Give Your Body The Gift Of Detox With REAL Food

Every day, we are reminded of the love we have to give to ourselves. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is a detox with real food and a healthy approach to life.

February has almost come to an end. You might have fallen off of the wagon in terms of your New Year’s resolutions, but that’s okay! There is always a new meal and a new opportunity for a fresh start.

If you haven’t quite followed the healthy eating plans that you set for yourself on New Year’s day and you want to look good for your sweetheart, I bet you’re thinking to yourself that a detox sounds like a great option.

The only question that remains is: Which detox program is right for you? The problem I have noticed with most detox plans on the market is that while they make big promises of health, happiness and rapid weight loss, I have seen that they tend to do just the opposite in my clients.

This is how you should detox with real food, which is the only proper and healthy way to give your body love and boost of energy.

A loving detox


If you google the word ‘Detox,’ you will quickly be bombarded with ads for shakes, pills, exercise programs, bars, teas and—my personal favorite—wraps. These miracle solutions play into our “get rich quick” mentality, but the goal here is quick weight loss.

Not only will most of these gimmicks waste your time and empty your pockets, but they can also be emotionally damaging.

When I first started my journey from being an emotional eater to having a loving relationship with food and my body, I discovered that, to bring your body back to tip-top shape, you need to support your metabolism, not fight it.

To support and increase your metabolism, you need to give your body food. I tell my clients that your body is like a car that constantly needs fuel. You can’t run the car efficiently if your tank is running on empty. A lot of the unhealthy ads on google that I described do the exact opposite for your engine, and this can be damaging.

A gift that will last a lifetime

Why don’t you give yourself a lifelong gift—one that doesn’t require you to buy all the latest fad tools and tricks to gain the results you want. This gift you give yourself is one that your body will love, not only because you will have more energy but your waist line will thank you as well.

The following points are healthy lifestyle practices that I encourage you to make a part of your daily routine. However, you can ramp them up the first few weeks to help “detox” or “reset” your body, which just means you’re supporting your body and metabolism through healing.

4 Tips for a healthy new you

salad with meat

1. Support your metabolism with REAL proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Fruits and veggies are very important. Some people are afraid of fats, however, even if they are real natural fats. Try healthy fats like avocado, butter, cheese, dairy and quality proteins like meat, eggs and seafood.

I like to buy locally. I know where my food is coming from and the farmers are mindful of the care it takes to provide me with the highest quality ingredients. It also supports local businesses.

Do your best to stay away from processed foods and stick with whole foods.

2. Eat every 3-4 hours

smiling woman eating vegetable salad

Yes, you can eat every 3-4 hours and still lose weight! I set an alarm on my phone to remind me to eat every three hours. When it goes off, I have a snack of an ounce or two of protein such as a hard-boiled egg, a serving or two of healthy fats, such as a tablespoon or two of almond or peanut butter and fruits and vegetables, such as a half cup of grapes or a cup of carrots.

This helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels and, in turn, supports your metabolism. I never feel too hungry or too full; it’s the perfect loving combination for my body to run smoothly and surely!

3. Always have breakfast!

Don’t skip this one! A lot of my clients say, “I never have time for breakfast”, or “I don’t feel like eating in the morning”. Breakfast is extremely important if you’re looking to have a healthy relationship with food and body and want to lose weight in a healthy way.

People who eat breakfast have more energy for the day and are less likely to overeat. I recommend eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, but you can also do dinner leftovers or a smoothie. Spending 10 minutes eating breakfast is a worthy investment in yourself.

4. Love yourself by drinking plenty of water

Fit girl in white drinking water

This is very important! You can do sparkling water as well but it’s important to keep your body hydrated. It will not only make you feel better, but it supports your kidneys and liver, the organs responsible for detoxing.

You never want to feel thirsty. Thirst can be mistaken for hunger and, in many cases, will lead you to overeating. Keep a water bottle with you that you can refill. Or, if you know this is a big problem area for you, maybe set alarms on your phone to remind you to drink water.

If you want to give yourself a gift that will last a lifetime, focus on these four strategies. You will feel better and your body will heal over time. One thing that I find very useful is keeping a food and mood journal.

This helps you to identify the foods that make you feel better or worse as well as those that give you more or less energy while helping you to track and identify when you’re overeating. All of these tools together will help you heal your body naturally by using real foods to detox. Keep your body happy and healthy!

About the author

Collin Christine McShirley

She has a masters in clinical psychology, certified from the centre for dieting and eating disorders, and specializes in emotional eating, body image, mindful eating, and self-esteem. Visit her website to learn about her programs and specials.

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