The 4 Essential Stress Relief Techniques for Women

Stress is the number one nemesis of a modern woman, with about 83% of them feeling stressed out daily which is still more than 78% of men with this problem. This epidemic condition causes numerous diseases the treatment of which consumes staggering 80% of U.S. federal health care budget.

It is so difficult to balance work or studying with additional work in the current economy which makes us multitask, with family or dating time, shopping, house chores and keeping fit. Your to-do list goes on and on if you have kids with daily school runs and hobbies afterwards, aging parents who need your monitoring, not to mention a new born baby who is your fountain of joy, but leaves you sleep deprived with little free time for other things.

College girls may not have kids, but they tend to study more than the boys simply because they feel they have to in order to feel good about themselves. Girls are often perfectionists, which leaves 86% of female students exhausted, while only 72% of their male colleagues feel this way.

Since stress is our reality, and we can’t eliminate it because it’s all-pervading, the best way to fight it is to learn as many stress relieve techniques as possible and then stick to those which work best for each of us. The following ones saved me too many times, so I’m excited to share them.

1. Relaxing Morning Ritual

Start by setting your alarm clock just 20 minutes earlier than usual. Your entire day will be less stressful if you create additional time for gentle energizing stretches, either yoga or pilates. Alternatively, you can meditate by repeating a positive mantra, like: “Everything will be just fine today. Life is great!” You don’t need to do this out loud, thoughts are enough. Create your own positive affirmation and set yourself in a good mood before your family even wakes up.

This will be a world apart from your usual morning stressing out over serving breakfast, dressing up for work and the rest of hectic routine including dropping the kids off to school and getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Another important thing which will relax you is a nice, healthy breakfast at the table with zero hurry. This is essential for proper digestion and keeping stress at bay. Getting up earlier for a meal you and your family deserve is no sacrifice, but a treat.

2. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Bath

There’s nothing more rewarding, pampering and instantly relaxing as steamy shower with products containing pure essential oils. If you don’t like the idea of using pricy organic brands, go even more natural with adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil into a mild perfume free shower gel. Visit a health food store or an online shop to get the most relaxing scents: lavender, sandalwood, sage and chamomile. Inhale the healing vapors while you focus on nothing else but your own well being. Follow up with having a cup of tea made from the same calming herbs – either sage or chamomile.

For instant stress relief throughout your busy day, keep a small bottle of the essence which works for you best and inhale directly for a few times. You can also make an aromatic spray by mixing several essential oil drops with distilled water in a mister bottle. You can carry it around in your purse and keep another one in your work desk drawer.

If you’re having a particularly stressful week, book an aromatherapy massage with a professional masseuse and leave the parlor feeling born again.

3. Get a Pet

Smiling Woman with Dog

If you don’t already have one, adopt or buy a pet you can actually take care of. Never mind if it’s just a gold fish. It is so meditative to feed one and watch it flounder around. If you have adequate living space, enough time and no allergies, it is best to have a cat or a dog, because they are more responsive to cuddling than other animals. This loving activity makes both you and your pet stress free, thanks to serotonin and other happy hormones released upon stroking your furry friend. If you’re a busy mom, rest assured your kids will love taking over the responsibility for grooming and cleaning their cute pal.

Walking your pet is another great stress buster, because it means getting outdoor exercise and some fresh air while you enjoy the loving company.

4. Hit a Comedy Club

Laughter also releases serotonin which breaks up stress and flushes you with joy. Gather the girls or colleagues for regular evenings out in a comedy club, if there is one in your town. Great alternative is organizing a stay-in comedy night in front of TV or a monitor. Your friends or your partner may be even better choice if they enjoy good banter over a drink. Only one drink unit with lots of water is enough to help you relax and enjoy quality fun time with the gang.

If you have small kids, lose yourself in carefree play while staging a home puppet show. Enacting a spoiled princess, a funny witch or another outrageous character will make you forget about stress in a minute. Your kids laughter and happy eyes will be icing on the cake.

These are the stress relieve techniques which work instantly while promoting a well balanced life style. Feel free to provide your own favorites in the comment section.

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