I dealt with this trouble many times.

  • I have a huge championship meet next week and I am suppose to start my period the last day of this three day meet. Can anyone guarantee that these tips work? Because I’m about to try them asap, if anyone is certain! I can not be bloated for this meet and when I’m on my period and right before I gain like 5 pounds of water, which is the last thing I need to top off my senior season. SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!!!!

  • So, I had unprotected sex a month back. My period is 10 days late but I have taken 2 pregnancy tests and they were both negative. Do you think I’m good? Like my period will come? I’m 18 but I’m so not ready for a baby…

  • I’m going on a trip and I want my period to come before the July 11 which is probably nine days…before.One of my friend introduced me to a pill that stops period but after 3 days period will start…Next thing too one of my either I have my period before her or she see it before me but I’m not seeing my period for like a month now..I see signs like acne and belly cramps,but I want my period to come before the 11…

  • I’m 15 and going on camp in 8 weeks and my period calender says that that’s the week I have it. The tips will hopefully help!

  • My period hasn’t came yet for a month now and I’m starting to get worried how long will it take for the hot bath and hot packs and calcium to kick in plz help by the way I’m not sexually active

  • You give incorrect info: neither acupuncture nor acupressure can cause a nenstrual cycle to stop. They are excellent, however, for easing ir eliminating cramps, regulating the length of erratic cucles, and reducing/eliminating many other reproductive illnesses. Please check your starements before spreading misleading or alarming information.

  • Please I need help. I’ve been on family planning injections for 2 years now,I moved from the town where I used to get the injection to another town so I went to the clinic to continue my injection but I was told that I have to wait for my periods. What can I do to speed them up as quickly as possible? I want to start even tonight. Please help.

  • My period is not leaving after 2 weeks straight, will drinking plenty of water speed up the process?????

  • Ugh! I hate my periods. I have the NON-hormonal (copper/paragard) IUD (I also have three kids). Let me start at the beginning. I started my period when I was 17 years old, and it was a 3 week long, SUPER heavy period for the entire time. After that, I had 1-2 periods a year, being 2-3 weeks long and going through a SUPER tampon every hour. Then, I had my first kid. After a while, I got on birth control pills and it actually regulated my period quite a bit. It at least gave me a period every month. BUT, now that I’m off the birth control pills (I spotted while on them for an entire year, so it was annoying) I have a period every 35-40 days, but it is 3 days of the heavier flow, following by extremely light bleeding for 2 days and then goes brown, normal, I know. THEN, my period stays a light spotting red or brown for another WEEK after that. I don’t get the clear fluids until 2 weeks after my period started. It’s so annoying and I’ve literally tried everything to try to get it normal, except for hormonal pills again. Looks like I have to try it again :(

  • I and my boyfrnd in a long distance relationship.Two months earlier we met and have sex for first time . After having sex my period delayed for 12 days. But next month it was regular .Recently we have again met and have sex. In this time also it is delayed for 14 days. Is it a problem? Now I want to consultant with a gynaecologist only for regarding irregular periods. Will he come to know that I am not virgin?

  • Taking ashwaganda is another good one. It stimulates the uterus and thus could cause your period to come/shorten. Works every time for me, also balances hormones. Drinking a lot of water also works for me

  • I really dont know if im pregnant but i hope im not because im just 17 last aug i had sex with my bf we used protection but then the next month i tried the hot compress and then i had my period for 10 days and then i had brown discharge with clots and then this month im having white dischage im tried putting hot compress but then nothing is happening i also tried drinking pure pineapple juice and herbal tea but nothing is happening